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Matthew 21 Daily Devotion Thoughts

I have been going through the book of Matthew just outlining and writing down my thoughts.  Today is Matthew 21: 1-16.

We start out reading about Jesus and the disciples coming into Jerusalem and Jesus telling them to go get a donkey.  We know this was to fulfill the prophecy of a king humbly riding on a donkey.

what are your thoughts of a king riding on a donkey?  Triumphal entryAs you continue to read the entire chapter here are my thoughts:

Jesus had a plan and he had faith.  He was always moving forward knowing God was going to supply.  It also tells us that Jesus is always prepared before He got to a place.  He had no doubt who he was yet didn’t mind to take the low road.   We find as he rode into Jerusalem the people shouted praise to Him and caused a big stir. Giving things, throwing blankets into the streets for Him to cross over, palms leaves…while shouting praises.

How can this relate to us?  Have a plan, move forward, know God will provide what you need and walk humbly in all that you do.  As you live for Him and He uses you for His Kingdom purpose, you may cause a stir in the area you are in because of religious/tradition/change but be who God has called you to be. God will provide the means for you to cross barriers and people will give to the cause by laying down their treasures to see the Kingdom fulfilled and the work to reach others.

The Scripture then takes us to the Temple where Jesus became angry and knocked down the merchants tables and those selling doves for sacrifice.  This was a holy anger. He wanted the temple to be holy not a place of ease without sacrifice for the people.

God wants us to sacrifice and what I mean by that is to treat our living body as a sacrifice to Him.  He must be first in our lives.  We are the temple the church, not a building of trading and selling structure but a living organism living for Him.  We humbly give Him our lives to be Him among the people. Let now things steal from us what God has put in us to be used for His purpose.

The next scene is where the blind and the crippled come to Him and He healed them.  We also read the chief priest and other Jewish leaders saw these miracles and even heard the children praising Jesus and were disturbed by the worship to Jesus.

As we do God’s work and be Him while on this earth, there will be miraculous signs and wonders that follow us that include healing or signs we cannot explain.  Many people still don’t believe on laying hands on the sick, praying for the sick or seeing miracles.  In ministry, including testimonies of my own, I have seen miracles.  There will always be scoffers, jealously and unbelievers but it must not detour us from what God says we can do for Him as He works through us to help others.

I encourage you today reader, to believe, to prepare, to watch and have faith to see what God is going to do for you and through you.  We are the living vessels to live an abundant life.  Please leave me a comment of your thoughts!