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Melissa Phillips is a native to a small town in McLean County Kentucky. Melissa is a country girl at heart with creative contemporary ideas. Blessed artistically, she expresses her talent through various venues. Her paintings, photography, writings, and teachings express her true nature of wanting to help people find abundant living as well as creating a healthy lifestyle.

Melissa is the wife of Pastor Jeff Phillips. With over 21 years of pastoring, the couple shares in ministry responsibilities at Legacy located in Owensboro KY their second plant church.  They have four boys, Lyle Benjamin, Bryson Roth, Jordan Heath, and Spencer Edward.  They also have eight grandchildren, Ashton, Ella Grace, Annalise Roth, Isaiah Triumph, Remi Marie Rose, Lennon Brice, Emersyn Jordan, and Caydence Judah.

Melissa owns and operates Wheatgrass Juice Bar and has completed her certification of Life and Health Coaching from the Health Coach Institute.  She believes everyone should be the best version of themselves.

Melissa also has a diploma from with an Associates Degree from the International School of Ministry. She is recognized as an ordained minister of Destiny Ministries.  She has been a member of AACC and has completed her studies as a Board Certified Biblical Counselor recognized by the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Melissa’s photography is award winning and is in circulation. Her work is seen across the world by her photo-compositions of brochures, books, advertisements, PSAs, as well as in the entertainment and music industry. After 20 years of photography she now only does it on the side when she has time.  She writes a blog of inspiration and encouragement in which she has compiled some of her work in her book 31 Days of Abundant Living in which you can find on Amazon.

On a personal note, Melissa enjoys traveling. She and her husband have traveled to many states in the US including Alaska and Hawaii. The couple has enjoyed mission trips to South Africa, and India along with Israel as well.  She has been involved with Mercy 29 in which her oldest son founded orphanages in Africa and India and continues to support efforts to reach children who are in need around the world as well as save them from prostitution and child slavery.  Melissa wears many hats and enjoys her life to the fullest. However, most importantly, she continues to witness the love of Jesus Christ for the increase of the kingdom and teach others how to live an abundant lifestyle.

Phillips family

5 thoughts on “Melissa’s Bio”

  1. Hi Melissa, we found each other from the MCHSMegaReunion group. I moved to live with my father my senior year of high school. I graduated from MCHS in 1979. What year did you grad? Since I was only there for a year it’s hard to place so many. I was friends with Lisa Mauzy, Sharma Hill, Clay ?? geez forgot his last name.. he was our Drum Major anyhoo… I lived out on Lemon Road in the A-frame house that I think was later purchased by Terrill Mauzy. You have sure made quite an accomplishment for a MC girl. I currently live in Pontotoc MS and am the Customer Service Manager for a Window Fashion Manufacturer, Hunter Douglas. My husband Truitt and I attend The Orchard Church in Tupelo, and rapidly moving church looking to grow Christ’s Kingdom. We are now over 2,000 and trying to reach the rest of the 20,000 in our community that are un-churched.
    May God continue to shower you with Blessings as you continue to serve him!

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Just wanted to thank you for sending me the cd’s, I really love the song “Your Love” and I have to say I love the way your chuch choir does it, espcially Kim, I think Wanda said that was her name. She sings it beautifully! I have really enjoyed music!

    I look forwards to attending your church again soon.

    Earna Volk

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