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Now that you are on this page, I know you have come to visit, so please leave me a note and tell me your thoughts.  Sign in the comment box to let me know you stopped in to see me!  Merci beaucoup!♥


46 thoughts on “Guest Book or Contact”

  1. Hey sis, just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how much I love you, LOTS!!! You are so blessed, gifted and talented girl!!! You’re AWESOME!!!!

    Love In Christ,
    Shelia Hogle

  2. What an awesome inspiration you are to all read your blog. You are the most extraordinary woman I have ever met. I am so very blessed and my life has been enriched by your teachings and direction. I love you, my mentor, my pastor, Melissa mon amie! Can’t wait to see all of the wonderful things that God is unfolding in all of our lives. Next I’l be scheduling your book signing tours! (uh, mumbles….yes, I am prophesying) LOL – muah:)

  3. Keep sharing your faith in Jesus Christ. You just might be the only witness that is able to break though a stone cold heart. His hand is mighty and his works are wonderful !!

  4. You are absolutrly stunning inside and out!!!!!: Merriam-Webster Thesaurus Results stunning | adjectivestun | verb
    Main Entry: stunning
    Function: adjective
    1. causing a strong emotional reaction because unexpected – see surprising 1
    2. causing wonder or astonishment – see marvelous 1
    3. very pleasing to look at – see beautiful

    I can’t wait to get to know you better.

  5. Hey sis,

    I love reading your blogs. Thank you so much for all you have done for me, and taught me! You are a blessing and I love you! God bless!

  6. Melissa,

    I have just started reading your blogs and I love them. Thank you for everything…….You have been such a wonderful person. Melissa and today was such a happy and sad day but Johnnie would be so proud of all you. He loved you all so much…. Jeff did a wonderful job of, I know Johnnie and Benita are so proud of all of you and Melissa after talking to your mom she is so proud of you all too. I am so sorry for every thing and I hope one day we all will see Johnnie in Heaven together….. I Loved them both like a moma and dad. Take care and I look forward to your reading everday. Thank you for what you did.


  7. From another Melissa to Melissa…:-)
    We received your email/site today here in Bordeaux, France.
    I was born and raised in the US, am married and living in France for the past 20 years…, pastor’s wife here in Bordeaux. My husband was born in former Yougoslavia, raised in France.
    There is no ONE like JESUS!
    A Dieu soit la gloire!
    Melissa A. Majdling

  8. Love, love, love your ZEAL for life! You inspire me! Keep up the hard word, others are following and their life is being changed forever by your guidance.

  9. Great article on jealousy. We have been dealing with this issue in our church just recently.It tend to rear it’s ugly head and try & stir up trouble. You ahve a good hndle on it. Thanks for your insight. Love U! Miss U 2!

  10. just wanted to say This settles it YOUR a GREAT Teacher and I’m blessed to have You in my Life as Such

  11. Thank you so much for each blog, I look forward to reading them on my days off and catching up on the one’s ive missed during the week when the girls are at school. Your blogs are inspiring and thought provoking……GREAT FOR THIS MOMS ALONE TIME!!!!!!!!!

  12. What a blessing you are. Thank you for your friendship and guidance. YOU make a difference in Jesus name.

  13. Hi Melissa
    I love your site,you are so blessed and gifted.
    Say hi to Jeff for me.
    Jerry H

  14. Thank you for all you do. You and your family are perfect examples of giving to make a difference. I pray your light just keeps getting bigger and brighter.

  15. Melissa,
    I visited your church for the first time on Mother’s Day along with my friends Scott & Wanda Winkler.I’m from Lebanon, about 2-3 hours away. I really enjoyed the service and fell in love with the first song I heard, I think it was Your Love or Amazing Love , your female keyboardist sung it. I would love to have a copy of the whole service for that day, including that song of course! It really touched my heart. I will be happy to send you the money for any cost involved. I look forwards to hearing from you.

    Thank You,

    Earna Volk

  16. Hi Melissa,
    I work for a pr firm that is helping to promote a World Vision free, interactive exhibit about the impact of HIV/AIDS on children in Africathat will be in Evansville, IN from 5/31-6/7. The exhibit is a replica of an African village. As participants go through the exhibit, they wear headsets and listen to one of four children’s stories who have been effected by theAIDS pandemic. I am hoping that you will research this at, visit the experience if you can, and then encourage your readers to attend this worthwhile event. Please email me at with your comments. Thank you for any help you will give. Mary Jo Levin

  17. Just wanted you to know that I visited your site. Your message about a nap was great. You’re doing a great job and I know that God continues to bless you daily.


  18. Melissa-

    I have been keeping up with your goings-on with the church. I am so proud of you and your commitment to your family and your ministry. I would love to visit you and your church sometime … maybe this summer. I’ll check on times and services.

    Michelle Gish

  19. Now, that is one smart, blessed and talented woman of God!!! Melissa…U Rock!!!

    Beth C

  20. Hi Sis, I enjoy reading your daily blogs. So many times they reflect what I’m dealing with that day. Keep up the wonderful work. Love you.

  21. Just stopped in to check it out. I received a true blessing just by stopping in. I have been praying for guidance and an answer with a very personal issue and I read “knowing a persons heart”. I am so grateful that I serve an awesome God and I praise Him today for you and your willingness to serve Him and reach out to others. May God continue to bless you!

  22. Greetings to you in the most precious name of the Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Indeed, it is my great privilege to have in touch with you this letter. By the grace of God, according to Romans 8:28 you are introduced me by the internet so now I am introducing myself to you. I am Pastor. Jevaratnam Yatham, I am blessed with two sons – Isaac 19th ,in his studied engineering , Nehemiah, 18th in engineering . My wife name Esther . Writing you with kind heart with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Now I am working as Evangelist in Stuartpuram among scheduled tribes “Yerukulas” I havestarted small Church and I established another church in Gavinivaripalem village. The above said two villages are in boarder of Bay-of-Bengal I am conducting Evangelism independently without any denomination backup. Here I am working as Evangelist, spreading the word of God Lord Jesus Christ. I am working among the (Yerukula Caste) Tribal Community. More people are Dacoits, robbers and Criminals;their activities are robbery and criminals in daily routine life.These Tribal people facing harassment and arrests by the police.Because in the Stuartpuram village 70% persons and more people daily occupation is thefts. They are belonging to Yerukula Tribal caste.More people doing regularly thefts and go to Jails like as long term 7 years, 14 years, 10 years etc living in prisons.
    In these circumstances their children’s or dependants suffering with foodless and cloth less and careless. The dependants of criminals will become as orphans. Those are again will become as criminals, dacoits and robbers like as their parents. Nearly 3000 peoples are living inStuartpuram they belong to Yerukulas scheduled tribes. More people stealing many times police caught the robbers and sent them to the prisons. Police have robbers and arrested their family persons and starvation changes them as robbers. Some robbers live their family members mainly children crying with hungry for minimum needs here we are identified some children (Orphans).when we found them they were unsheltered and away from comfort and parental love. I think you know the Tsunami disaster. We are lived near to seashore. In that instant many people that is my neighbors and my church members are affected and expired. God gave me burden to help the orphan children So we have a orphanage home name[ Home of love orphan care center] We have orphanage children in which we are looking 15 children tsunami, the killer waves, affected children &HIV, Aids Prison harassment [parent] children .So we need some parent to adopt them and take care of them .We need some generous sponsors to take up the care of them. In fact, their condition is very pathetic. And due to the diastase conditions of natural calamities, these orphans are a generation on geometrical progression. I am searching for a heavenly person like you in order to look into the need of our orphan children. Christians have a clear command to care for orphans, and there are many ways to get involved—praying, giving, mobilizing your church, or adopting. Whichever you decide, Please pray and make a plan for the poor bait. We need to conduct Gospel and Pastors conference. For that here I am waiting for the right people to do in right time. In my prayer the Holy spirit inspires me to invite you for speaking through God’s word to the people in India by participating in Gospel crusades and Pastors conference. If God put the same burden in your heart for Gospel in India, here and opportunity is waiting for you to reach many people in India. Please promote and support my ministry work. But do not any receive any gifts here and there I have no sponsors any where in the world. We are doing gathering small contribution local running my ministry but here not rising donations and contribution’s I am individual person I have no organization or trust I am going through much trouble trying to provide for their needs and ministry . In addition, I am conducting Rural Mobile Gospel crusades to village-to-village. I am conducting crusade twice in a week Mon-Thursday. I have a team of native evangelists 10 members they have no support please do some thing us. Please and take action .please do agreement with me in site of God do promote and support my ministry. I will do the work in India through you by Gods grace. You can adopt to me and ministries and orphanage home. I will do report every thing to you and accountable to you financial statements and give you every report with detail photos periodically. I shall wait at your prayerful reply.
    Thanking you in His precious name,
    Serving the Master,
    Opposite microwave station, Daggumallivari pallem . Bapatla Town.Post.
    Guntur (Dist) Andhra Pradesh, South India. Pin: -522101.

  23. I just read Love to Hate. The Holy Spirit guided your fingers as you typed. I am learning to tolerate the intolerant. Perhaps it is similar. Thanks.

  24. We appreciated you coming to our home and sharing Mercy 29. I pray many blessing on you and your family as you minister to the hurting in India. Thank you.

  25. Be bless many time for this year in Christ with many nice visions and deeds in Christ and let he use us to make his will with gospel and gloryfy God´s holy name in poweful word in God and go an in faith to be holy and righteousness and wise in peace and harmony,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

  26. I just left your website it looks so good! And your blogs are still great. Love you girl! your amazing!

  27. Dear Friends in Christ,
    Greetings to you in the precious and merciful name of our Saviour Lord Jesus

    I humbly request you to allow to introducing my self as. Rev.p.josephthangaraju
    and Sr. Pastor and praising my God for choosing me and my Co-Workers to
    proclaim the love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our parts of India.” Woe
    is unto me, if I preach not the Gospel” 1.Cor.9: 16
    shalem ministry is an Independent faith Ministry, Please pray earnestly for our us and our Ministries OUTREACH, CHURCH PLANTING, And we are prayerfully reaching the un-reached People groups in our parts of India and we rejoice in the Lord and happy to share with you that many perishing souls have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through our Ministries. And we Praise GOD, for enabling us for establishing small Churches in different Villages, Towns, Slums and Tribal areas. And We do both Church Ministries and Field Ministries.viz.. OUTREACH, CHURCH PLANTING, SUNDAY SCHOOLS,YOUTH MINISTRY, WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP (S) OPEN AIR GOSPEL REVIVAL MEETINGS /CRUSADES, PASTORS CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS for CHRISTIAN WOMEN AND. We Praise Jesus for OUR CO-WORKERS PASTORS/ NATIVE MISSIONARIES those who are diligently and faithfully working in our Churches and Outreach for His glory and extension of His Kingdom.

    Please continue to pray for the Lord’s Ministry in India, It is a matter to
    regret that India, still remains as one of the least Evangelized nations of
    the World. Still there are thousands of villages without Gospel and millions
    of people yet; to hear the Good News of Jesus (as people worship idols,
    nature animal, snake cows and trees) for this we need your prayers and
    cooperation to go forward in our Lord’s Great Commission to Reach and Win
    many lost souls for the extension of His Kingdom. We ask you to join Hands
    with us to pray fervently for great Revival and a rain of the Holy Spirit to
    fall upon this Hindu nation so that we may reap the Harvest. .”BEHOLD, I say
    to you lift up your eyes and look at the fields for they are already white
    for the Harvest.”John4: 35. And we hope that the spirit of God will guide
    you that how you can be a partner in our independent faith Ministry in
    By His Grace, We are running a Children Home, there are 32 Children, and our
    Ministry; feeding, clothing, giving shelter and educating these Orphans,
    poor and needy deserving Children. In fact we have sponsors only for 5
    Children. And other 27 Children do not have Sponsors, Due to lack of
    financial support, we are facing many troubles in providing daily food them,
    and Children and we together are praying to God in tears to give Sponsors
    for these 27.Chidren. Will you please pray with us? As we need 27. Sponsors.
    To Sponsor a Child per month is UK Pounds 25/. And with your sponsorship of
    UK Pounds 25/, you have to make a big difference in an Orphan, Helpless and
    Hunger Child with good food to eat, a place to live, clothes to wear and
    education. And that he/she will continue to have a Christian education with
    genuine opportunities to grow, and above all, Day to day he/she hears the
    Good News of Jesus’ Love and Salvation. “Pure religion and undefiled, before
    God and the Fathers is this, To visit the Fatherless and widows in their
    affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world” James.1: 27.
    Please pray and if the Spirit of the Lord moves you to Sponsor an Orphan,
    Needy, destitute and Homeless Child, Please sponsor one Child or more

    We welcome you to visit us, spend some time with Children in the Children
    Home and Preach and Win for Christ in Churches, Outreach, Pastors Conference
    and Gospel Revival Crusades etc, Therefore go and make disciples of all
    nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the
    Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And
    surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. –Matthew 28:19.
    Please for as We totally depend on the Lord for all the areas of our needs
    in the Ministries .And the Ministry desires to have an active member to
    pray and supporting friends. Will you please pray and be a part of it for the
    extension of the Kingdom of God.
    We pray that God blessing you, your family and your Ministry in all
    aspects. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    With much Love and Prayers,
    Together we are reaching our generation for Jesus!
    vinukonda 522647
    guntur (d.t)
    A.P. INDIA.

    Our mailing Address:
    vinukonda 522647
    sidhartha nager
    guntur. A.P. INDIA.

  28. We will continue to pray for your endeavors for Christ. You may email my son with this information. He is returning to India in March for the entire month but I will only be there for a short time. God bless and we will keep in touch.

  29. Melissa, partly thanks to your blog on the child slaves, there is an article in today’s Toronto Star on Indian children working in quarries. You can either see it by going to the Star’s News – World section or maybe paste in this link–modernizing-india-on-the-backs-of-children. Please keep up your good work and perhaps try to get the word out more widely about granite and children, as the reporter never made it to a granite quarry.
    Cheers, Cath

  30. I just came across your site ran in to someone wearing a shirt that said “Does Slavery Still Exist” I have been broken hearted by what I have been reading on the web. I will be in touch.

  31. Hi Melissa, I saw you last week in Madisonville & found your blog on Google. I was so touched by your testimony of your son’s deliverance and what God is doing through him. I pray for blessings for you and your family! Keep up the good work & keep us posted.

  32. Hi Melissa,
    WOW the more I read about your family the more I am in Awe of how you all love the Lord Jesus and I am totally inspired. The creativity amazes me. Pastor Jeff prayed last sunday something about streams of creativity to flow through us, I am really not sure how he worded it but I have been praying for me to recognize the creativity God has given me and how to use it to bring others to Him and how to use it to increase my finances so we can be free of bondage in that area. I am so glad and so thankful Brennen was lead to your family. She is so excited about what God is doing. Thank you for loving my daughter God is maturing her for great things. Also, I am praying how to help Mercy29, what my part may be in it. May God’s grace continue to be with you and each one of your family. Thank you for sharing your life.

  33. Melissa :
    I am happy to report that my grand daughter was baptized tonight. I am so thankful that God is faithful. She has such a love for God and church. She has been raised by both parents to love God. She made the decision Wed night.

    I do believe the timing was great . If I needed assurance that God is still watching over and caring for my family after the things that were said the last week I have it.i did not doubt. He is wonderful to me and my family. We are proof that people can not separate us from God.

  34. Hi Melissa,
    I wanted to send you a note about making some bracelets for Mercy 29 sometime this month. I was thinking you’d said that you needed to get a lot done before the end of this month, and I would love, hopefully with Isabelle along side of me, to help. We will be out of town this weekend, so I thought maybe we could set some time up via e-mail. Just let me know when and where, or if it’s something I just do at home… whatever.
    Thanks! J.

  35. I love reading your blogs….so many times it is exact confirmation of things I have been thinking! God has given you wisdom and discernment and you are using them to glorify Him! I wish we lived closer, I KNOW we would be good friends!

  36. Melissa you are such a encouragement. You’re a breath of fresh air. You show that you can have fun but be serious when it comes to serving and loving God. You can just see life pouring out of you. I want to be used so much! I love reading your blogs. And that says alot cause I don’t like to read more than I have to. Im a picture book type person lol! I am sooooo happy that we’ve crossed paths and am excited to see how God continues to grow you me and the church to reach out to Owensboro and beyond!!!

  37. Hello Melissa, My name is also Melissa. My maiden name was Phillips. I am also in the ministry. I have been for many years. We Melissas’ are fabulous! May God Bless Your ministry! Have a wonderful, joyful life in Jesus name!

  38. Hello,
    I loved your post from 2012 about the higher demonic powers and their link with wasps/Hornets. While you primarily addressed the meaning of a swarm, how would you interpret a single, lone wasp?

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