Questioned Being Loved

Have you ever thought about why or how come people love you?  Do you feel loved because of who you are, your personality, your role, your job or what you can do for them?  Or is it that you question if people love you because of their actions toward  you?  For most it is theContinue reading “Questioned Being Loved”

Gifts That Make Your Eyes Bug Out

Yesterday we arrived at my mother’s house for the usual traditional Christmas.  It is just about the only time we see some of our family members and gather around a feast of food.  As we finish up the dishes, the children are ready to open the gifts.  When you purchase a gift for someone, sometimesContinue reading “Gifts That Make Your Eyes Bug Out”

The Day Before

The countdown has begun.  It is Christmas Eve and everyone is either in panic getting last-minute gifts or resting in front of the television.  Today and tomorrow will be here and over with before you know it.  There will be family reunions, some fights, hyper children, strange noises and laughing, some crying, game playing andContinue reading “The Day Before”

Coming Home

Sunday my husband got emotional during preaching.  This will be the first Christmas without his father.   Johnnie passed away in March so Christmas will definitely be different for all of us.  The holidays seem to bring people together no matter what the circumstances might be, most everyone wants to go home. Home is notContinue reading “Coming Home”

Avatar the Movie

Last night I went and seen my first 3D movie Avatar.  I was entertained as I escaped into another world of fantasy and I think it will appeal to those guys who like to watch action fighting movies and to the gals who like sappy love stories.  It will also appeal to the spiritual sideContinue reading “Avatar the Movie”

The Line is Love

I have had to counsel several marriages during the last few years.  One thing I have learned not only with my marriage but also when helping others is, Marriage takes work, commitment and sacrifice.  When we research the Biblical understanding of marriage, it means to give wholeheartedly to one another showing agape love.  It isContinue reading “The Line is Love”

I Love

Well yesterday I managed to get away with my husband taking items to the salvation army which made me feel better.  We also got quite a bit of Christmas shopping done and going to finish up today.  I am listening to some Christian music and love songs thinking about how God has blessed us thisContinue reading “I Love”

Love to Hate

This morning I woke to remember several dreams last night.  The dreams consisted of being a soldier in some kind of war.  It was somewhere in the years of 1940s.  It was quite strange riding on a boat, trying to save people and feeling safe.  All throughout my dream I was happy and never seemedContinue reading “Love to Hate”

Introducing Mercy

Have you met Mercy yet?  Mercy is often given to those who ask for it or received by those who don’t deserve it.  Mercy is something that will last forever and must be the baton passed on and extended to others.  Mercy is an attribute of Christian living.  Mercy takes place in the heart.  TheContinue reading “Introducing Mercy”

Snap or Bark

Have you ever seen anyone just loose it?  We call it “snap” or “bark”.  It is when a person is under such pressure because of circumstances in which they cannot change, or letting upsetting things mount up and then explode.  This is how you tell if a person is spiritually mature or not to handleContinue reading “Snap or Bark”