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Freedom of Not Knowing Why God Why Moments

The freedom of not know the Why God momentsEveryone has their WHY GOD WHY moments.

In my last blog we learned: In the “Why” moments: The inability to understand God is NORMAL in the process of spiritual growth.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).

  • Have rest and peace in the situation – it is a life long journey
  • Reach a point where you trust God about it instead of yourself or circumstances
  • OK to ask God why just don’t demand them – why stage is like the child why stage
  • Position to seek God’s presence, provision, guidance and promises
  • Don’t try to understand the ways of God because it is impossible
  • God suffers when we suffer and count it joy to suffer or when trials come
  • God will help us on His time – He sees the bigger picture : the ending that benefits others
  •  We all have been thru something – somewhere there is somebody going thru same thing
  • God has to be enough and He is faithful is at present OUTSIDE of our understanding
  • God allows things to happen to make us stronger – makes us able to handle it and sees us thru it
  • God doesn’t cause bad things to happen – sin does – Adam brought it into the world
  • Everything we go thru is to bring Him glory – remember we were created to worship Him
  • If you change your thoughts – you change your brain which changes thoughts – renew your mind
  • When you go thru something be obedient : do what is right cause God will lead you
  • There is true freedom when you overcome something, easier to face it again if you trust

We can all agree In Life:  our goal is usually temporal

  • Happiness
  • Security
  • Prosperity
  • Success
  • We don’t choose suffering as a goal but be glad we go through it when we reap the rewards

How is God’s goal different from our goal?

God’s goal is always eternal. And He will smash every one of our goals if they are in the way. He will use our obedience to bring us to our Calvary, and He will use our sin to bring us there as well. He will take our fear and worries and make us face them, and He will reduce us down to where we know that there is nothing we can do to help ourselves. God is seeking to adjust us for the eternal ages. And if we only understood this, we would be thankful that He is doing this.

  • ALTHOUGH GOD GAVE US A FREE WILL The bottom line is that our wants may not agree with God’s wants for us.
  • Trusting in the Lord can require that you abandon everything you’ve ever believed about what brings happiness and fulfillment.
  • Sometimes you do get what you want, only to discover that it doesn’t make you happy after all, just disillusioned. 

Many Christians repeat this cycle their entire life, wondering what they’re doing wrong.

Ask yourself: If God only worked WITHIN your present understanding, would it ever increase? No.

  1. God will bring you and I to the place where we CANNOT understand. Get that: We CANNOT.
  2. No secret formula
  3. Can’t pray enough to understand
  4. Can’t read the Word or study enough to understand
  5. Bring us to a place of “Do I believe”.
  6. View our adverse circumstances through the eyes of faith, not sense.

Our “why God” questions requires trust and not to understand – HOW DO WE GET THERE?


To trust God, and not in our understanding of Him, requires a certain surrender to Him

  1. Relinquish control
    1. There really isn’t anyway to trust God in this way without dying a death to our self
    2. With death to self comes REAL understanding of GOD HIMSELF
    3. Death to self-will and self-life
    4. Lay aside our right to understand
    5. Surrender without understanding

If you trust God in surrender – the information you thought you wanted will become unnecessary. You will come into a REVELATION.

Trust brings you into surrender, which brings revelation – Revelation produces walking in spirit instead of flesh.  Trust is knowing the Word and promises of God.

Instead of letting our reactions, fears, worries, and inability to understand direct traffic, we allow faith to direct.

 His ways are past finding out… even if we knew God in a way just like Him, then he wouldn’t be our God would he?

God isn’t worried because we don’t understand. He wants our soul for eternity.  He wants us.

We shouldn’t be worried or try to seek the “why questions”.

Seek God. Obey Him. Believe Him. Worship Him. And walk by faith. God is God. Trust Him, and not our understanding of Him.

Trusting God when you don’t understand….  we must reach a place in your relationship with Him and have such a confidence in Him that you believe He is with you in adversity even though you don’t see any evidence of His presence and His power.

God is a friend, our buddy, close fellowship etc…. but He is also awesome, all-powerful, mighty, can do anything, is with us always, we can’t hide, knows all and the beginning and the end….

In order to trust God we must always view our adverse circumstances through the eyes of faith, not sense.  Comes through the Word of God alone.

The secret lies in putting this truth into practice, by making it such a powerful theme in your life that you view every event, every sorrow, every prayer with the unshakable conviction that God is totally, spotlessly trustworthy.


Why God Moment (really questioning believing in God & if He is really going to be with you) – Know Word + reshape our thoughts + increase our faith + trusting in God = brings Revelation as we surrender = walking in His Spirit  = abundant life Jesus came to give us to make it = goal of eternal life which is His will for all of us.

Knowing this will bring us happiness, peace and joy while living here instead of questioning the why moments.

Why does God allow suffering?  Why does God let bad things happen to good people?  Why does children die?  Why does God let murders go free?  Why did this happen to me?  Why is there starving people?  The questions of why will continue on WHY?

Everyone is on different stages/relationship with God: Lack of knowledge of word , revelation to the faith it takes from His word to fully trust in Him.   It will continue on until we realize that God is in control and without Him we are nothing, however what He wants for us is to trust Him enough for eternity.  Eternity is God’s goal and that is where everything we do or questions we ask should start with the ending in mind.  In other words, everything that happens to you that causes why moments or questions you may ask, should have attached to it – the eternal value in all your answers and decisions.

I recently also commented on a status from a woman who was abused as a child who asked the question why she was abused.  Here is how I responded.

Sin entered into the world, there will always be sin. We cannot control sin of others only ourselves.

Since there is sin Jesus was sent into the world to get rid of sin in people’s lives and to heal.

When a little girl gets hurt, although God saw it, allowed it, He didn’t want it nor did he do it. Sin is a by-product of satan and the fall of man.

When God saw you then, he sees you now and he sees what you will become. He uses what the enemy meant for destruction, to bring Him glory. When we give our lives to God, He uses the pain from the past that the enemy tried to enslave us with sin, and use it to help others. If we have never been enslaved before by sin, whether as a little girl or as adult, we would never need to be cleansed or in need of God for our healing. God allows things to happen so we will depend upon Him. He then directs our paths with the ending in mind, and as a result we are healed and we help others find God on their journey that has went through the same thing.

We must reach a place in our relationship where we won’t know the answer but we must be happy with not knowing the “why” but trusting in God enough to know the ending is much better than if we had never went through it…. 

We must walk in faith, trust Him and look forward to the future God holds, we cannot change the past but we can change the future.

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There is NOTHING

romans 8Sometimes when we show our own little pity party and listen to the lies of our enemy “God doesn’t love you  or He wouldn’t have let this happen to you”.  We believe God doesn’t love us.  I mean how could He love us when this or that has happened… we listen to the thoughts, however it is when we stand on the Word that results in overcoming faith and puts out the lies.  God actually let this happen to us to make us strong, to make us depend upon Him, to strengthen our walk with Him to help others.  It is all a part of His plan for our lives.  We don’t base our lives on powerful feelings or emotions in which we feel at any given time but trust God with His Word.

My thoughts are centered around the last part of Romans 8.  If God is on our side, who can ever be against us?  Since he did not spare even his own Son for us but gave him up for us all…Who then will condemn us?  Will Christ? No!  He is the one who died for us and came back to life again for us!…  Who can ever keep Christ’s love from us?  When we have troubles or trials, or when people turn against us, is it because he doesn’t love us anymore? No! If we are hungry or broke, in danger or threatened with death, has God deserted us?  No!  Victory is ours because through Christ who loved us enough to die for us.  Nothing can separate us from the love God has for us!  NOTHING! Death cannot, life cannot, angels can’t and all the power of hell itself cannot keep God’s love away.  Our fears for today, our worries for tomorrow, where we are at the moment, there is nothing that will ever be able to separate us from the love of God demonstrated by our Lord Jesus Christ when he died for us.

You see God loves!  He loves you, He loves me and nothing…. NOTHING…. will ever be able to separate His love from us.  He is not mad or angry at us, He loves us.  His love goes beyond what we can comprehend.  Regardless of what the enemy throws our way, we must filter it through the Spirit, look to the Word to determine truth and stand through the circumstance regardless of what we are feeling or hearing the enemy say.

When you are feeling down or trying to determine IF God truly loves you… remember His Word… there is NOTHING that can separate you from His love, now that is strong love.  That is the kind of love that cast out all fear.  That is the love that is pure.  That is the love that shows forgiveness.  That is the love we all should show, have and have overflowing in our lives. 🙂

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Learning From Romans

Learning from RomansAs I continue Romans 1: 6-18 today:  I loved the fact that wherever Paul went, he heard the church being talked about.  It’s funny to say, the city of Owensboro and surrounding area, PromiseLand Metro is being talked about.  I hope it is good and not just the gossip. Either way, it will be none effect to what God is going to do and is doing while we continue to share the gospel.   The good news is something to proclaim and I pray that Jeff and I will always be able to uphold the standards and withstand the pressures of the leadership you Lord have set before us.  Here are some things I learned from Paul as He wrote to his friends at Rome.

  1. Thanked God for people who told the good news
  2. He prayed for them.
  3. Prayed for the opportunity to be in fellowship with other believers
  4. Wanted to impart faith into believers to help the church grow strong
  5. Needed encouragement from other believers
  6. Be blessings to each other
  7. Wasn’t ashamed of the gospel
  8. Knows what true life and salvation is

What I can learn from RomeLord, I will always seek your direction and honor you for you Word, your guidance of your spirit.  You lead me to the part that we play in this world.  You have equipped us into your ministry.  I don’t want to always be about me, but others, so remind me to check myself on a regular basis, check my motives in what I do on a daily basis.  Do not let me slumber or drown out your voice with noises of busyness that I cannot hear your pulling or calling.  I thank you lord for giving and surrounding me with people who do you work for your Kingdom.  I pray strength and unity among the brothers and sisters and ways to fellowship to impart, to encourage and to be encouraged.  I thank you Lord you put others in my life in which I can minister to them and they to me.

It is funny how something that was written over 2000 years ago can impact a woman who sits here early in the morning, drinking her coffee and pondering on people of Rome.  I smile and know that God has everything under control. 🙂

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Thou Shall Have

We often think about the ten commandants has being a set of golden rules that we should always follow since we are actually Christians.  These ten commandments are very well spoken of course since they come right from God and can cover just about any particular subject.  Most all of our issues that we deal with in some form or fashion has something to do with us breaking one of these simple but profound statements that God wants us to obey.

The first commandment, we push aside and say that this one doesn’t even pertain to us most of the time.  I mean it is not like we live in India where there is a god on every block or even dressing up and calling yourself a god.  We don’t do that here in America we think, but let us take a closer look.  A god is something you worship.  To worship means something that you adore and put before everything or everyone else. It means to adore and respect.  My husband said something in his message yesterday that stirred my heart, he said, “When you think you have everything figured out, then you are your own god.”  This got me to thinking about self worship.  I even posted on my facebook page and even considered revising not wanting to sound like a judge or to condemning:

Life is never good to you when you are only good to yourself…..when you think you can control others by your actions or attitude, you become your own god. It’s all about others, giving, forgiving and encouraging. Let us leave this year behind and look forward to a great 2011!

I came across an article on this matter and here are a few viewpoints to consider.


When we believe that we should be satisfied rather than God glorified in our worship, then we put God below ourselves as though He had been made for us rather than that we had been made for Him. -Stephen Charnock

Many times I wonder which god is being worshipped in our churches, and where this god developed his characteristics.

Some people think the purpose of a church service is to entertain, exhilarate, and energize.

Some of us go to church, not so much to worship God, to stand in awe of His grace to us in Christ, to stir up our affections for Him but rather to consume, sit back, fancy the musical experience and apply the self-help advice we gleaned during the sermon. The pastor is expected to be to be clean-cut, non-offensive and smooth, the musicians to be talented and contemporary, the congregation to be good-looking, middle-class, look and act like you.

God should be central to worship, not you … that is, He should be the central focus in our song and proclamation of the word. Self-focused, self-absorbed psychological sessions whose main purpose is to generate good feelings about ourselves is idolatry, a breach of the first/second commandments.  Instead of finding the service meaningful and God-glorifying, centering around the work of Christ, many spend their time asking themselves what they got out of it. Rather, we need to be asking ourselves, “Was God glorified in our time of corporate worship today?


This put me into an entire different mode in honoring God for who he is, not what can God do for me today.  It is sad today to think Christians (although saved)  may continue to live their life honoring their wishes instead of what God truly wants.  Good saved people continue to seek what God can do for them and fulfilling their needs instead of fulfilling the great commission in loving others or reaching out.    I myself find this a training ground to not always insist on what I want or demand things to change but try to see if I am breaking this holy commandment or the others to follow.  I want a God in my life who knows what is best for me, not a god like me because I am selfish in nature and want my way.  This blog is totally not to offend but to purposely make us think about our current situations or past issues in which we demanded justice or our own self-gratification.  We keep secrets, tell white lies, become jealous, justify our actions & attitudes, kill with our tongue or poison others and think no one is listening or watching us, even demanding God to do something about it.  We set ourselves up for failure when we claim to be our own god.  Let us look at the first commandment once again:

New International Version (©1984)
“You shall have no other gods before me.

Prayer:  As I end this blog today and plan for the new year, I repent for my selfish actions, my attitudes and rebellious actions.  I will change Lord to be more like you and put myself under your feet in true worship and holiness.  It is all about you, not me.  It is all about serving others, not me.  It is all about growing your kingdom, not mine.  It is all about being holy, not right in my eyes.  It is all about showing your character, not mine.  In Jesus Name I pray!  Amen

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His Presence Minded

I heard someone say the other day that they had a hard time dealing with relationship verses work or service with God.  Practicing in the presence is sometime hard for some people.  Dealing with mind going hundred miles an hour, walking by faith, spirit of religion and how we shouldn’t live by performance or principles but by a transition to live by practicing being in His presence.  Let me explain where I am going.  Principles can be at work even when we don’t feel presence but however can be domineering.  We know we shouldn’t lie, kill or steal so we don’t.  Although these are rules or commandments we don’t break, it is still not being the same as relationship.  I don’t do those things not only because of the consequences but also I know it would hurt Jesus, the One who loves me so much that He gave His life for me.  Works do not save me, grace does. Mercy and Judgement pour from God at the same time, there is love but there are also consequences of those who refuse to obey.  The Word tells us that if we love Jesus we will keep his commandments.

I gave this as an example once.  You are going 55 in a  35 mph zone.  There was a sign posted but you didn’t see it.  It is a law that if you are speeding you will get a ticket, not excuses are tolerated. The policeman however has the right to either give you the ticket cause you broke the law or he can give you mercy by giving you only a warning.  He has the authority to give you mercy or pass judgement.  The important thing to remember however we don’t always have a relationship with the policeman because he may be a stranger to us, he still has the right to pass judgement on us.  God loves us and He has His Word for us to live by to keep us safe and blessed but if we overstep those boundaries we will be quick to find out that we are in trouble.  All of this however doesn’t prove how much God loves us but how much we have a relationship with him and it shows us how God extends his mercy upon us and releases us from judgement when we ask for forgiveness and turn from sin.

Another example is the relationship with your spouse.  I love my husband and I wouldn’t want to hurt him because I love him.  There are things I don’t do because I know I would hurt him (like breaking my vows or even simple things that I know that would hurt his feelings). I have a relationship with him.  I don’t earn my right to live here nor do I work for him in order to earn his love.  We exchange our love daily, we communicate and we practice being in the presence daily with one another.  The same should be with Jesus.  I have seen at times the people who find it hard to get into the presence of God are the ones who are so busy doing his work they have little time for Him.  Remember the Mary and Martha story?

Practicing being in His presence should not be so hard for us once we understand the concept of His Love, His tenderness and His grace.  He is with us daily and we should acknowledge him through everything we do.  Then when we are alone with only Him, we don’t have to try to get into His presence with hard prayer or music because He has been with us all along.  We sometimes rely on our feelings to guide us.  Even with our own spouses, our feelings toward them may change at times of frustration or unmet expectations but it doesn’t give us grounds for divorce.  Divorce is completely dissolving the marriage where all communication and relationship is stopped.  Somehow people do that to Jesus.  They only want to have communication with him on church days or days when they feel like it or have time for Him, therefore it is hard to get into His presence with deep intimate connection.  Being married only to see your spouse on week-ends and only for times for them to just make you happy is not relationship, it is selfishness.  We can cook, clean house and do all the right things as a wife would do but if we never saw, loved or communicated with our husband there would be no point in having a relationship.  Let us stop using God only for what He can give us but love God for who he is and what we want to give Him.

Living for God is a process and a journey.  We don’t have to prove or earn His love, just be His love and love others in the process.

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I Love Giving

This month our church is focusing on giving.  The church is giving back to the people and to our community.  This past week we have taken up paper towels, kleenex, wipes and zip lock bags for all the school age children to be handed out Saturday for the Back to School Bash.  We also are collecting little bicycles to be given away at the fair next week.  Last night during the service we wheeled in the new Bye Bye Buggy for our Kidztown as we surprised our children Pastor Kevin with it.  A couple of weeks ago while he was on vacation we took up a special offering just for this.  The children are also getting a new play area outside that a member has so graciously put together.  Last Sunday we handed out fruit and the Sunday before bottles of water.  The last Sunday of the month we will handing out Sunglasses.  I love seeing the look on people’s faces when you tell them it is free or a gift.  At Christmas time, birthday or special occasion it brings me great happiness to be able to give something to others.  The smile on a child’s face is priceless.  The look of getting something you never expected or always wanted brings an excitement in the air.  I remember hearing the boys scream, “OH Yea”! when they got a new game or toy they practically begged for.  Giving you see is a form of love.  Love that is unconditional and expecting nothing in return.

The next time you give just remember it is about others, it is about blessing others not for the return you might get back.  If the motive is controlling others, wondering if the gift will be appreciated or used correctly is not the purpose of giving.  The true art of giving comes from the heart and that is the heart of God = love.

Prayer:  Lord let me never lose sight of the real purpose of giving and loving.  I thank you that you have given to me so that I may give out to others.  In Jesus Name.  Amen

Luke 6:38 New International Version (©1984)
Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

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Beyond Comprehension

Last night I had a dream about my deceased Father in-law, Johnnie.  It was as I woke up in the dream by him, yet he was younger.  I estimated him around thirty years old, he was a healthy size and he didn’t have glasses on.  He wore new clothes in which he was very proud of and he had a new hat.  I knew he was so young and at first I seemed confused for I knew he was no longer living.  It was as if I woke up in a strange place but he kept talking to me like I was his best friend, not just a daughter-in-law.  He kept telling me to tell Benita to look for the little green box.  I believe it was the size of a large match box. If I am not mistaken I believe today would mark their fifty years of anniversary.   When I woke, I felt like crying and it seems that I have been so emotional lately.  Maybe it is from holding things in to myself without releasing my inner struggles to God.  After the sermon last night at this conference, the words were like a head on collision that melted right into our heart and soul.  It was a good word for both of us and to our church.

As I am walking through Romans the next few days I think back on how chapter 8 was one of my favorites as a new Christian.  Learning our identity can be quite challenging.  However it is through learning about His amazing love for us is a love that never fails, wavers or ends.  We often don’t think God is one who takes away but when He allows it to happen for it is the best way to establish our destiny.  God is with us through it all.  The double portion only comes through the taking away first, but through it all God never ever leaves us nor stops loving us.  It is beyond our comprehension.

<< Romans 8 >> 38And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,p neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. 39No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Prayer:  Thank You Lord for all Your Love!  Thank you for loving us even when we didn’t love ourself.  Thank you for loving us when we were not lovable to others.  Thank you God that you show your love through the good and bad not just only when we think we don’t or do deserve it.  Your love is so amazing!  Teach us to love!  In Jesus Name Amen.

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I Saw An Angel

Preparing my message for the AWCF World Congress in Louisville, God spoke to me very clearly and as I proclaimed this at the end of my message yesterday, I had several request to post it.  Let us listen and proclaim His Kingdom!  While I was standing there on stage glaring at women from around the world, I was startled at the man standing beside me on stage.  I thought he had come to bring me a new microphone and could see him out of my peripheral vision.  However, as I turned to look to see what he was doing there was no one there.  I smiled as I knew there were people praying for me back home and He was just there to help me.  As I sat down after speaking, I felt his presence behind me and smiled.  He was a fat angel with a big belly.  It was really funny, cause God knows how to make me laugh.

Hear what God is saying:

My people are blind to the madness, to the love, to the poverished, to the city of strangers.  People refuse to see me working in the plans and in the lives of others.  Where is your God?  Where are the fruits?  Where is the infallible love toward mankind?  Hear people who call themselves mine!  Stand up and arise for I have blessed you.  I have overcome all the little things in your life that has tormented you and caused you harm and fear.  Rise up and walk, step into the faith of your destiny and be a people who allow me to work through their hands and their mouth.  Do not slumber, I wipe the salve, the clay from your eyes for you have been called for a purpose, you have been destined to be a world changer.  You have been selected as people to be mightily used by God.  Reveal yourself to the world this day and proclaim my love, my salvation and my abundance!  Do not return to the world with its attitudes, its judgmental conditions.  Arise and awake for you have been healed and you have been delivered of the blindness that has kept you in the dark for so many years!  As you walk you will know my heart, you will see through my eyes, you will know compassion for you have my heart.  Awake o warriors who stand in the gap, cry aloud for the melting down of hardness.  Stand up you people who know my voice, who lives and walks in freedom, peace and holiness.  You cannot have peace without holiness.  You cannot have holiness without peace.  Freedom, hear the voices cry out and allow his spirit to move thorough you.  Get lost in me says God, let me use you and your voice.  Know my voice, know my spirit, receive ye my power.  I breathe upon you and wipe away all tears of unforgiveness, anger and resentment of the past.  Failures have been stepping stones for your faith and the work I have planned out for you.  Get ready!  You are prepared you have been destined!  Don’t think change is not of me, for I have ordained things that are far above your understanding.  Are you ready to wake up and run!   Wake up and See!  It is released!

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My Great Husband

I hope every woman who is married can say the same.  I am married to a wonderful man and in a lot of ways ‘perfect’ in which I sometimes struggle to keep up with.  He has taught me over the years to focus on a task, see it through and not to be negative about situations.  It seems as over the last twenty-nine years we have known each other we have rubbed off and have integrated into each other’s soul.  Now, don’t think I am bragging but I know some who would see my husband far from perfect and would not even think of living with him.  He is compulsive about a clean floor but could care less about the dust.  He makes the bed every morning, not because I don’t do it right but just because he likes to do it, with all the wrinkles out of it.  He is controlling at times but isn’t all men?  He picks up his clothes, keeps his closet clean, vacuums the floors, takes care of the yard, cars and all financial matters, leads us all spiritually and has a giving heart.  Whew, I have a great man!  On the flip side, he doesn’t cook or do dishes, bummer uh?  He does like to get his way and he does have a strong opinion when coming to decisions but as of most of us, we can persuade our man to ‘change his mind’ if you know what I mean, say “Amen”.  You can smile at that one!  Never the less, I have a great man.

Yesterday I was exhausted from the yard sale we had at the church.  At the end of the day, a large truck from the Widows and Orphans Store came and picked up all our leftovers, except for a few totes filled with children’s clothes. Another person volunteered to sell them at another sale and the Battle of Sacramento sale, for Mercy 29.  So, my great husband grumbled about picking up the totes and having to load them into the back of the truck.  Since we both drove, he left before I did and as I was coming across the levy, there he was stopped in the middle of the road and he wasn’t happy.  He had stopped twice already cause the tote lids had come off.  He mumbled and popped off something about Pastors having to do stuff like this.  I laughed and of course kissed him when we got home to make him feel better.

We drove to the Metro church after cleaning up, meeting Lyle and Caitlin there.  We walked over to the small Bistro Cafe across the downtown area.  We had dinner outside, it was warm with a cool breeze and the food was fantastic!  We then ventured down to the local small coffee shop to be entertained by a guitar player while sipping on fresh coffee.  I felt as if I was in another world.  I could have come home, fixed supper and crash in front of the television but instead, my great husband took me out on the town to enjoy a relaxing dinner and fellowship.  Needless to say, I dozed on the way home and was in bed by 10:30.  I went to bed happy and with the thought, “I have a great husband”.

It has not always been easy over all the years and there have been times where he or I as wanted to leave, or kill each other but we stuck it out.  We are committed to one another, to see each other happy and fulfilled.  The more we give each other, the more we receive.  It is the principle of God and the promise of sowing and reaping that keeps us that way.  I know he can stand up proudly and hopefully say, “I have a great wife”.

Prayer:   Lord through the many years you have given us together, I thank you for all things.  I pray you bless my husband abundantly in all ways.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

New International Version (©1984) Genesis 2:22
Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.

I would love to send you a “Prayer for Husband” prayer.  I had these especially made up for a Marriage lesson I taught a few months back.  If you would like for me to email you this, please leave me a comment  requesting it  Start praying this prayer over your husband and you too will see miraculous changes!

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Giving Promises Away

I asked God for a promise this morning and this is what He gave me… my Bible fell open to this passage.  I am sharing this with you today because the promise is not only for me but also for you.  Open up you heart today, make a change to be happy and be free!  You have an opportunity to receive wonderful blessings just by submitting your will and your life to the One who controls it all.

Living for God hard is easy, but living for God easy is hard.  We all choose how to be blessed.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary The blessings of those who fear God. – Only those who are truly holy, are truly happy. In vain do we pretend to be of those that fear God, if we do not make conscious of keeping steadfastly to his ways. Blessed is every one that fears the Lord; whether he be high or low, rich or poor in the world. If thou fear him and walk in his ways, all shall be well with thee while thou livest, better when thou die, best of all in eternity. By the blessing of God, the godly shall get an honest livelihood. Here is a double promise; they shall have something to do, for an idle life is a miserable, uncomfortable life, and shall have health and strength, and power of mind to do it. They shall not be forced to live upon the labors of other people. It is as much a mercy as a duty, with quietness to work and eat our own bread. They and theirs shall enjoy what they get. Such as fear the Lord and walk in his ways, are the only happy persons, whatever their station in life may be. They shall have abundant comfort in their family relations. And they shall have all the good things God has promised, and which they pray for. A good man can have little comfort in seeing his children’s children, unless he sees peace upon Israel. Every true believer rejoices in the prosperity of the church. Hereafter we shall see greater things, with the everlasting peace and rest that remain for the Israel of God.

Psalms 128 says:  New Living Translation (©2007)

Blessing on all who reverence and trust the Lord, on all who obey Him!  Their reward shall be prosperity and happiness.  Your wife shall be contented in your home and look at all those children!  They sit around the dinner table as vigorous and healthy as young olive trees.  That is God’s reward to those who reverence and trust him.  May the Lord continually bless you with heaven’s blessings as well as with human joys.  May you live to enjoy your grandchildren!  And may God bless Israel!