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Below are testimonies of what God has done!

4 thoughts on “Ask The Counselor”

  1. I was 19 years old when I was faced with an unplanned pregnancy.
    As I thought through what was happening in my life I felt scared and alone. At that time in my life I did not feel I had anyone to turn to that I could count on to guide and help me. The father of the baby made it very clear that he did not want this child and I felt so trapped. I could see no other choice but to terminate my pregnancy.
    I called an abortion clinic and spoke with them about my situation and they told me that I needed to come in and confirm that I was even pregnant. I went to the abortion clinic in Memphis, TN where they confirmed my pregnancy. Next I was led to a “Counseling Room” where I was told that it was only a “blob” of tissue and it was not yet a baby. Then the counselor looked at me and said “whose choice is this?” Being that I was all alone at this point I simply said “mine?” Although I felt pressure from the father and my situation, I felt silly responding any other way.
    Soon afterward I was led upstairs to the room where my abortion was to take place. They gave me gas and told me to relax. The doctor examined me, looked at the nurse and stated how far along I was. At that point I knew I could go no further. Then a heard a noise that sent chills down my whole body and immediately felt sick at my stomach, I cried out and told them that I could not go through with this. I BEGGED FOR THEM TO STOP! The nurse told me that it was too late and ran to the door and yelled for help because I was fighting her and the doctor, next thing I knew I had three nurses holding me down. All I can remember at that point was moving my head back and forth trying so hard to get loose.
    When the procedure was over I was taken to a room filled with beds and women sobbing. I felt so empty and violated. No one ever told me of the anxiety, depression, guilt, or emotional scars that I would bear, nor did they warn me of the miscarriages that I would have due to the damage in my uterus.
    I praise God for His healing, glorious grace, but I share my story because I don’t want anyone else to suffer the way I have. God has blessed my husband Chris and me with two beautiful little girls that we love dearly, but we regret that on this side of Glory they will never know Amanda Abigail. ABORTION HURTS WOMEN!

  2. about a year ago, i was having problems with nose bleeds. they just started without any warning. at first i wasn’t very concerned, but as the nose bleeds continued, i was concerned. they would come on without warning. i finally gave up and made an appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor in owensboro. she gave me her analysis of why i was having these nose bleeds. thankfully it was nothing serious. she put some medicine in my nose and said this was only a 50% guarantee that is would stop them. for 2 days the bleeding had stopped. i thought the medicine had worked. on the 3rd day the bleeding started again. the doctor said if i had to come back to her office she would have to do opt for a different kind of treatment, of which i wasn’t to crazy about.
    on sunday of that week that i had gone to the doctor, i was in service at promiseland. i happened to be in the front and pastor phillips prayed for me over an entirely different situation in my life. i said nothing about having problems with nose bleeds.
    as the days, and weeks went by i never had another nose bleed. as of today, almost a year later, i have not had another nose bleed.
    i believe that sunday when pastor phillips was praying for me over another situation, the GOD healed me from the nosebleeds. i am so thankful! i am so thankful for promiseland and the things that happening there. i am almost amazed by what the LORD is doing. it can only get better!

  3. How can I assure that my children live under blessings and not cursing as did I. I try my hardest but still feel very insufficient in parenting.

  4. As parents we always want to give our children the very best possible. We do are best and live by faith not fear. We learn from the past which gives us wisdom for the next move or step in life not to repeat the past if it caused harm. We do not agree with the enemy over curses, for it gives him power over us, so we rebuke the curses, live in God to the fullest of our ability. We chose Deut. 28 and followed it. We gave God over 100% in every area of our lives. Everything didn’t always go perfect and we all including the children got scars, however with God the victory is still present because we still believe God is getting us through a daily walk. We all have felt insufficient at times and there are times I look back and wish I had did something different, but God already seen the future, so He gives us the grace to see it through. Hang in there and keep doing your best as you serve God to the fullest of your ability to give your children the stability in life they will need for their future.

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