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Team Training – Building A Culture

We must develop a leadership culture within our organization.  People want to feel a part of a community.  We have a need for belonging.  We want a church that values us, promotes our personal growth and makes us feel that we are contributing to the vision.


  • ALL PREFORMANCE is driven by the culture. (How is the performance of your team doing? Showing up, doing a great job, meeting your expectations? – How is your performance and are you trying to do things in excellence or just getting by? )
  • Culture is the very thing that makes your organization special. (What are we doing that sets us apart from other churches or departments?)
  • It sets then it drives the standards of behavior. (Can you see people on your team grow closer to God or lack of? Does everyone get along or is there drama in the camp)
  • Tells your people what is acceptable and important. (Can you see your department improving or is it at a standstill? What are you not taking care of or dismissing that needs to be addressed?)
  • Lets people know what our church values. (If we ask anyone on your team to name our 5 values and why we exist as a church could they name them?)


5 Best ways to build culture:


  1. RITUALS: Team Huddle and Events to promote team bonding.  Rituals shape culture and keep it special.  Make sure you attend EVENTS and encourage your team to attend – it is important.  If you are a head leader over an area, ask what you can do for that event.  Show up, make it happen, help out are all great rituals and when others SEE YOU do it, they know it is important.
  2. CELEBRATION: You get what you celebrate.  When you see someone living the values your culture stands for, make them public.  Be sure to acknowledge someone on your team each week.
  3. CONVERSATION: Your people become what the leaders talk about:  to get your vision and values into your people’s hearts, you need to be talking about values constantly – gatherings, meetings, huddles, ect… Evangelize what you stand for constantly.  Does everyone on your team know our values or vision?
  4. TRAINING: Constantly developing.  The number one resource is people.  Constant growth, instill values, nurture and build leadership culture for improvement then improvements happen in every department.  If your department is not improving overall, can you invest in one on one and ask them how you can help them grow not only as a team member but also with the personal growth.  Do you know your team on a personal level or just on Sundays?
  5. STORYTELLING: Take a look of where you have came from, how we have fought back to victory from the brink of our worst days.  Telling your testimony is a reflection on transformation + pain = growth.   Share your story.


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Line Leaders

The definition of a ‘leader’ is a person who has influence over another person or a group of people.

Do you remember in school when you were a line leader?  You may have wanted to be chosen but wasn’t brave enough to raise your hand or beg to be the line leader.  This made me think of what it takes to be a true leader.

If you consider yourself a leader, check the following of people who follow you.   Do they respect you and want to be around you?  What is their character and who do they influence?

A leader is a person with a positive attitude, does the right things and even admits their mistakes. They think in every situation, have a mental toughness and make adjustments in order to succeed. A leader is all about truth, living right, positive relationships, healthy relationships and growing, leading by example. A leader will have a good attitude. A leader knows his strengths, doesn’t lose focus or get distracted by that which is insignificant but knows how to move forward to what is important.  A leader is not arrogant but confident showing faith instead of reacting out of fear.  A leader doesn’t focus on the past or what happened that really sucked in their life but a leader focuses on the future, sees a bigger picture.   A leader is a person who works with the team and does what no one wants to do, even when you gave the job to someone else and it’s not done always putting others first.  Their teamwork makes the dream work.  A leader gets things done and keep the focus of the task in mind.  A leader can keep the flow going, not cause more issues or drama within the team.  A leader makes decisions instead of waiting around to be told what to do and when the decisions are made it is for the betterment of the team or group which most people may or may not agree on the decision. A leader is finding something and learning something new everyday, a novice at all times with a teachable spirit. We know you are what you read and studied yesterday, you are the people who you hang out with.   A leader takes advice from those who are more influential, learns from them and acts with wisdom.  A leader is a person who works with others in love with healthy confrontations and not passive anger issues ready to go and spout off to those who they wish or on public media to get it off their mind just for agreement or acknowledgement (although it might make you feel better to do so).  A leader doesn’t have to be acknowledged because they realize it is God who gives them the increase in the right timing.  A leader will get acknowledgement sooner or later, not just a want to be superstar or have a name title in front of others.  A leader doesn’t have the victim mentality that everyone is out to get them, or a spirit of entitlement for their gifts or talents.  A leader promotes others on the team as they humble themselves.  Leaders make at least one person they care about happy every day other than focusing on self.  Ask yourself this question:  What was the last conversation you had with someone outside your family?  Was it positive or negative?  We must ask ourselves if the lasting expression we have made on others around us because this tells the true self of how they view you as a leader.  Sometimes it takes time to change impressions from the past. A leader must believe in themselves and most important believe in God to guide you through life and all its challenges.

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Vision To Empower

I have been thinking a lot lately about our role in where we fit with purpose and to be most effective.  I keep hearing the word, “Empower”.   This word means to give authority to someone, make confident and permit.  How do we empower people when we consider ourselves a leader? Empowerment won’t work if Pastors or leaders feel threatened by a loss of authority in which this sometimes takes time to adjust.  We want people to realize their potential and act on what God has given them. How do we empower people?

  • Empowerment entails a more fundamental change than mere delegation.
  • First your culture has to adjust, then people have to be developed to overcome their fear of acting without your approval.
  • Many people are already able to take all the responsibility you can give them.
  • Get people to realize how much power they have already – through their specialist skills and knowledge.
  • The hardest part of empowerment is changing old habits and the willingness to let go of the past.
  • Trust takes time to build – regular feedback – build confidence.
  • When reluctant people continue to look to you for decisions, ask them what they think they should do.
  • Support and praise good ideas before questioning aspects that are unworkable.
  • Give them space to do things differently from how you would do them.
  • Ensure that people leave your presence feeling good about something and more confident to decide in future.
  • Recognize their power, talents, gifts and motivate them to channel it productively.

Prayer:  Lord, I pray that in some way I can empower people through the Holy Spirit, to activate and encourage others to go forth and use their gifts and talents without fear or reservation.  I thank you for the leadership skills and wisdom you give us to lead your people for your glory.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

Ephesians 3:16 New Living Translation (©2007)
I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit.