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After returning from India on July 1st, my stay in India this time was exhausting but rewarding.  The need continues to grow for housing for the children as well as supporting funds to fully equip the need of clothing, school, transportation and food.  CLICK HERE to see some footage from our first trip.

We have now grown to over 1600 children and over 90 widows, staying in different homes. It is our vision to provide a place where all the children and adults can reside together.  The school is up and going with over 400 students and only 5 teachers.  Please pray for the property God has given us a vision for.

We took a team of 6 this time along with a film crew to document the child slavery that takes place in India which is truly heartbreaking.  Our vision is to show this injustice in speaking engagements.  The entire thought of child slavery left me feeling lost and burdened by such a large task however the owner of the mines has set already over 400 children free as we provide housing for them.  We need prayers and support for this.

Once we have a bigger facility and room for more team members, our plans are to open a missions school for others to capture the same experience in loving on the children giving them hope for their future and future generations.

UPDATE ON THE HOMES IN INDIA 2015:  We are so blessed to have another organization come in and fund our homes in South India.  They have blessed the area and continue to work with the children.  We now can concentrate on helping other unfortunate children around the world.  Thank you for all who gave to this project.

UPDATE 2017:  We now have in place projects to choose from in which you can be a part.  Please CLICK HERE.



Sponsor a child through Mercy29 ministry and break the cycle of generational poverty.  For $1 a day, your child will hear the gospel and receive educational opportunities, health care, life skill training, proper housing and supplemental nutrition.

Girls in tailoring program

orphans in India



In the fall of 2008, my sons, Lyle and Bryson went to Africa for three months.  While staying in Mozambique Lyle’s heart was changed forever.  He felt compassion and love for the children there, not only for the compound he was staying in but of a small community called Noviane.  He there, met a his first daughter Ziana.  As he felt compelled to oversee the other children there, he also was overwhelmed to take care of the widows.  Mercy 29 was born within a few short weeks from returning to the US.

Lyle returned this summer for three months on staff for Iris Ministries there in Mozambique.  They have updated the compound, added a new gate and a new roof.  Our houses are excellent compared to the others in the village.  We thank all of our supporters and are making plans in summer of 2010 to visit with a host of families who wish to go and meet their children they sponsor.


the eyes of the blind, the feet of the lame, the father of the needy

“For when the ear heard, it called me blessed,
And when the eye saw, it gave witness of me,
Because I delivered the poor who cried for help,
And the orphan who had no helper.
The blessing of the one ready to perish came upon me,
And I made the widow’s heart sing for joy.
I put on righteousness, and it clothed me;
My justice was like a robe and a turban.
I was eyes to the blind
And feet to the lame.
I was a father to the needy,
And I investigated the case which I did not know.
I broke the jaws of the wicked
And snatched the prey from his teeth.”

-Job 29.11-17

Just like Job, we can stand for justice and mercy.  This charge can no longer become so easily overlooked and meaningless.  People are  not just statistics and no one deserves a lonely suffering.  Another world is possible.  Mercy29 is for those who do not only believe, but will stand and take action against the silent genocide of the Earth’s invisible people.

In the world today, there an estimated 2.1 billion children “at risk”.  The destruction of children is so relentless it claims the lives of more than 30,000 a day, most due to preventable diseases.  Poverty, child labor, slavery, homelessness, sexual exploitation, aids, and war all contribute to this everyday catastrophe affecting billions.  Can this continue on our watch?

Who We Are:

Mercy29 Ministries is a (501)(c3) anti-profit organization.  We are reasonably employed by Jesus to “investigate the case of those we do not know” giving hope along with a future (Jer. 29).

What We Do:

We fight to “deliver the poor” by sponsoring orphans and helping widows.  In the future we will build homes and schools for children; clinics, centers, and farms developing sustainable communities in financially impoverished nations.

Where We Serve:

In March 2009, Mercy29 partnered with Iris Ministries, becoming responsible for the Noviane Widow’s Project in Pemba, Mozambique.  Settled just alongside Iris headquarters, our home in Noviane includes 16 children, and 6 widows.  Future plans include more homes for children in Mozambique; centers in Brazil, Portugal, South Korea, and Japan.


Help Mercy29: Deliver the Poor & Bring Joy to Widows.

Mercy29 is: The eyes of the blind, the feet of the lame, & the Father of the needy

  1. Bring Awareness: Think Globally.
  2. Build Relationships: Family, Unity, & Covenant, without a price tag. Where the rich meet the “real” poor.
  3. Change Lives: Feed Children, Provide Education, Give Hope for the Future.

T-Shirt Project – 




BRACELETS Agate Bracelets - $5If you bought a bracelet, remember every time you wear it, be sure to pray for the children of poverty.




the facts: the state of our children

More than any other time in history, children suffer.  Every single day they are forced to pay a careless debt of sin, that adults before them have left behind.  Right now, this very moment, there are around 647 million children worldwide living in absolute poverty.


The Facts:

  • An estimated 10 million children have been forced into the sex industry.
  • About 500 million children live with debilitating hunger.
  • 134 million children have no access to any school whatsoever.
  • 15 million children are orphaned as a result of AIDS.
  • 246 million children work, with 171 million engaged in the worst forms of child labor.
  • 265 million children have not been immunized against any disease.
  • Over one third of children have to live in dwellings with more than five people per room.
  • Over half a billion children have no toilet facilities whatsoever.
  • Almost half a billion children lack access to published information of any kind.
  • 376 million children have more than a 15-minute walk to water and or are using unsafe water sources.
  • 300,000 young people are exploited as child soldiers.

    Change the world? Or change the channel? Your move.mercy 29

Please visit the site for donations. 

10 thoughts on “Mercy29”

  1. We need to do everything we can to CHANGE THE WORLD!!!
    These poor little children didn’t ask to be brought into this world, or to live in the horrible messes that they are living in!!! Nor did the widows ask to be in the situations that they are in!! My LORD people, we have got to wake up!!! We currently have one son, Joseph, age 5, that we have TOTALLY fallen in love with. If I were able to, I’d have a whole house full of these beautiful little children!!! GOD help us to help them!!!


  2. “You and all of the Mercy29 Team are in my prayers. May God continue to bless M29 for all they do for the children of God.”

  3. I am so happy to work as a volunteer of M 29 India.Really god had helped the team of M 29 India in saving many people from danger and bringing them to the safe place.Rev.Praveen had done an amazing work among the floods areas and had helped many people by distributing the food packets and water packets through the help of M 29 India.

Each and every volunteer of M 29 India are much interested in meeting you personally at your visit to India.

I hope your prayers and support towards M 29 India saves and helps many people in India.

Remember me also in your prayers madam.

Sister Sunitha Johnson – India.

  4. Praveen Chakravarthy October 2
    Haii Mam.

    I am so happy that god is answering my thoughts and vision through you and bro Lyle.I had also thought the same in showing the worst condition of the people in India,especially in the villages and in the cities who live on the road side and among the wastage and drainage.You can take as many pictures so that in future we can help them by bringing them out of poverty through Mercy 29 India.

    As in my schedule also i had thought of taking you to some of the places in Hyderabad where you can also see the people condition and to the temples and mosques where these idol people worship the stones,snakes as gods.for this i had set the dates as the day when you are coming to Hyderabad and the day when you are leaving to hyderabd so that you can get some thing for the sponsors or donors who are willing to help M29 India.

    You can bring anything for the children mam as they will be much happy to have them.They don’t receive sweets or chocolates as i will buy them rarely as due to lack of financial crisis.But in time god will provide as i always buy the biscuits for them as biscuits in India are cheaper..

    As you had asked me in the email , I had contacted a person who is ready to sell his buffaloes to M29 India.After your coming through the hands of yours and bro lyle you can purchase them and also you can have the photographs..

    Mam,Mainly tomorrow i am going to vijayawada and kurnool which is 800 kilometers from our place where due to heavy floods the people are crying for help and through the help of M29 India me and 5 children with 3 volunteers are going over there to distribute some food packets for the people who are crying for the help.Many people had climbed trees to save their life’s.Till now according to the news which was shown in the television,nearly 69 people had died and we all are praying for the stop of the floods.I need your special prayers for the people who are crying for help and also for our safe journey.I think you can see in your news channels also.I will send you the pictures after i return to the orphange.

  5. Hello Madam

    Greetings to you in the Blessed name of Christ.

    It was so nice to meet you and the others who had visited India.I am so thankful to your prayers which you had done towards our villages where you had visted.I hope in the coming trip of yours you will be staying in our villages for a long time where i can show you more places and i want to speak with you personally for having help for my people where i serve.I hope you can help me financially for making the people to save them from the poverty. I am planning to send all my audits and records to you Send me the reply to my email address.Thank you.

  6. dear elder loving sir,,,
    greetings to you in the name of Our Lord Jesus christ form pastor sonu kumar, pinky kumar and all these children….
    sister we r so happy that you have big burden for help orphan children… please pray for our orphange children also.. my wife also ahev big burden for these children they haev no parents no food no education so she has start small orpahnge here in our rents house and take care 56 poor children.. we r give them good bible study every day.. we want to give them good teaching also please pray for these children becouse we have no any support from anywhere these children have need your prayers…
    sister our ministry is going so good among leprosy peopels also we want to teach leprosy peoples children also abd bring them into our children home, they are 30 children,, their parents are leprosy. but we have no any support form anywhere that we will bring them and give them food , education.. and we have not big place also , our children home is no rents.. so please pray God will bless our ministry and provded all these children….

    thaking you so mcuh,,

    and Happy New Year 2010

    pastor sonu kumar and pinky kumar
    founder Sword Of Fire Ministry
    north india





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