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Awaken My Spirit to Hear God

This morning I awoke with such excitement as God continued to speak.  Going over and over in my mind I had to get up and start typing.  Reading this to Jeff, I knew this word was from God and directing it to our churches, along with the body of believers across the world, however my terminology was put in my terms of just simple reading format .  I felt a urgentcey to type this and to let the people of God know that it is time to awaken our Spirit.  His Spirit alive and working, strong and mighty in power, moving quickly to do the Father’s will.

Please read on what God is saying:

I have been preparing you for such a time as this that is coming upon you very quickly.  There is a helmet of protection that you have nurtured.  As a baby being loved, fed and changed you have also did this to protection.  Protection has been your baby and your focus.  You wanted to protect.  Protection is yours, and I have given it to you, do not fear but trust in me for protection.

You are dressed, ready for the occasion; you have helped others to do so too.  You have provided the clothes for others in need for this occasion.  I have watched you give your clothes away (gifts, callings, tools – what you have robed yourself in) to others so they will be prepared and at times you disguised your clothes so others cannot see what you had because you didn’t want to look different but just normal like everyone else in the world.  Your calling, your gifts have been hidden but now is the time to let it show.  You have been excited in preparing for this, at times seems like it is routine yet now everyone is dressing quickly in the things that are real.  There is excitement in the air and everyone feels it.  You are on your way to the event and you are dressed for it, everyone is dressed for this!

At times you have loved something that wasn’t real and you knew you must put it away, although you loved it deeply you knew you could not keep it for it wasn’t real, just an imageries figure.  You played with it, talked to it and it even you though it loved you back but it wasn’t real love.  Others also have been fooled by it but it cannot bring you true love. Just like a child you outgrew this, you have grown past the childish things.

Now it is time to experience going into the desert to find the treasure.  It may look like trash to others, used and broken but there is value in it.  There is not much time, you must work quickly.  These places are deserted but still have treasure.  What is about to happen I have prepared such a creative team to work in every area, they also have been prepared.  You will not know everyone but feel safe for I am with you and watching you work. You will have to look in these waste places to gather the treasure, work quickly but precise.  Learn from others how to determine the treasure, help others, unify, admire and honor.  There is treasure in these waste places and you will teach others to gather treasure.  Move quickly.  Gather the treasure and run without looking back.  These waste places where you are going, have destruction coming to them, gather and move out.  Destruction will come after the gathering.  Gather; encourage others to move with you.  Gather in the waste places look for the treasures, you will be protected.  At times you may feel intimidated but do what I want you to do, keep focused.

I am sending you out, as you will be used to prophesy to others who are in lack.  They want more yet have no direction or sure word.  You speak to them even if it sounds simple.  The truth has been stagnant however there has been life only for the ones who wished to eat off the bottom and swim in the mire and slime. There are people who continue to swim in the mess, they are alive, and they are fat off of being a scavenger. Children have thrown stones at them, yet they have survived. You look at the mess; you see the children and you are saddened to see truth and rebirth in a pool of stagnation. You won’t have to tell them to clean it out, they will after you prophesy to them.  You have been sent to tell those to tell them there is hope.  A microphone has been placed to your mouth, do not be shy, close your eyes and allow my spirit to talk.  What you say may seem simple or even elementary but trust in me to do the talking.  You prophesy to them, declare and watch them smile and run with glee to do what they should do to grow.

You are ready and you are prepared. This is going to happen quickly.  You are robed with protection, gifting and callings.  You have people who will help you.  You have grown past childish things.  You see the need and you must prophesy. Continue to honor and unify.  Work quickly. Gather the treasures in the waste places.