Transformational Coach


As a certified Biblical Counselor, an ordained Minister and Certified Health Coach & Life Coach, I have seen life take a toll on many people needing help in many areas but with a full transformation, not only do they find abundant living but also a passion for life.  This energy is contagious. I bring this inspiration & motivation to every coaching session, and I am committed to delivering my full attention & presence to you in every session. I listen to you, support you, as well as offer you practice tools and practices to feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled in your life as well.

I love my private 1-on-1 Transformational coaching practice because I have the opportunity to deeply engage & support people like you in feeling energized, confident, empowered and fully in love with themselves & their life as well! Let’s face it, the world is a busy place and we rarely make time for ourselves, which we should be doing!

As a Certified Health and Wellness Transformational Coach and I help busy people get unstuck for weight-loss, increase energy, manage stress, and be transformed as they find abundant living and success in their daily busy lives.

It is in these intimate sessions, that I am able to fully use my gifts and draw on decades of knowledge & wisdom and experience! Let’s make the world a better place together as we leave a legacy of abundant living for others to follow!

Obesity isn’t a disease that most people can overcome through sheer willpower. Even losing small amounts of weight can be extremely difficult. Most people we see have tried to lose weight through a variety of diets and exercise program and have not been successful. My programs provides a comprehensive program, helping you to make lasting lifestyle changes as you journey towards a place of improved health. Teaching you how to eat healthfully, changing your thoughts and behaviors associated with eating,  finding the energy you need and also helping you through weekly stressors.

We take the “thinking” out of a dieting and to do so we channel your thinking in a new direction with your thoughts, finding the energy you need, cheat sheets for food and focus on a new lifestyle.  We know through research when your body is nutritional deficient, your body will have cravings, therefore any of the hundreds of “diet” theories don’t last long term.

Health Coach Melissa Phillips is board certified in both Biblical Counseling and Transformational Master Health Coaching , uniquely qualified to provide help to busy people who are frustrated as to why they cannot lose weight. If you are local, you will be scanned throughout your program with her Zyto Body Compass, assessing not only physical needs but also emotional to determine your body’s needs.

Let’s start with Cleansing your body, Building your body and Balancing your body!