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Dog Swallowed By A Snake

loyalty swallowed up by a lieDo you have dreams?  Read what God showed me about dogs and snakes.

Jeff my husband had a dream a few weeks ago:

He was in a crowd of people in which he really didn’t know them.  A few of them had dogs, small cute dogs.  The Boa Constrictor snake moved in and out of the people.  The snake knew Jeff could see him.  The snake was more interested in the people’s little dogs.  Now the snake normally would wrap around its pray to squeeze it to death but this snake would just open its mouth and with one big swallow gulp right over top the dog.  This surprised Jeff to see such atrocious event.  Jeff had our dog Roxie with him and Roxie was barking at the snake.  The snake moved about his business without paying any attention to our dog Roxie or Jeff.

Now here is my thought interpretation on this dream…

Dogs in this dream meant loyal friends or loyalty.   The snake  especially a large one moving among the people represents a lie, a large deadly lie.  This lie passes through the crowd , although all the dogs was barking noticing the snake and barking at it, exposing it, the people were in awe without even realizing the danger of the lie. They just stood there looking at the snake. In other words, people see the lie, look at it and watch it.  It can spread very quickly through people.  They hear the loyalty warning yet they just stand to see what the lie does.  The lie is deadly.  The lie will gulp down the loyalty, killing it.   Loyalty is swallowed up by a lie.

what do snakes mean in a dreamI look at this dream to pray against lies.  I hate lies.  I hate gossip.  I hate what lies can do.  The lie no matter how big or small will move though people.  It kills what is most treasured.  Dead loyalty is a trust issue.  When a person believes a lie, the trust is broken, the friendship is dead the loyalty is erased.  The warning is heard barking danger but instead of running from the lie and removing  oneself from the crowd, they ponder to look at the lie.  The lie then strikes and the deadly result leaves one standing alone and hurt, lost without his friend.  His loyalty is swallowed up and the trust is no longer there.  Instead of love, only sadness remains.

What can you do when you are confronted by a large snake (lie) that moves through the people?  You will hear the warning.  Your loyalty will make known the danger.  You run from it.  The lie may not stop but don’t let it consume you or your friends.  Find out the truth don’t kill others.

Don’t be caught in the middle of the crowd but run from the lie whose result will be death.

Will you help me pray against the lies that move through the church, through families, through our government?

New Living Translation
Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

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Detox for the Body and Soul

detox with lemon juice I just started something new for the last two-weeks with this lemon drink.  I like it.  Can I tell any difference? Ummm unsure but I know it’s good for me.  Here is what I am doing:

Morning Drink: Lemon Cayenne Water

For the last two weeks I’ve been starting out every morning with a glass filled with water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. It’s kind of like the master cleanse lemonade, but with no sweetener. When I drink it, I feel like I am cleansing myself with a dose of detoxifying goodness.

Lemon cayenne water is a great way to cleanse your body regularly even when you’re not “on a cleanse.”

Drinking spicy water may sound gross to you, but with the lemon, you’ll actually start loving it.  Now, I just add a pinch, and I love it.

Here’s why:

Lemon juice and cayenne pepper both have anti-fungal, immune boosting, and detoxification properties.

Lemon juice is great for digestion, destroying bacteria and cleansing the system –it supports the liver and kidneys to get rid of toxins.

Cayenne pepper increases metabolism, stimulates the circulatory system, aids digestionhelps regulate blood sugar and more.

Put them together and you have a very powerful cleansing drink!

My usual:

  • About 12 oz of water
  • Juice from 1/2 lemon
  • Pinch of cayenne (enough to feel the heat but not so spicy that it’s hard to get down)

So give it a try! It may become part of your new morning routine.

Now what about my soul?

detox for the soulThis got me thinking about my morning routine.  I need to study more to detox my soul.  I can read a scripture or ponder on a topic but then my morning can quickly go into checking Facebook  messages, twitters, email and before you know it I am boggled down with “stuff” totally weeding out my time with God.  I need to change.  It seems as though I can’t seem to find balance.  I need to exercise again since they tell me my cholesterol is a tad high.  Decisions, choices, work, children, and life.

Last week I had a group of ladies here at the house and we discussed the biggest issues women face.  One was balance.  The feeling words, were overwhelmed or stressed.

It’s time for a detox for everyone and I am not just talking about for the body but for the soul.  The Bible describes it as Renewing the Mind.  We must get ourselves to a place where we give God the time to meditate on His Love, His Word and His goodness.  Just like my new morning water routine, we need an immune upper from His Word.  We need a spiritual metabolism booster to keep us going.  We need an enemy destroying cleanse of the junk that penetrates our mind from the world’s words.  Now if you put them all together you have a powerful cleansing, detoxing, spiritual booster for the day!

This is my new morning routine and its much more than just a drink. 🙂

What is your morning detox?


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Life is Like Corn

This is really a wonderful example in how we all need each other to product fruit!  Just watch and please add a comment below to tell me what you think!  Be blessed and encouraged with my 2 min devotional. http://youtu.be/yJpWmfVCz8Y

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What Is Your Purpose in Life Leadership Training

Before you can influence and engage others in working with you to create a compelling vision, you need to be clear about your personal purpose.  A leader’s personal purpose must guide and align the efforts of those who are to follow or their whole relationship is built on a false foundation.  Hidden motives and hidden agendas will sabotage trust, the key ingredient in any leader-follower relationship.

Are you servant leader?

A purpose is different from a goal in that it does not have a beginning or an end.  It is the meaning of the journey, not the destination.  Purpose is bigger than any achievement.  Your personal purpose is your calling – the reason you were created.  In the context of leadership, being sure of your individual purpose in relationship to your influence on other people must include serving their best interests or it becomes manipulation and exploitation, the absolute opposite of leading like Jesus.

What was Jesus’s purpose?  Servant Leadership.  The fruit of great servant leadership is realized when a leader seeks to send the next generation of leaders to meet the challenges of their season with all the wisdom, knowledge and spiritual resources he or she can provide.  One of the greatest services a leader can provide to his or her followers is constancy of purpose.  Stay on the course and remain true to the mission and values, don’t give in to the pressures of the moment.

We must as leaders choose results and choose people.  We must elevate growth and development of people to the status of an end goal as important as achieving other results.  We should focus on the development of the people around Him.  When we do this we are following Jesus and leading as He led, serving at a higher purpose.

You can read more from the book called Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges. 🙂

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Puke or Post on Facebook

life problems on facebookIt’s very easy to post our frustrations or even our thoughts on Facebook.  Although I have done it time to time to voice my opinion I try not do this to the negative destructive way inserting ill feeling toward someone or my own negative feelings or behavior to where it affects someone or points back to me and being emotionally unstable and unable to handle life’s problems.  Although I think writing your thoughts, feelings and all are great and therapeutic down on paper in journaling, I don’t believe it is always helpful on social media when it becomes an ongoing thing.  Yes, I know we all have freedom of speech but should not we control our fingers since they are our tongue?  Research shows it is helpful to voice our feelings on social media but again I think there should be rules of engagement.

We must remember our kids, our neighbors are more apt to view online comments than we adults. Suggesting or advocating in any way a potentially harmful action is out of line and swear words or threat to someone or self is unacceptable.

Research shows certain online behaviors may be beneficial for some because they provide an emotional outlet, boosting short-term well-being.

Individuals who score low on emotional stability  experience emotions more intensely  and negatively and are less adept at regulating their emotions on their own. Although this leaves them with a heightened need to share their emotions with others, their low affiliation and their tendency to be socially apprehensive might make it difficult for low emotionally stable individuals to share emotions with others offline. The online setting, however, makes sharing less threatening. It is believed that online sharing can have beneficial consequences. It may help emotionally unstable individuals boost well-being after negative emotional experiences by increasing perceived social support. Research suggests that the verbalization of an emotion can encourage healing over time and social sharing of emotion provide immediate benefits other than just journaling to oneself.

By releasing emotions on Facebook or other social media, it will buffer negative feelings that arise from negative emotional experiences, providing immediate relief. In other words, it may immediately boost overall well-being (e.g. by reducing feelings of anxiety or loneliness) and prevent outrages at home or work.

So now I understand the reason why some people just post post post puke all the time = low emotional stability in need of social acceptance and self acceptance.

As a counselor I understand. 🙂

As a minister of the gospel there is help and helping others should also be first in our minds.  Of course when you are sick, you don’t really think about where you are going to puke.  It just comes up and out.  As adults we run to the bathroom for the toilet but as children you puke where ever you are standing.

My question, “Who and what effect does the negative emotion have on yourself or on others when you post”?  Do people really think about the posting?  Why do people want to argue when they see a post voicing an opposing opinion?  It seems as tho some people want people to argue with them.  Does this mean they love confrontation or they really don’t think about the effect it has on others reading their posts?

Many questions, many unanswered questions.

Here are my suggestions when posting:

1.  Do not propose debatable topics unless you want others to argue with you.  Arguments will make tempers rise and you could possibly get hate messages, so if you have low self-esteem or if you have problems with your blood pressure, be aware of topics that could cause debates. Do you want to be known as the person who likes to start debates?  I know some.

2.  Don’t puke out your negative feelings about how bad, crazy, depressed, lonely, unworthy, etc you are because this is direct opposite of who God is and has for you.  This is negative faith = fear.  God lives on each and every one of us, therefore He is stronger than the feelings we are having at that particular moment.   Although you may feel upset, post the opposite so the enemy will leave you alone.  You will be speaking faith and proclaiming your prophecy for your future.  Negative post attract negative people, the enemy and fear of the future, opposite of what your soul really desires.  If you want friends to stick around and like you, then don’t puke.  People want to be friends with positive people.

3.  Don’t be emotional abusive: the golden rule is to do to others what you want them to do to you.  So be careful how you respond to other people’s post.

4.  Don’t air out family or friends life’s problems or gossip.

5.  Don’t call out sin or what you think is sin as well as judgement.  You don’t really know what the other person is thinking or doing unless you talk to them directly or live out in their shoes.  No one is perfect, so let the person without sin cast the first stone.  I know of a particular person who constantly makes post about other people’s problems or issues, yet claims to be a Christian.  How can we win someone to Christ by being judgmental or acting as though we are sinless.

In conclusion, as the body of Christ, we have a very important tool called Social Media.  We are to win the lost, and be an example to others as well as building up the Body of Christ, teaching, expounding the Word, encouraging others, and being the light to draw people out of darkness.

What is your thoughts?  Do you think posting on Facebook is a positive or negative experience?  Comment below your answers!



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He Almost Starved To Death

old ship of starvationThere was a time when British men went to America to increase their wealth.  During this time one poor Englishman decided that  he also wanted to journey to America to seek his fortune.  He saved his money and bought a third class ticket on a boat bound for America.  Although he did not have money remaining for food, he decided that his venture was worth the sacrifice.

After he boarded the boat he went down to third class section.  During mealtime he remained alone in the large cabin, pondering the moment when he would arrive at New York.

An unexpected typhoon sent the boat off course and it took fourteen days for the crew to adjust to the planned cruise.  By the end of those two weeks, the young man felt as if he were dying from starvation.  “Whether I die from starvation or die from punishment when the restaurant finds that I have no money to pay, it is all the same to me” he thought.

So he went to the dining room for the first time and ordered a full course meal.  He devoured the food like a starving man, ordered more, and ate until he was full and satisfied.  He turned to the waiter and said, “Bring me the bill”.  The waiter looked at him being confused.  After several minutes, the waiter replied, “Sir, when you bought the ticket to travel on the boat, you also purchased all the meals you would need during the trip, you already paid the bill.”

The young man had almost died from starvation.  Yet the bill had already been paid for all the food he could have wanted.

Many Christians are like that young man.  They receive a ticket to heaven through faith in Jesus Christ. But in that ticket there is also a promise of abundance.  Blinded by their own preconceptions, they live life of sparsity, with prosperity seeming an impossible feat.  They grab and hold on to everything, blinded by their own selfish desires either to be right or to pay back with judgement of the nature of the old man.  It is sad yet true as  people struggle day-to-day leaning on themselves instead of on the One who has paid it all.

If we want to live in abundance while traveling on our journey here on earth, we must realize that Jesus already paid for everything.  To be prosperous, search your heart to find your true motives.  We should want to be prosperous to bear more fruit, to be productive for God and His Kingdom.  Putting God first in our lives and helping others realize the value of His sacrifice, the value of their talents to be used for the Kingdom will bring prosperity in your own life.  It is about loving God first, living in relationship with Him and others, and lead by example in serving, giving, loving and motives.  Prosperity will come because it has already been paid for by our King.  Realizing you are a child of the King, and no longer a slave to the sin of this world will completely change your life, not only will your belly be full but you will no longer be starving.  The bill has been paid. 🙂

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My Husband’s Blog Is Finally Up

My husband is learning to blogThanks to our new intern Rachel, she has brought us much help in the areas of us oldies know nothing of…. new technology. The way I learn is try to figure things out by pushing buttons, trial and error and didn’t even think about youtube videos which by the way takes me hours!  My husband works smarter.  He gets someone to do it for him.  After several years of telling him to write, he finally has taken the time to get his blog site up and running.  At the church, my office is next to him and when he wants me, he yells “Melissa come here for a minute and show me how to do this, I forgot”.  I take a deep breath and grin at the thought for the 100th of time I am going to show him how to add media to his site.  Now this is my husband who is in the latter stages of getting his Masters in Theology, and his grades are always A+ writing those 100 page thesis.  Smart man…. he married me, so does that make me smart? lol

I’m not complaining, he does bring me coffee, makes up the bed every morning, vacuums and his new chore is washing clothes. I didn’t ask him, he just does it. He also mows the grass, takes care of the yard and the pool.  It seems like our roles have reversed somewhat in the last few years since I now work more than I ever had.  My photography business is still growing strong and my Health business is reaching new levels, so most of my days are here at home on this computer putting out ads, taking pictures or at the church.  It really makes me feel coequal and we are really a team.  He only thing he doesn’t really do is cook but he does know  how to order pizza. 🙂

If you would like to listen to his sermons click here http://jefferymphillipsblog.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/sermon-player/

Be sure to check out his blog http://www.jefferymphillipsblog.wordpress.com  and subscribe to keep up with what we are doing.  I am proud of my husband.  If you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet, then look for the button SUBSCRIBE and click on it which every time I write, it will shoot you an email!

Marriage after 30 years seems to get better and better.  You learn each other in what works and doesn’t.  It is not very often we fight, maybe once a year.  Do we get agitated, yes, do we get on each other’s nerves sometimes, yes, do we need a break from routine, yes.  All in all the Phillips home is happy and with Jesus Christ being in the middle of it is how we got here.  Loving people. Living for God. Leading others.


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More Than The Eye Can See

More than the eye... see beyond!Faith is trusting what the eye cannot see

Eyes see the prowling lion.  Faith sees Daniel’s angel.

Eyes see storms. Faith sees Jesus with arms outstretched.

Eyes see the impossible.  Faith sees a God that all things are possible.

Eyes see the wheelchair.  Faith sees the walking.

Eyes see cancer.  Faith sees the stripes that heal us.

Eyes see the sin.  Faith sees the saving grace of forgiveness.

Eyes see your faults and your guilt, coupled with shame.  Faith sees your Savior, His blood and His grace.

Look into the mirror today, look into life and don’t see everyday circumstances.  Faith is beyond what your eyes behold!

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A Prayer of Two Years Ago

Looking through my journal I pull out little things inspiring to me now.  Here is such a simple prayer worth repeating. 🙂


Daddy, You are all around us, mighty to take care of us all.  Your will be accomplished today O Lord – what can be done today to bring You glory – bring Your will, bring Your kingdom here on earth?  You reign in our midst, You alone give us strengths to overcome to walk in Your ways.  I thank you Lord for ALL.  Lead us into Your righteousness, truth and wisdom!  Thank you for supplying our needs – for the family, the church for our world (new church building!).  Forgive us father for our tiredness, our lack of enthusiasm or our lack of kingdom minded.  Help us forgive those who talk about us. (I suppose at this time of prayer there were people chatting rumors about our ministry – I guess this never stops…lol)   You are our King.

my prayer journalI remember Lord when I felt lonely when we first became Christian. I know it didn’t compare to the loneliness You felt.  I am so sorry You had to go thru that kind of rejection and hurt.  I am so thankful that we also endure things that You also went thru.  It is because of You that I can go thru things and still be free!  You overcame so I can be a overcomer!  We walk but are not alone.  I breathe your breath daily knowing you are always with me and that makes me smile!

Thank You Daddy that you have been the King of Kings in all my years, past, before and future.  Stay the King in my life and never let me stray from YOU.  You are King most high and I bless your holy name!  You alone are to be praised most high and forever!  You give me faith, endurance, trust and hope!  You are my strength!


I am thankful for writing things down.  I can reflect back and see what God has done in my life and know even through the past struggles how He brought us through.  This encourages me for future things I must endure.  I encourage you to write, so you too can smile at the end of your day or better yet reflect two years ago how God saw you through it all and how you stayed thankful for the process.  Life is a journey.