Dog Swallowed By A Snake

Do you have dreams?  Read what God showed me about dogs and snakes. Jeff my husband had a dream a few weeks ago: He was in a crowd of people in which he really didn’t know them.  A few of them had dogs, small cute dogs.  The Boa Constrictor snake moved in and out ofContinue reading “Dog Swallowed By A Snake”

Watch Out For Wasp and Hornets

Last week I had two dreams about wasp/hornets trying to build a nest on the back of my patio.  In my dream I was unaware of the several five to six nest being built.  I casually brushed them off as one flew near my head.  One of the people in my dream noticed the nestContinue reading “Watch Out For Wasp and Hornets”

Flying, Floating and Earthquakes

My dreams have been crazy lately.  Earthquakes in neighboring counties, people being pregnant, shopping and school boys getting into trouble, cutting my foot and other random things.  My mind at times seems to explode with creative thoughts and I wake asking God for the interpretations.  I have always been a dreamer and many times GodContinue reading “Flying, Floating and Earthquakes”