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GODSPEAKS was born through my relationship with Jesus.  From my photography along with the Creative Communications gift, God has spoken to me and to others as they experience His Spirit with me.  I give Him the glory and thanks for using my talent.  His Spirit moves through me, through my talent to touch lives.  Photography is not just taking pictures, but capturing the perfect timing in the emotions of what God wants to convey.  Whether it is the happiness of love, the innocence of a child, the working of the Spirit on each individual, photography captures it all.  When we take time to look at art in a way in which God see it, He speaks.  Once this revelation hits us, emotions burst forth and agape is born!

God speaks to all of us in different ways.  Looking out across our world we see His majestic hand in His creation. Looking at people, we see Him in their eyes, their hands and where they go.  There is good in all of His work!  He speaks through us to others.  He is the wind that blows and tousles your hair and kisses your face.  He is the dog, the loyal friend who wants to sit in your lap. He is in the hand of lovers has they embrace as if nothing will stand in the way of their true love.  You see, God is all around us.  He never, ever leaves us.  He is constantly speaking, maybe in ways you have never thought of, just listen.

African Children This book is about Africa Children.  Within it’s pages are beautiful children from Africa along with statistics of survival.  My goal is to increase the awareness of orphans and to raise funds for an orphanage there.  While attending a school for missions, my sons, Lyle and Bryson photographed many children.   What they encountered was a world of lost hope, poverty and orphaned children needing love and care.  You can order and view the first few pictures by clicking.

img_1745 $15 Godspeaks “Promises” is an anointed DVD presentation set with intimate music with over seventy Scriptures of God’s promises.  This presentation features Holy Land scenes in which I took while traveling in Israel 2008.  This DVD can be used for prayer time, reflection on the Word, played before a church service or given as a gift.  Whatever purpose you decide to use, God’s Spirit flows over you and pulls your soul closer to Him as you read each Scripture picture.  

As I was going through over 1000 pictures to decide which ones I wanted to use, I came across a shepherd sitting among the sheep with his head down.  I took the picture through the window while traveling on a bus.  We were driving so fast I never noticed the man.  It wasn’t till I pulled the picture close when I realized what I had captured.  It is awesome how God allowed me to capture such a serene moment in one of His children in their daily task.  I wondered if he knew Jesus, a Jew in the middle of Israel.  There were children playing nearby which made me think how children all over the world has a carefree spirit of not thinking of tomorrow.  Scriptures flowed through my head with each picture.  I will never forget this experience and I want to share it with all.


$15 Israel Trip DVD.  Come and experience the trip to the Holy Land with Jeff and I.  A week of documentary traveling to Biblical sites.  An exciting presentation to bring God’s Word alive with real footage.  See the Garden Jesus prayed in, the sea He walked on and the places He preformed miracles!  Be blessed!


Scripture Cards, Prints or Posters with or without framing available in my Gallery at –  search author melissaphillips More prints coming soon!

Below:  Natural Spring flowing into the Sea of Galilee – Land of Israel -John 7:37



Below:  Stoney Landscape in Israel – Luke 19:40



Below:  Psalms 6:22 – Cave and rocky landscape.  Land of Israel



Below: Deuteronomy 32:4 Masada overlooking the Dead Sea



Below: Isaiah 58:42 – Israel – historical bridge during King Solomon’s reign




296041-5a1aba4890da91f977d389ae106a3e361 Age Defined with a Century of Inspirational Thoughts

My photography and my thoughts describing the many stages of life.  From a three week old baby to a celebration of one hundred and two each page captures a moment to be remembered in age.   God speaks through all creation!

You may view the first fifteen pages of this book, along with other books of mine at search bookstore for Godspeaks

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4 thoughts on “Ma Boutique”

  1. Wow, just looking at these pics has refreshed my soul, set my eyes on my Creator-of-new-things and given me creative ideas for MY future! Thank You, Jesus, for all You’ve done thru Melissa and all You are going to do. Wow.

  2. I would like to assist you with a purchase of a sweet earth bracelet and necklace. Please let me know how I may make payment to you.

    D. Tenney

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