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Your Behavior is Linked to Values

your actions are determined by your valuesLeading like Jesus my husband says, “If you live for Jesus hard, it is easy” but “If you live for Jesus easy, it is hard”.

Everyone of us must have a vision to know where we are going.  Most of us can have goals and try to achieve them in life.  Hopefully for all of us, our vision is heaven.  However in life we get distracted by life or get caught up in life we forget the ultimate goal.  Now don’t get me wrong, we should have life goals and achieve them, but we also should have a life full of peace and joy as we live it to see things accomplished .  Not only in that sense but to leave a legacy.  How will people remember you after you are gone?   Yes, life is not all peachy and roses but it is thru the tough times, Christ is there with us, leading us along the way to make right choices.  Those choices are determined by our values.

Seeing the ending in mind means we have a vision.    An element to the vision is our values, because values is linked to how you behave.  Values are nonnegotiable principles that define character in a person regardless if you are a leader or not.  Values is what drives behavior of all of us for our purpose and picture of the future.

true valuesIn Matthew 22:36-40 Jesus ranked two values and He put them in order.

  1.  Love God with all your heart, soul and mind.
  2.  Love your neighbor as yourself.

These are great principles for life but unless they are translated into behavior it won’t happen and they become good thoughts or just words on a paper that we all should live by.  In fact many people say they do live by these words, maybe not daily but try to.

We all  must make good choices and sometimes that means change.  Some of us are hot-wired for change and can adapt very quickly when others, change only is seen by heartache and pain.  We all want to be great leaders, in some form or fashion but to lead as Jesus, these two values must be put above everything else even if it means changing your environment.  The appropriate response for your circumstances will depend on what God has in mind for you.  Since we don’t know what tomorrow brings, that is hard I have to admit.  You see Jesus knows what is best for us regardless on how we feel, nevertheless He gives us a choice.

Our life and leadership are all about choices and the choices  made are based on our values.

I always said, “you are where you are right now in life because of the choices you made yesterday”  What do you stand for?

Before you can reach your goal, you must have a vision and the vision must compel and drive you to reach it.  Nothing should stand in your way.  Not circumstances, not change, not feelings or emotions, not hurt, nor life itself.  It’s called Living For Jesus Hard.  It’s being sold out to the cause.   Is it tough? Yes.  Is it hard to stay strong? Yes.  Do you feel like giving up? Yes.  Is it hard to keep the flesh under control and live by the Spirit under the name of a Christian. Yes.    what values do you hold

It is staying focused.  It is COMMUNICATION with the Most High and with people.  It is doing the right thing and having the wisdom for direction.  It is putting others first before yourself.  It is looking into the future to see the outcome: bettering people’s lives in reaching the ultimate vision.  It is determined by values.  Your choices in life always reflect your values.  Your behavior that you show has your value written all over your face and everyone will see it.

actions determine values

What values do people see written on your face?  They may not see it at first because of the mask, but they will see it in your actions.  Actions will always determine if you reach your vision (goals).   What is your life’s goals?  Do they reflect these two commandments?  Are you doing the right things in your behavior?  It’s kind of funny because sometimes I am hard-headed and aren’t we all sometimes when it comes to listening to the voice of God! Ha!.    Ultimately, I pray that my values will shine upon and through my life for the betterment of more people in influencing more than just a few.  How about you?

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There is NOTHING

romans 8Sometimes when we show our own little pity party and listen to the lies of our enemy “God doesn’t love you  or He wouldn’t have let this happen to you”.  We believe God doesn’t love us.  I mean how could He love us when this or that has happened… we listen to the thoughts, however it is when we stand on the Word that results in overcoming faith and puts out the lies.  God actually let this happen to us to make us strong, to make us depend upon Him, to strengthen our walk with Him to help others.  It is all a part of His plan for our lives.  We don’t base our lives on powerful feelings or emotions in which we feel at any given time but trust God with His Word.

My thoughts are centered around the last part of Romans 8.  If God is on our side, who can ever be against us?  Since he did not spare even his own Son for us but gave him up for us all…Who then will condemn us?  Will Christ? No!  He is the one who died for us and came back to life again for us!…  Who can ever keep Christ’s love from us?  When we have troubles or trials, or when people turn against us, is it because he doesn’t love us anymore? No! If we are hungry or broke, in danger or threatened with death, has God deserted us?  No!  Victory is ours because through Christ who loved us enough to die for us.  Nothing can separate us from the love God has for us!  NOTHING! Death cannot, life cannot, angels can’t and all the power of hell itself cannot keep God’s love away.  Our fears for today, our worries for tomorrow, where we are at the moment, there is nothing that will ever be able to separate us from the love of God demonstrated by our Lord Jesus Christ when he died for us.

You see God loves!  He loves you, He loves me and nothing…. NOTHING…. will ever be able to separate His love from us.  He is not mad or angry at us, He loves us.  His love goes beyond what we can comprehend.  Regardless of what the enemy throws our way, we must filter it through the Spirit, look to the Word to determine truth and stand through the circumstance regardless of what we are feeling or hearing the enemy say.

When you are feeling down or trying to determine IF God truly loves you… remember His Word… there is NOTHING that can separate you from His love, now that is strong love.  That is the kind of love that cast out all fear.  That is the love that is pure.  That is the love that shows forgiveness.  That is the love we all should show, have and have overflowing in our lives. 🙂

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Battle Tactics Two

When I was in High School, I played basketball.  I wasn’t very good but loved the challenge and the competition especially when it came to playing defense.  Before most games the coach will know a little about the other team players.  He knows the players positions, their weaknesses and also their best ability of talent, in other words, who to watch. The reason behind knowing is to make sure the best guard is on the best shooter.   It is important once you are in the game, you know your opponent and his tactics if you want to win or survive.  That is what I am trying to do in writing yesterday and today.  Know your enemy, know his tactics, know how to overcome in the heat of the battle.  Better yet, know your enemy, submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee.

Yesterday I spoke on how the enemy wants to destroy our faith by attacking us in several different areas of life.  His schemes are simple and very slow in such a way of being in the camp without one even knowing he is in the house.  He first will tempt us to sin by defiling our conscience and getting a foothold in our mind and in our actions.  He will persecute believers by making you feel as though you don’t belong, trip us up by slander in finding any detail that could be twisted into a false accusation, draw us into self-reliance to get things straight with control, get our eyes off Christ and catch us off guard.  In other words, Satan is so sneaky he comes in and sets a plate at the table without you even knowing it.   I explained in detail how he uses different battle tactics to do these things with Battle Tactics One.

Today, I will add to those things his other goals.  How does Satan demoralize us?  The first method is to accuse the saints and intimidate us.  He then will discourage us in any way, form or fashion.  He then turns and redefines the battle.  He wants us to think there is no battle or that he is not in this battle by turning saints away from other believers and the lost.  If he can promote getting our eyes off of the lost world and onto our own selfish nature, he sets back and waits for the sound of each rifle shooting, laughing loudly at the confusement he has set up.  He promotes either isolation or gathering in clicks, tempting other believers to become our opponents.  He makes the battle a fleshly one encouraging us to use our own efforts to achieve spiritual ends.  He has us to battle for power and authority over one another instead of relying on God to take care of the matter or to take action into their own hands.  Prayer becomes obsolete as we let Satan consume our mind, our thoughts, our time and drains one of energy.  Instead of fighting, one is ready to flight because they cannot take the front lines of the battle field any longer.

Once Satan comes into the camp, he sits at the table, he bring division as he dishes out into our plates unresolved anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, envy, pride, selfish ambition, covetousness, murder, arguments, bad judgment, slander, gossip, inflammatory speech, and alienation from leader by sowing seeds of mistrust.  By this time we have eaten and don’t even realize this battle tactic of poison he has given to each family member, spreading like a disease very subtle as it becomes airborne.

As the enemy sits back and waits for the poison to consume our minds and bodies, he continues to spit out the lies, twist the truth and target more of God’s people.  He then follows up with the next step by leading one into error.  He then sits and waits for the consuming of each other as one by one saints continue to get discouraged and drop out of the picture.

The enemy knows the battle far more than we do and he has been doing this for years upon years.  He has false teachers, false teaching and false accusations for shooting down good leaders.  He gains influence over us through occultism, hidden occultism and demonize believers.  His entire goal is to prevent the lost into becoming a Christian by quickly snatching the seeds of the gospel, blind unbelievers, play the game without true conversion or change the church’s agenda.

Satan’s schemes and tactics are complex in his strategic warfare.  We all have fallen prey to his schemes however if one is determined to change his or her behavior and will by turning to Christ in the heat of the battle once they have realized it, then God will consume with love.  Love covers a multitude of sin, casts out all fear and wins every time.

If you have found yourself in the heat of the battle lately, what tactic did the enemy use on you?  Have you recognized it was a plan of the enemy in the first place.  It is not your brother and sister in Christ, it is not the person who doesn’t know God, it is not your husband, wife, children, or any family member.  It is Satan who comes to steal, kill and destroy any way he can and these are his tactics!  Know your enemy so you can stop the plan.  Let love fill you up through finding prayer and intimacy with Christ, in His Word through His messages and through His Spirit.

Isaiah 54:17  No weapon formed against us will prosper or be successful.

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Awaken My Spirit to Hear God

This morning I awoke with such excitement as God continued to speak.  Going over and over in my mind I had to get up and start typing.  Reading this to Jeff, I knew this word was from God and directing it to our churches, along with the body of believers across the world, however my terminology was put in my terms of just simple reading format .  I felt a urgentcey to type this and to let the people of God know that it is time to awaken our Spirit.  His Spirit alive and working, strong and mighty in power, moving quickly to do the Father’s will.

Please read on what God is saying:

I have been preparing you for such a time as this that is coming upon you very quickly.  There is a helmet of protection that you have nurtured.  As a baby being loved, fed and changed you have also did this to protection.  Protection has been your baby and your focus.  You wanted to protect.  Protection is yours, and I have given it to you, do not fear but trust in me for protection.

You are dressed, ready for the occasion; you have helped others to do so too.  You have provided the clothes for others in need for this occasion.  I have watched you give your clothes away (gifts, callings, tools – what you have robed yourself in) to others so they will be prepared and at times you disguised your clothes so others cannot see what you had because you didn’t want to look different but just normal like everyone else in the world.  Your calling, your gifts have been hidden but now is the time to let it show.  You have been excited in preparing for this, at times seems like it is routine yet now everyone is dressing quickly in the things that are real.  There is excitement in the air and everyone feels it.  You are on your way to the event and you are dressed for it, everyone is dressed for this!

At times you have loved something that wasn’t real and you knew you must put it away, although you loved it deeply you knew you could not keep it for it wasn’t real, just an imageries figure.  You played with it, talked to it and it even you though it loved you back but it wasn’t real love.  Others also have been fooled by it but it cannot bring you true love. Just like a child you outgrew this, you have grown past the childish things.

Now it is time to experience going into the desert to find the treasure.  It may look like trash to others, used and broken but there is value in it.  There is not much time, you must work quickly.  These places are deserted but still have treasure.  What is about to happen I have prepared such a creative team to work in every area, they also have been prepared.  You will not know everyone but feel safe for I am with you and watching you work. You will have to look in these waste places to gather the treasure, work quickly but precise.  Learn from others how to determine the treasure, help others, unify, admire and honor.  There is treasure in these waste places and you will teach others to gather treasure.  Move quickly.  Gather the treasure and run without looking back.  These waste places where you are going, have destruction coming to them, gather and move out.  Destruction will come after the gathering.  Gather; encourage others to move with you.  Gather in the waste places look for the treasures, you will be protected.  At times you may feel intimidated but do what I want you to do, keep focused.

I am sending you out, as you will be used to prophesy to others who are in lack.  They want more yet have no direction or sure word.  You speak to them even if it sounds simple.  The truth has been stagnant however there has been life only for the ones who wished to eat off the bottom and swim in the mire and slime. There are people who continue to swim in the mess, they are alive, and they are fat off of being a scavenger. Children have thrown stones at them, yet they have survived. You look at the mess; you see the children and you are saddened to see truth and rebirth in a pool of stagnation. You won’t have to tell them to clean it out, they will after you prophesy to them.  You have been sent to tell those to tell them there is hope.  A microphone has been placed to your mouth, do not be shy, close your eyes and allow my spirit to talk.  What you say may seem simple or even elementary but trust in me to do the talking.  You prophesy to them, declare and watch them smile and run with glee to do what they should do to grow.

You are ready and you are prepared. This is going to happen quickly.  You are robed with protection, gifting and callings.  You have people who will help you.  You have grown past childish things.  You see the need and you must prophesy. Continue to honor and unify.  Work quickly. Gather the treasures in the waste places.

Abundant life, faith

You Can Fly

Another dream that I not only could levitate but also fly.  I awoke feeling so peaceful and free as if my Spirit had taken flight throughout the night.  I decided to write what the Lord was saying to me and share what I wrote in my journal this morning.  God wants you to know this is for YOU also.

God says:  The Holy Spirit is within you, consuming with goodness, anointing and power.  Love and compassion, comfort and care the love and mercy shall overflow within you.  Swim in my waters of peace and joy, learn to rest in my care and strength and goodness.  Be thankful for all that you behold, all that you endure.  Things of this world is only for a small season that I will carry you through.  See beyond into the eternal and see what beauty awaits.    Let your spirit and soul be mine and do not hold back.  Stop what you are doing, what you are looking at and look to me, swim, soak be in my presence!  Come soar with me, fly above all your worries, care and concerns.  See things through my eyes and let me consume your entire being.  Love me and only me as I let my love flow to others through you.  I say again, see through my eyes, love through my heart, touch others as I touch, speak as I speak, do as I do.  You can fly!  Lift up your head, look into my face, leave this world behind and fly!

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My Mouth Is Dry

Another cold day, slightly snowing and here I am taking this cold/flu medicine with a dry mouth because I am breathing through my mouth.  I am sitting at my kitchen table full of antihistamines trying to conquer this viral infection again. I don’t know if you have ever used the Neti Pot but it has its advantages.  It is kinda disgusting but it does however work cleaning out your sinus and I highly recommend one.  Inexpensive and you can get one at your local pharmacy.  It took me a little practice on how to use one but worth it.

My mouth being dry reminded me of a Scripture I read this morning when Jesus said, “Come to me and drink and you will never be thirsty again.”  How many people walk around trying to cure their dry mouth so to speak with everything under the sun and wait till the last to try Jesus?  How many people walk around thirsty and never know it because they are too busy?  Unlimited resources are at our fingertips yet we pass them by everyday never taking time to spend time with Jesus.  I catch myself not only feeling thirsty at times but somewhat satisfied when I know better and I know there is more if I seek Him.  Just like a viral infection, time consumes most of our day leaving little time to spend with the One who cures our thirst.  This morning I am reminded I am thirsty and He is the only One who has the water in which I need.  His Spirit is overflowing and refreshing, and it is the only way to cure my dry and thirsty soul.  The next time you find yourself reaching for a glass or bottle of water, remember Jesus wants to give you a drink where you will never suffer dry mouth again!

Prayer:  Lord, I praise you for giving me drink in which I will never thirst again.  Fill me up and overflowing to reach others.  In Jesus Name Amen!

John 4:14 New Living Translation (©2007)
But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.

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Signs Wonder and Miracles

Last week a woman with eleven cancerous tumors went back to the doctor after prayer to find out that all the tumors had disappeared.  There was not one cancer in her body.  This is one of many miracles along with others who our church personally have prayed over whether or not if they came to the church.   I wish I could have written down every miracle I have seen in a life time, every prayer answered when it comes to healing.  We sometimes wonder why some receive miracles and some don’t as if God chooses who He wants to live or come to be with Him.  To make note is Jesus still performs miracles on those who believe and practice the operation of the gifts of the Spirit.

Signs and wonders follow a believer and I don’t want to ever stop believing.  We don’t have to see to believe but when we see our faith is increased and lives are touched.  Jesus came to give life and life more abundant.  He came to save us, to give us life.  He came and healed all.  It is not his wish or desire for any to be sick, nor is it the Father’s will.  When Jesus prayed, Our Father which is in heaven, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…. there is no sickness in heaven therefore sickness can be done away with here on earth.  Sickness is a by-product of sin and we all are born into sin in which doesn’t always escape us since we live in a world of sin.  However we can have faith to believe in the miracle-working power of Jesus.  For by His stripes, we ARE healed.  Jesus paid for our healing and we don’t have to accept being sick while living on earth.  However, we do see people like my dad who believes in the miracle-working power of Jesus but continues to be sick in this world.  Just because he has not received his healing doesn’t mean he has stopped believing, stop fighting for life or that Jesus wants him to be sick.

Matthew 21:13-14 And He said to them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but you have made it a den of thieves.  And the blind and the lame came to him in the temple; and he healed them.

His works testified of him more than the hosannas; and his healing in the temple was the fulfilling the promise, that the glory of the latter house should be greater than the glory of the former. If Christ came now into many parts of his visible church, how many people would he see working in his gifts in which he left the church, his body?   Christ came to show love and He wants us to do likewise.  After cleaning out the money changers, ignored the soothsayers, people came for healing.  Signs, wonders and miracles were a product after everything was set.  Many people in the day would have rejected Jesus for his outburst in turning over the money changers.  He made a scene, he made people angry, yet, He did what the Father had told him to do.  He was a world changer and he broke tradition.  Not everyone believed in whom he said he was.  Not everyone agreed with his actions, tactics or ways he did things.  This is all irrelevant to the blind man who saw, or to the leper who was cleansed, or to the lame who could leap, the deaf who could hear, the possessed who was set free, the hungry who was fed, the dead who was alive and the list goes on.  When people were touched by Jesus, they experienced the signs wonders and miracles.  They believed in Jesus.  We too, left with His Spirit as a believer will continue to see manifestations of the gifts, regardless of those who say it was only in the days of Jesus or who don’t practice it and allow it to happen. I want to be like Jesus in all ways, don’t you?

<< Mark 16 >> Take time to read this chapter to find out more….seek him in all his ways…..

Prayer:  Lord I thank you for the power of the Holy Spirit given to each one us to move the mountains of sickness in lives who cry out for help.  We proclaim your blood and your payment for our healing with signs wonders and miracles.  You alone get the glory!  In Jesus name.  Amen.

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I Saw An Angel

Preparing my message for the AWCF World Congress in Louisville, God spoke to me very clearly and as I proclaimed this at the end of my message yesterday, I had several request to post it.  Let us listen and proclaim His Kingdom!  While I was standing there on stage glaring at women from around the world, I was startled at the man standing beside me on stage.  I thought he had come to bring me a new microphone and could see him out of my peripheral vision.  However, as I turned to look to see what he was doing there was no one there.  I smiled as I knew there were people praying for me back home and He was just there to help me.  As I sat down after speaking, I felt his presence behind me and smiled.  He was a fat angel with a big belly.  It was really funny, cause God knows how to make me laugh.

Hear what God is saying:

My people are blind to the madness, to the love, to the poverished, to the city of strangers.  People refuse to see me working in the plans and in the lives of others.  Where is your God?  Where are the fruits?  Where is the infallible love toward mankind?  Hear people who call themselves mine!  Stand up and arise for I have blessed you.  I have overcome all the little things in your life that has tormented you and caused you harm and fear.  Rise up and walk, step into the faith of your destiny and be a people who allow me to work through their hands and their mouth.  Do not slumber, I wipe the salve, the clay from your eyes for you have been called for a purpose, you have been destined to be a world changer.  You have been selected as people to be mightily used by God.  Reveal yourself to the world this day and proclaim my love, my salvation and my abundance!  Do not return to the world with its attitudes, its judgmental conditions.  Arise and awake for you have been healed and you have been delivered of the blindness that has kept you in the dark for so many years!  As you walk you will know my heart, you will see through my eyes, you will know compassion for you have my heart.  Awake o warriors who stand in the gap, cry aloud for the melting down of hardness.  Stand up you people who know my voice, who lives and walks in freedom, peace and holiness.  You cannot have peace without holiness.  You cannot have holiness without peace.  Freedom, hear the voices cry out and allow his spirit to move thorough you.  Get lost in me says God, let me use you and your voice.  Know my voice, know my spirit, receive ye my power.  I breathe upon you and wipe away all tears of unforgiveness, anger and resentment of the past.  Failures have been stepping stones for your faith and the work I have planned out for you.  Get ready!  You are prepared you have been destined!  Don’t think change is not of me, for I have ordained things that are far above your understanding.  Are you ready to wake up and run!   Wake up and See!  It is released!

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Come Away With Me

This morning I awoke with the words, “Come away with me”.  It is no astounding fact that I know it was a call from the most high.  Jesus wants us to come away with him and be his only one, for he draws us with his spirit into intimacy.  Sunday mornings in our house are not as crazy as they were years ago when I had to feed the children, dress them and then get ready.  Today, Jeff is on his way out the door early, then I drive and the boys, well they take care of themselves but oh do I remember the days of screaming and looking for matching shoes!  The seasons that pass so quickly sometimes easily forgotten. The one thing I have treasured most is the Sundays, a time to worship and devote only to Him.  It is most important and brings in a refreshing breath for most Christians.  I always want to walk with Him daily and know He is holding my hand through every circumstance.  Today I will dance with Him and as the songs says, “I will never stop loving you”.

Today as you start today, listen for His voice.  What is He telling you?

Jesus invites us to arise from sloth and despondency, and to leave sin and worldly vanities, for union and communion with him. The past was in ignorance and sin, unfruitful and miserable,the storms and temptations will always accompany conviction, guilt and danger. Our righteousness and gifts are pleasant to Him whose grace has produced them even when we continue to mess us.  The encouraging words are evidence of Divine favor and are motives to the soul to follow Him more fully. Arise then, and come away from the world and the flesh, come into fellowship with the One who loves beyond what this world can offer. This blessed change is allowing wholly to the approaches and influences of the spirit that which flows through us so strong.

When we discover  guilt, danger, and the remedy for our feelings of abandonment of people, His spirit bids us to come away with him and it makes men willing and glad to come.  We are willing to give up every thing which hinders the bond. The Father’s will is, that not one of those who were given to the Son, should be rejected or lost by him. No one will come, till Divine grace has subdued, and in part changed his heart; therefore no one who comes will ever be cast out. The gospel finds none willing to be saved in the humbling, holy manner, made known therein; but God draws with his word and the Holy Ghost; and man’s duty is to hear and learn; that is to say, to receive the grace offered, and consent to the promise. Come away with Him!

Prayer:  Lord, I dance with you today, going to the secret places of your heart, flowing with your spirit, twirling with your purpose.  I get lost in your presence as this world quickly fades away and you take me to the secret place.  My soul flies higher that this world can ever do for me and I worship in your magnificence!

New Living Translation (©2007) Song of Solomon 2:10,13  John 6:37
My lover said to me, “Rise up, my darling! Come away with me, my fair one!  The fig trees are forming young fruit, and the fragrant grapevines are blossoming. Rise up, my darling! Come away with me, my fair one!”  However, those the Father has given me will come to me, and I will never reject them.

Abundant life, Encouragement, faith

Hang On To Your Promises

We all have a promise from God.  Sometimes it is just finding which promise to keep because we tend to lose them in this thing called life.  I remember as a new Christian believer my pastor’s wife telling me that God had a plan for me to do something special.  That might sound like a small word to you but it was during that moment I held on to it and planted it deep within my soul.  At the time I was like a little child in awe wanting to know what treasure God had planned for me.  Every single time I would get down or feel emotional about an issue, I held on to that promise of God looking at me with something special just for me.  At that particular time, I only saw myself with four babies, staying home and dealing with a high demanding schedule with children teaching a few Bible studies here and there.  I wouldn’t have guessed that twenty-five years later I would fill the role as pastor’s wife myself, writing a blog everyday, speaking to communities and conferences, traveling the nations or going to India to raise up an orphanage.  My life is filled with many promises that I constantly bring to front.

We sometimes don’t know the power of words or the magnitude of encouragement in the moment of prayer.  However, I am thankful today that she said it.  I wonder if she remembers?  I know there are many times I have also spoken over women at the altar under the influence of the Spirit and planted the seed of promises of God in hopes that one day, maybe years later they have held on to see their promise come to fruition.  So the next time you have the opportunity to give a word of encouragement to someone, please don’t pass up the moment.  As in heaven one day, you will see the results of your good works.

As for Patsy, thank you for your obedience to Christ in sharing those words with me one Sunday morning.  I so remember your hand patting me on the shoulder as with tears in your eyes saying, “God wants to use you and I feel someday He has something special just for you”.  My heart is forever grateful for the seeds of God’s love you shown me in my infant stage of Christianity.  Your legacy lives on, for now I use the little “love pats” on the back of many women and children around the world to minister the love of Jesus that you shared with me many years ago.  I will always love you and your family.

Prayer:  Lord I praise you for your promises you give us through someone else speaking over us.  I know you have many promises for all of us and I pray that people will hold on to your words.  I love you.  In Jesus Name. Amen.

2 Peter 1:4 New International Version (©1984)
Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.