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Your Behavior is Linked to Values

your actions are determined by your valuesLeading like Jesus my husband says, “If you live for Jesus hard, it is easy” but “If you live for Jesus easy, it is hard”.

Everyone of us must have a vision to know where we are going.  Most of us can have goals and try to achieve them in life.  Hopefully for all of us, our vision is heaven.  However in life we get distracted by life or get caught up in life we forget the ultimate goal.  Now don’t get me wrong, we should have life goals and achieve them, but we also should have a life full of peace and joy as we live it to see things accomplished .  Not only in that sense but to leave a legacy.  How will people remember you after you are gone?   Yes, life is not all peachy and roses but it is thru the tough times, Christ is there with us, leading us along the way to make right choices.  Those choices are determined by our values.

Seeing the ending in mind means we have a vision.    An element to the vision is our values, because values is linked to how you behave.  Values are nonnegotiable principles that define character in a person regardless if you are a leader or not.  Values is what drives behavior of all of us for our purpose and picture of the future.

true valuesIn Matthew 22:36-40 Jesus ranked two values and He put them in order.

  1.  Love God with all your heart, soul and mind.
  2.  Love your neighbor as yourself.

These are great principles for life but unless they are translated into behavior it won’t happen and they become good thoughts or just words on a paper that we all should live by.  In fact many people say they do live by these words, maybe not daily but try to.

We all  must make good choices and sometimes that means change.  Some of us are hot-wired for change and can adapt very quickly when others, change only is seen by heartache and pain.  We all want to be great leaders, in some form or fashion but to lead as Jesus, these two values must be put above everything else even if it means changing your environment.  The appropriate response for your circumstances will depend on what God has in mind for you.  Since we don’t know what tomorrow brings, that is hard I have to admit.  You see Jesus knows what is best for us regardless on how we feel, nevertheless He gives us a choice.

Our life and leadership are all about choices and the choices  made are based on our values.

I always said, “you are where you are right now in life because of the choices you made yesterday”  What do you stand for?

Before you can reach your goal, you must have a vision and the vision must compel and drive you to reach it.  Nothing should stand in your way.  Not circumstances, not change, not feelings or emotions, not hurt, nor life itself.  It’s called Living For Jesus Hard.  It’s being sold out to the cause.   Is it tough? Yes.  Is it hard to stay strong? Yes.  Do you feel like giving up? Yes.  Is it hard to keep the flesh under control and live by the Spirit under the name of a Christian. Yes.    what values do you hold

It is staying focused.  It is COMMUNICATION with the Most High and with people.  It is doing the right thing and having the wisdom for direction.  It is putting others first before yourself.  It is looking into the future to see the outcome: bettering people’s lives in reaching the ultimate vision.  It is determined by values.  Your choices in life always reflect your values.  Your behavior that you show has your value written all over your face and everyone will see it.

actions determine values

What values do people see written on your face?  They may not see it at first because of the mask, but they will see it in your actions.  Actions will always determine if you reach your vision (goals).   What is your life’s goals?  Do they reflect these two commandments?  Are you doing the right things in your behavior?  It’s kind of funny because sometimes I am hard-headed and aren’t we all sometimes when it comes to listening to the voice of God! Ha!.    Ultimately, I pray that my values will shine upon and through my life for the betterment of more people in influencing more than just a few.  How about you?

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PooPoo Pie

Don't eat poop!  It causes stress, heartache and delusions!I had the best advice one time from a gal who may have not known how much wisdom she was spilling out to me.  I was struggling with lots of stress at the time because of the circumstances of transition and it all started with FaceBook.  Now keep in mind, I sometimes wear my feelings on my shoulders and grasp every perception that could be. I feel as though I am friendly to everyone and wouldn’t hurt a flea on purpose, so it just kills me if I think someone doesn’t like me.   My blood pressure was running high at the time and I was just sick of the so-called worry of what others think of us. I was talking about a post on FaceBook that I knew was about us but it didn’t mention our names.  She said to me, “Don’t own it”.  Those words forever changed my life and redirected my focus.

You see the enemy of our soul would love to continue to beat us down each day with negative remarks from gossip and lies.  People who I had loved for years were mouthing about our leadership, the church or whatever was told to them about us and not only did they believe it but some also continued with the remarks to others.  Sad to say, some still carry it with them.

Its time to "not own it" and throw out the poo poo pie!


God has a way to make us stronger as we continue to serve and depend on Him.  There was no unlawful or sin involved with us and in our eyes, we were doing the best of our ability to continue to move forward in what God wanted us to do, following after His steps.  As we continued our journey, we were pushed out of our many circles of people we loved dearly in who we had helped over the years.  It was a hard transition and I know that the past always tries to condemn and keep people from focusing on the future in winning lost souls.  With some is easier to point fingers rather than take responsibility sometimes.  I was taking responsibility with the words that was being said instead of ignoring them.

The “don’t own it” is what I call Poo Poo Pie.  You see when someone makes a remark about you or tries to control your thoughts or actions either through manipulation, control or gossip its like they are handing you a poo poo pie. Have you ever thought of it that way?  PooPoo Pie is nasty and although it may look good or not, you have the ability to receive it or not to.  If you take it, you own it.  You can put it on your shelf, on your counter top, in your bedroom next to your night stand or in your fridge.  Heck, in fact you can drive it around in your car, put it in your purse or take it on a date!  PooPoo Pie never runs out and every time you “own” the remarks or the gossip, bring it up in conversation or the hurt you are taking a big bite out of your pie!  You are in control of your emotions, thoughts and actions.  People may even throw the pie at you but you don’t have to own it!

Want a slice of poo pie?  This is not a recipe you want to share!  Don't own it!It’s time to throw out the pie, in fact, throw out the pie in the garbage and never look through the trash to own it again.  Move forward and don’t own it!  Poo Poo Pie causes high blood pressure, it causes stress, it causes you to have strongholds in your mind to distract you from what God is calling you to do.  It is deceiving.  It makes you sick and you share the poo pie with others and it makes them sick.  I say “stop passing the poo pie!”

Want a piece of POO POO PIE?

So here is my word of advice that I so wonderfully learned through the transition that I may pass to you…. “don’t own it” keep focused on what God has called you to do, because it is only HIM that you must deal with and He doesn’t eat poo poo pie, He has a buffet of life and life more abundantly, total goodness, health, peace and joy, most of all love.  I would rather eat from the buffet instead from the poo poo pie.

What do you think?  Had any pie lately?

New International Version
Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.

English Standard Version
But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.

English Standard Version
We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ

2 Corinthians 10:4
The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.


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Would David Delete His Facebook Friends?

Why should you not delete your facebook friends David had many people who lied about him and spread gossipI always wondered why people delete their Facebook friends.  It is kinda sad but holds true to most people who delete.  Sometimes it is just to clean out your Facebook and start something new and sometimes it is just wanting to block the person from showing up in your news feed.  It used to bother me when someone deleted me, because that can really mess up your thoughts on who you thought were true friends, but now I don’t get too much drama in my head when someone unfriended me.  I know there is something more going on in that person’s head to feel as though they should delete.  For some it gives the person a type of control and makes them feel powerful with a press of the button to end a friendship.  Sometimes it is a hurt that is hard to deal with and instead of valuing the relationship with courageous conversation it is thought better to run from it.  It is a type of protective mode and I understand that.

I wonder how David in the Bible would have felt if he had a Facebook or used some type of social media?  Let us look at Psalms 57.


David starts out crying out to God and runs to Him for hiding as the storms of life surround him.  This is a good thing, yet notice David runs to God and not away from Him despite the circumstances of life or the chaos that is going on.  David realizes the power of God, the grace of God and His saving power with confessing his faith.  He also knows that God will rescue him from the liars who are so intent upon destroying him, using the words “I am surrounded by fierce lions, hotheads whose teeth are sharp as spears and arrows. Their tongues are like swords….”  David knew his enemies were setting traps for him and he was fearful of the future but knew he must stay faithful to God.  He then watched his enemies fall into the traps themselves.  He goes on to continue to praise God and sing Him praises for His loving kindness.  Davids wishes thru all of this time in his life , God’s glory be brought throughout all the earth.  David was hurt and he was scared of what people would think or view of him.  A natural response when you know people spread gossip and lies about you.

God is still faithful to those who run toward Him and His grace and mercy endures forever to either party.  The next time you get the urge to delete, if you value the relationship take time to ask yourself “why” you are deleting.  Is it because of unmet expectations, or hurt feelings or just a clean up.  Either or say a prayer over the person instead of hating.  Practice love instead of judgement.  Even in the midst of storms in your life, you can produce fruit for others to follow as God takes care of your enemies.

Facebook is network.  It links you to a person in years down the road could open an opportunity up for you.  I heard a man say once, “Don’t burn bridges or one day you may have no place to go”.

David continued to praise and worship God thru all circumustances!

What do you think?  Would David’s friends delete him or would David delete the people who were spreading lies about him?

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What’s Love Got To Do With It

the gift of sacrificial love What’s love got to do with it?  Everything….and when it is sacrificial love, it is the best.

When you are concerned about the well-being of others you usually have to sacrifice.  You may have to expand your time, your energy, or your money for them.  You may have to give up your plans your independence or your privacy.  To love as God loves, in other words, you may have to part with whatever is most precious to you for the sake of someone else.  I find this very difficult at times because the response you get from others during this journey or process is a pain that only subsides as time passes.  You find yourself going through emotions and wanting to give up, however through the process you know the end result is doing the will of God for the sake of touching others with His Love, teachings and ministry.

Sacrificial love is a difficult concept to grasp because our culture teaches the exact opposite.  We must grasp that true personal fulfillment never comes through self-gratification.  Only when we give ourself to God and joyfully serve his people in sacrificial love that we find fulfillment and satisfaction that the world will never know.

I know this is hard sometimes because many times people do not see your sacrifice, they only see what has been taken from them whether from lack of vision or walking in the flesh.  It is easy to turn and look inward instead of the prize that is ahead of us as Christians.  Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean trials of life never come for they are for the betterment of our faith but being a Christian is knowing the end result of eternal life with the One called Jesus who shared this kind of love.

Sacrificial love in marriage is when you enhance the life of each other making it fuller and more satisfying than it would be if the marriage didn’t exist.  Loving marriages help both spouses grow into their full potential rather than putting down the other.  It is loving the other putting their needs above your own.  The “I love you” means to commit to serve, to build you, to cheer you on despite the time, energy, money, and the misunderstandings of the journey of life.

Sacrificial love is the foundation of every key relationship in life and when people don’t practice sacrificial love, they find themselves wanting, wishing and in turmoil remembering only the past instead of looking toward the future.

Mark 8

John 3:16

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On the Right Track

On the right trackI wanted this new year to start blogging my thoughts with more encouragement.  I also have been reading more about teamwork and looking at our entire life’s relationships as a team since we are on all God’s team.

What sets us apart from everyone else is our ability to recognize that we are nothing without everyone else…this is the quote I chose for today, and let us remember, we must have each other.  God made us for relationships. He stated that it is not good for man to be alone.  We need each other!  We also need to realize there is an enemy of our soul who wants to divide our relationships causing suffering, division and hatred. He will try to isolate us as individuals with the trick of lies telling us that we don’t need anyone.

We must look into the Word of the examples of leadership styles.

Reading in Romans chapter one today:  I have learned what Paul calls his relationships with the church in Rome:score more with team players

  1. He saw them as dear friends
  2. He knew what he was called to do and that he was chosen, so he knew his identity
  3. He believed in Christ and in his mission
  4. He wished for the best for them
  5. Prayed for opportunities for fellowship
  6. Wished to impart into other believers as well as learn and be encouraged by them
  7. Wanted the church to grow strong
  8. Wanted to share faith
  9. Expected to see good results even though obstacles came along

10. Appreciated other believers

11. Trusted God

12. Showed no favoritism

13. Willing to proclaim expose sin

As we reflect our own personal relationships, let us keep these in mind.  I am thankful that God gives us the wisdom to pull from His word.  It keeps us on the right track!

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Attitude on Money

I had received this email the other day and thought I would share:

Picture yourself sitting at a stoplight and a beautiful Mercedes 600 pulls up beside you. It’s a $250,000 automobile.  What’s your first reaction?

“Look at that stupid rich jerk driving that big ol’ car.  He probably thinks he’s better than everyone. That’s such a waste of money!”


“Wow, look at that car! What an amazing vehicle! Isn’t it amazing that such a thing exists! I’ll bet that’s an incredible thing to drive! Good for him!  I wonder what he does?  That’s my dream car!”

If your response to simply seeing a person sitting in a car was to automatically label them as a mean, evil nasty person……

……what does that say about your attitude about money?  I didn’t grow up rich.  Maybe you didn’t either.  I wasn’t exactly “destitute”. I don’t remember missing any meals.  But, I know what it’s like to wear hand-me-down clothes.  Or not feeling like I fit in with the other kids because I didn’t have the latest “Best New Thing”.

And, just like you, I heard a lot of talk about money when I was growing up. Mostly from grownups who said things like:

— Money doesn’t grow on trees

— The love of money is the root of all evil

— We might not be wealthy but at least we’re honest

— Maybe it’s just not God’s will for me to have money

Ever heard those? I’ll bet you have. You can probably add a few I haven’t heard before.  In fact, here’s one that we’ve ALL learned. How do I know? Because it’s a constant theme in every movie, TV show and book you read:  Rich people are evil, mean, nasty and unethical.  Think about it:

Who’s the bad guy in Harry Potter?  The rich kid. And his rich dad.

Who’s the bad guy in Superman?  The rich guy, Lex Luther.

Who’s the bad guy in Spiderman?  The rich industrialist.

And who’s the good guy in these stories? Always an orphan.  Always someone who’s been mistreated. Always someone who thinks money is unimportant or unnecessary.

Take a look at the movie Titanic:

The ONLY “good guys” in that movie were the poor, broke people down in 3rd class.  And who were the rich people? The  shallow, snooty people who were all up on first class arguing about whether to have mint sauce on their lamb chops.

FACT: We are conditioned to believe that money is bad and that being broke is somehow better.

Now, here’s why I’m telling you this….Your mind is like a computer. It records everything.  And from the time you and I were little, our brain has been soaking up all these opinions about money and wealth.

And even though they’re completely untrue in real life they can prevent you from living with abundant living.

Think about it: If your goal is to be an honest, ethical, loving, caring and generous person……….and you believe that having money will make you evil, mean, nasty and greedy…….your mind will not let you take actions that might increase your income. You’ll sabotage yourself every time.  You won’t even know it’s happening.


Let’s look at what Jesus said about money.  First of all who was Jesus?  He was the Son of God.  He owns the world and everything in it.  Just like a parent, you WANT your children to have the best and usually you will do anything and everything to provide needs plus get them the things they want.  I remember when the boys wanted a go-cart.  It was way out of our budget.  We didn’t have $1000.  Jeff worked a little harder to surprise the boys on Christmas morning with a brand new go-cart.  Did it last long?  Only for a few years but boy did it bring lots of fun for them.  Jesus wants the same for us.  He wants to live a life of abundance and trust Him in all that He gives us.  He doesn’t want us to worship money but worship Him.  He doesn’t want us to love money but to love Him.  Knowing your identity in Christ, knowing your heavenly Father is your “parent” He LOVES TO BLESS YOU!  We must have the mindset that God wants to bless us so we can be blessed.  In turn we bless His Kingdom, following the principles of giving.  Giving back to the Kingdom, giving to the poor, giving not only our time but our money. Wealth comes in many different ways.  It comes from being like Jesus.  It comes when we can stand under pressure and do the right things, say the right things and be a person like our Savior.  It doesn’t make a person any better than the other when there is negative, downgrading talk about someone you don’t agree about money.  It comes down to our programmed thinking about money.  Money is not a bad thing.

I read something the other day : “In giving to others, you give yourself; in giving to yourself, you give to others, because the happier you become, the more you can do for others. And the only way to create happiness for yourself is by making other people happy. A  solution for your problems/anger/sadness/depression/sickness is the continuous practice of GIVING: giving  to others continuously without self-centred motive. In time, you will see your problems lessen and its duration shorten as a direct and immediate result of giving.”

It’s your birthright to be prosperous.It’s your birthright to have more than what you need.  We must get rid of all the negative programming first to give ourselves permission to be wealthy in all ways, not just money.  When a person starts looking at money whether it is giving to the church, a charity or the homeless, the attitude one has when it leaves the hand is the state of what comes back.  Our attitude must be cheerful that we could help in some small way instead of worried who or what gets the money, condemning or judgmental, controlling or withholding.   God wants to bless others and He uses people to do so.  Faith plays a big part in your blessings and the rewards come to those who believe in their identity and give knowing they too will reap the benefits of what was sown.  We must rid ourselves of negative thinking about money and believe God is capable of supplying our needs as we give.

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You Make Me Come Alive

This morning I wrote in my prayer journal, “Jesus you make me come alive!  This is what you do!”  This is the lyrics from a song Jordan sang Thursday night at church.  You know how a song gets in your head and you sing it all day?  It seems I was singing it all night, upon every waking moment.

In this chaotic world we live in, we need something to keep us alive and that is the kinda faith that only Jesus can give.  When we are weak, then we lean upon Jesus, He gives us strength to live and push forward.  When we are stressed or worried, He whispers, “It’s going to be OK”. This is what He does.  He makes us aware of what is going on around us when we get caught up in daily life, showing us the hearts that need mending, the hungry, the sad, the lonely, the fatherless, the widow, the children and how this life can get really messy.  We all fall but falling makes us stronger, falling lets us know how to help others when they fall.  It is Jesus that rescues, He makes us come alive!

Be encouraged today.  You may not “feel” good or like anything is happening in your life.  Maybe it is the same old thing and every morning you hit the repeat button, but try to remember Jesus wants you to live, be alive!  Notice things around you and be thankful.

One of the homework assignments I give to my couples in therapy, is to write down at least 5 things that you are thankful at the end of the day and share with each other.  It focuses on what God has given you and how He is a BIG part of your life in the midst of life’s chaotic world.

Watch this video below…. it will make you smile and realize God is in control.  You will live today!

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Battle Tactics One

A couple of years ago I awoke as God said to be very loudly, “Be as General Patton!”  I was somewhat intrigued by His comment because my history lessons about the war was long gone out of my head.  I being obedient decided to search out who this famous general I should be comparing myself to you.  I find it quite funny although most people didn’t like him nor was a kind man, however he had strategic mastermind when it came to war.  Under his leadership Patton advanced farther, captured more enemy prisoners, and liberated more territory in less time than any other army in history.  I understand why God said this to me.

To be successful in life and to be where you are called into the ministry sometimes you put yourself on the front line of battle.  You must be prepared and you must know how your enemy works. Like Patton, he emphasized the need for armored forces to stay in constant contact with the enemy, concluding that aggressive, fast-moving mechanized and armored forces disrupted enemy defensive preparations while presenting less of a target to enemy gunners.  His instinctive preference for relentless offensive movement be slowed to reduce the number of U.S. casualties, Patton replied “Whenever you slow anything down, you waste human lives.”  That is what I am writing about the next few days, be prepared Saints of the most high and know your enemies battle tactics.

When a Christian gets frustrated, angry or upset there is one or two things one does.  One will either flight or fight.  The first thing the enemy of our soul wants us to do is lose the battle.  We have all must know in the Bible it tells us how the devil walks around like a lion ready to devour us and that he comes to steal, kill and destroy.  If we do not know his tactics of war, he will succeed to rob us of joy (he doesn’t want joy or steal joy but get us in mindset where we won’t have joy), kill God’s plans and dreams for us and destroy our lives in the chaos to where we will flee from God, his people and His plans.  How do we know if people have resorted to the fight or flight mode?  They fight against God’s plans and resort back to feeding the flesh or nature man.  You may have found yourself in this circumstances once before yet not know how to deal with the issue or be oblivious to his plan.

The goal of Satan: To advance his kingdom, to extend his sphere of influence.

His scheme: To distract us from our pure and sincere devotion to Christ and remove us from the battle.

Now how does he do this?  I’m sure General Patton would have put a stop to this plan as he recognized the patterns of this type of warfare. He would have used his disciplines to prepare and to finish the fight.  “When we land against the enemy, don’t forget to hit him and hit him hard. When we meet the enemy we will kill him.”  We sometimes forget who the enemy is.  Our goal is not to kill each other (fellow humans) but to know who the enemy is.

Goal of the enemy:  To destroy our faith:  by tempting us to sin, persecute believers, trip us up by slandering, draw us to self-reliance, get our eyes off our leader Christ Jesus, and catch us off guard.  Each is described below.

When Satan tempts us to sin he will also defile our conscience and get a foothold in the door.  This happens when we put ourselves in an area where we shouldn’t be.  Attitudes develop and things we once considered not to be a part of our Christian lifestyle all of a sudden become “OK”.  Although the warning flags from the Holy Spirit wave bright, our conscience ignores and we justify those little sins.  Have you heard the saying, “Give the devil an inch, he takes a mile?”.  This is only the beginning.

The second warfare Satan uses is to persecute believers and to slander.  Every lie and any person he can use to do this he will.  Ever heard of a rumor and wonder if it is true?  Once you start doubting the person, distrust creeps in and then slander becomes the cannon ball.  People can become very cruel with their opinions.  Even Christians play an important part in Satan’s scheme to divide the body.  We all must learn to recognize this instead of spreading gossip, rumors or untrue lies we should stop the source.

The third tactic is to draw us to self-reliance.  When things, plans or people make us frustrated we tend to try to fix it instead of waiting on God’s plan with patience and thankfulness.  We try to take things into our own hands with controlling the environment, the situation or people.  When we rely on our own strength we quickly feel tired, defeated and confused.  How do we stop letting our emotions or self-reliance kick in?  We pray and trust in God for direction.  We pray for those who become wounded by the enemy’s arrows.

Getting our eyes off of Jesus and looking around is the final blow Satan will use.  He keeps us upset with the lies, the rumors, the fears of man and looking back at the past with fearfulness of the future.  Satan enhances the blow with lack of vision, hurt feelings, unforgiveness with bitterness.  Holding grudges and concentrating on retaliation to man instead of knowing who the real enemy is.  Getting our eyes off Jesus is ultimately losing our focus on what Jesus stands for: love and giving to others.  For some it is all about self, how self feels, how self is hurt, how self is upset, how self wants this way or that way.  Self is focused on self, not Jesus.

Tomorrow I will write about what takes place after Satan has shot out these battle tactics into your life.

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Bit By A Viper – Poisonious Results

Last night when I came home Spencer and Eli was watching clips about snakes.  Eli hates snakes.  As McKenzie and I watched the snake eat baby squirrels, we expressed how disgusting it was.  Animals, reptiles, insects, and humans share more than we realize.


We all try to survive in this world, share this world and learn to live daily.  Life, funny thing isn’t it? The difference between us and the other creations of this world is we have emotions and we can think and reason.  We have this wonderful ability to be so different and unique but yet so quick to turn on our own kind instead of protect and nurture as other species do.  Today, I write about the effects of the Viper.  Whether you realize it or not we all have been bit by poisonous snakes.  What is the remedy or quick action we can take before the poison sets in and leaves a scar for life?

Words and actions from people can be very poisonous and the effects from the venom can be quite disastrous.  When you look at the general symptoms of a snakebite, you will notice several things.  First of all lets compare the physical to the spiritual after being bit by a snake (spiritually speaking = a lie from the enemy of our soul).

The Central Nervous System is affected.  There is dizziness, increased thirst and headache in the physical sense.  From the Spiritual side point being dizzy means having no sense of balance with the potential to fall.  In other words, life will be going in circles without any relief from mind battles with no clear thoughts only nauseated worry.  An increased thirst is from the lack of the Holy Spirit’s guidance and leading, comfort and the ability to receive teaching.   A spiritual headache is comes from refusing guidance of authority with prideful selfish thinking.

In the Systemic, there is fever and severe pain.  Spiritual fever is the result of a wake up call to an infection that is foreign to your soul as a born again believer, resulting in unresolved pain and lack of thankfulness. High temperatures reach potential dangers of damaging the ability to think, act and reason.  A spiritual fever demands hitting the rewind button from the past, dwelling on the past, or living in the past.  Because of lack of prayer and lack of faith the spirit of fear sets in…. resulting in spiritual sickness.

Notice in the picture how vision is affected with blurriness.  When we look into the spiritual there will be no clear vision or direction to go.  Panic with a sense of urgency causes one to run for help usually in the wrong direction as he or she experiences pain, panic and fear.  Many times people run instead of allowing or receiving help from the ones who are capable of helping.

The condition of the heart in the physical or spiritual is not as noticeable to the natural eye.   Rapid pulse, blood pressure and shock usually comes upon the initial bite yet it continues to be experienced after the bite. Most of the time when we get bit spiritually, these things also play out in our body through stress resulting in fatigue, weight gain or loss, no energy, addictions and other sought out pleasures to escape this world.

The Muscular system is affected with convulsions, loss of coordination and weakness.  Spiritual convulsion is throwing your body into a tantrum of anger, bitterness and an unforgiving attitude. It is acting out through actions everyone will see and notice.   The loss of coordination is making wrong decisions during this time and weakness is just that, spiritually weak.

The Gastric and Intestinal system is affected with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  Spiritual sickness results in regurgitation and dispelling waste on everyone around through contact which stinks up the entire area.  Everyone is affected by this not just the bitten. It is seemingly having the right to spout off negativity, gossip, back biting all because of the infection of a viper bite (lies believed).

What do you do when you get bit by a viper?  Education and knowledge will prevent you from doing what you shouldn’t do.  Remember in the movies you would see people cut the wounded bite with a knife and suck out the poison?  Not a good idea.  (Spiritually speaking this would mean we TRY TO PUT THINGS INTO OUR OWN HANDS IN TRUSTING IN SELF INSTEAD OF GOD – doing the opposite of what God wants you to do.)

In the physical they say you should remain calm, wash the bite area, wrap the area to constrict blood flow and  have someone to carry you for treatment.  The less you move is the best.  Spiritually speaking:  the less you move is the best.  Wash the area with the Spirit and Word of God, constrict by not allowing the poison to affect other parts of your soul and allow Jesus to carry you through this difficult time with treatment of Love, forgiveness, mercy and grace. (In other words – wait on God!)

Better yet, do as Paul did.  Shake the snake off into the fire and continue to live, teach, breath, go, preach and walk as Jesus to a world of people who continue to get bit by vipers.  You now have the antidote!  Shake it off and you won’t have to worry about experiencing all these results in the spiritual sense.

As Christians, vipers, poisonous bites from talk or actions from people should have no affect on us.  Words, actions, expectations of others should only cause us to stand in the gap for those who are victims of this biggest trick of the enemy.  Yes I agree it is hard not to fall prey to a viper when they bite in the most unpredictable time and season of your life but I choose to be thankful under this pressure, count it joy while yet passing through this world to get to eternity.  I must remember not to let the venom affect me or those around me.  Lord help us all.

Matthew 12:34 New Living Translation (©2007)
You brood of snakes! How could evil men like you speak what is good and right? For whatever is in your heart determines what you say.

Romans 3:13 New Living Translation (©2007)
“Their talk is foul, like the stench from an open grave. Their tongues are filled with lies.” “Snake venom drips from their lips.”

Mark 16: 15 And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. 16“He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned. 17“These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; 18they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

Acts 28:3-8 3As Paul gathered an armful of sticks and was laying them on the fire, a poisonous snake, driven out by the heat, bit him on the hand. 4The people of the island saw it hanging from his hand and said to each other, “A murderer, no doubt! Though he escaped the sea, justice will not permit him to live.” 5But Paul shook off the snake into the fire and was unharmed. 6The people waited for him to swell up or suddenly drop dead. But when they had waited a long time and saw that he wasn’t harmed, they changed their minds…..

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Family Goals for the 2012 Year

Family meetings are all so interesting.  I remember we had them right before school started as we lined the boys up on the couch.  Going over rules and behaving right and getting good grades, however they didn’t always follow what mom and dad insisted on.  As we were all together this holiday time, Jeff, Lyle and I sat around the kitchen table discussing what we could do as a family for our goals.  Even though Bryson, Jordan and Spencer were not present, they from time to time came into the kitchen to impart their ideas.  Based on Zig Ziglar and Dave Ramsey, we put our goals down on paper.  There are 7 different areas to work on as a family.  Of course we all have our own individual goals but these were strictly for the family.

1.  Career and Ministry:  Continue to train people in helping them move forward in their relationship with God.  What values can we give to others that have been naturally been given to others that follow us?  Dedication, Hunger, Passion, Commitment, Excellence in Ministry, Marketplace.  We develop as a family as we our to enhance creativity, character and hold classes for developmental programs, bible college, Leaders Advance Conference, church staff meetings etc.  Our mission this year is to start a family blog in social media where each one of us will post twice a month.  This will include video or wording and we will all participate as administrators.

2.  Financial: Support and give to missions.  We have chosen 2 missionaries we know personally.  We as a family will give $15 each, a month to total more than over $500 each for the year.  These two women missionaries have our  same vision, work diligently for the Kingdom and remarkably teach others to love Jesus to the fullest with a humble spirit.  The continue to work to bless others, so we in turn will sow into their mission.  This may not seem like much but each family member will do their best to give to causes we are not directly related to.  I am going to make a box to put the money in.

3.  Spiritual:  We as a family will read the Bible Daily Plan so that we will all read the Bible through within one year.  We also plan to fast for 6 days as a family.  Attend Bible College classes and have Family Home Group once a quarter.

4.  Physical:  We are going to focus on staying healthy, eating and exercising.  We are planning to either run a half of a marathon in the fall or do a three-day getaway in doing a ropes course, white water rafting and rock climbing, or a Warrior Dash (the boys would have to carry me though..lol)

5.  Intellectual:  Read 2 Books.  We will have discussions throughout the year pertaining to the books and at family meetings.

6.  Family:  Once a quarter family meeting to discuss personal goals, successes as well as motivational structure.  Holding each other accountable and staying positive, encouraging one another through texting, phone calls etc.

7.  Social:  The Family blog and attend events as a family during the year.

The Wheel of Life is a way of showing us how we need to distribute our time, our focus, and where we need to set goals. Most of  us can focus heavily in one or a few areas. The issue with that is we leave the others unattended. When we do that, we miss out on important areas of life. If we spend too much time in a certain area, our wheel is out of round. If we don’t spend anytime in some areas, our wheel is flat.  As you look at the wheel, note what areas you’re strong in, but really take a hard look at the areas where you suffer. Here is where you need to start paying attention. If you do a great job with the career, but you suffer in the social, you’ll have a very stress filled boring life. If you knock it out of the park intellectually, but you don’t focus on your family, there won’t be much of one some day.

Well now you have it!  I hope that in some way I have encouraged you to do the same with your family!  Mine is on paper and in this blog so I can time to time go back and make sure we are staying on track.  If you don’t set goals then you never reach them.



For more information on goal setting: http://www.goals2go.com/articles/zig-ziglar-goal-setting.htm