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Contagious Smiling

Smiling is contagiousLast week I got to experience the film Compelled By Love starring Roland and Heidi Baker’s story.  I was proud to say that my son, Lyle was featured in the film.  The emotions I felt, the awe of being totally sold out to Jesus is truly phenomenal.  At the beginning of the film is an artist who starts painting a picture and you will see this throughout the film the stages of the piece, then at the end you see the final work.  The final picture is of Jesus with a contagious smile!  It makes you feel as though Jesus is happy, that He loves you and He wants you to smile.  Not only for His sake does He want you to smile but for your sake and the sake of others.  It’s contagious! Annalise Roth Phillips my granddaughter loves to smile!  Her smiling makes me smile.

Annalise our granddaughter is only 4 months old.  There is such a love connection when she totally trusts you to take care of her.  She looks at you with those blue eyes and as you talk to her and smile, she crinkles up her nose and smiles so big with her gums showing.  She smiles with her eyes.  It makes anyone talking to her want to get her to smile.  It is a smile that is rewarding even if it only last for just a few seconds.  I am looking forward to hearing her laugh and giggle throughout the house.  A smile, the emotion of trust and total happiness.

As a leader/pastor I love smiling.  I love smiling at people as I pass by, taking time to look into their eyes as if it is Jesus smiling back at me.  What a difference we can make if we just stop for the one regardless of how we feel at the time and smile.  Sometimes its hard for me especially because I am so caught up in the task or in my own thoughts of what I must get done I forget to look at the person in my busy schedule, however it is never my intention to ignore and I am learning to slow down and take time to the most valuable source on the planet… people!

This experience has made me realize how important smiling is.  It is important for at least five reasons according to Michael Hyatt.

  1. It helps others relax. When you scowl or look too intense, it creates a primal reaction in others. Their defenses go up. They become protective and guarded.

    This is the exact opposite of what you want to happen if you are trying to influence them. A smile communicates that you are safe and can be trusted.

  2. It draws people to you. Have you ever noticed how you are attracted to people who smile and laugh a lot? The positive energy is contagious. You instinctively smile in response.

    The simple fact is that people naturally want to be around people who are happy. If you want others to follow you, you can start by smiling more.

  3. It enables you to connect. Smiling is one of the best, quickest ways to connect with anyone from any culture. Even if you don’t speak the same language, a smile is universally appreciated.

    It opens the door, welcomes people into your world, and communicates acceptance. Even if people are frustrated or angry, a smile can often turn them around. In that moment you forge a connection.

  4. It creates positive culture. If you want to change the culture of an organization, change the behavior of its leaders. People naturally play “follow the leader.” When leaders smile, everyone smiles.

    Smiles communicate that your organization is a happy place to work. And who doesn’t want to work where people are smiling and happy?

  5. Why is smiling important for you to do?  Find out here! It elevates your mood. This is one of the surprising benefits of smiling. I had no idea. It literally affects you at a biological level, releasing endorphins and serotonin.

    Smiling has numerous physical and psychological benefits, including relieving stress, lowering your blood pressure, and boosting your immune system. And it’s much cheaper and healthier than drugs.

Seriously, set a goal to smile more this year. Recruit an accountability partner. Set reminders. Whatever it takes. As a leader, it will help ensure you have a positive impact on the people you are leading.  Relieve stress from your daily life right now… smile!

John 10:10…. Jesus said, “My purpose is to give life in all its fullness”.

Jesus is smiling always…. so why can’t we?…be contagious!

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Blessed Beyond Measure

Last night I stood before eight hundred people to welcome them to a wonderful birthday party for Mercy29.  Our guest speaker was Heidi Baker.  I have never heard our platform do so well and sing with passion and anointing as they ushered in the Spirit.  They set the stage, allowed the air to be soaked in His presence and the heart of the people ready to receive.  Bryson painted as the first song played which was incredible.  Jordan was on the platform singing beautifully, and Spencer was making sure our videos was in order.  Lyle took the stage with humbleness, prayed and welcomed the Holy Spirit to come in a way to fill hungry people.  It was a special night for all of us and especially Lyle, since it has been one year since Mercy29 was born.  My boys have come such a long way and never did I dream that praying a prayer, “Lord use me, our family and use my sons for your Kingdom” would lead us to such a time as this!  It is an awesome experience to know that God would choose us to lead others into abundantly living.

I am exhausted this morning yet wonderfully blessed.  Throughout the service I watched people receive from God.  Some looked as though they came to just watch and glean from Heidi’s words, some came to worship, some came to receive a miracle.  As I looked around and saw our church members gather at the alter service, I smiled and thought how wonderful we are to be blessed in such a manner.  I see hearts are changed, the fire in their heart to make a difference in the world and passion to reach the hungry, hurting and poor.  They stumbled out of the church, blessed but “whacked” by the spirit.  I cannot express my feelings this morning for I am touched by God and at peace in my heart.  I just want to lay down my life for Him.  Isn’t that what it is all about?

Prayer:  Lord, I thank you for all you do and I give honor and glory to your wonderful works and name.  You are the One we all need, worship and trust.  I love you for who you are, not for what you give me.  Let me continue to humbly serve you in a way that brings glory only to you.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

Job 29:12-13  New International Version (©1984)
….because I rescued the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to assist him.  The man who was dying blessed me; I made the widow’s heart sing.