Are We Facing Apocalypse – Survive The End Days

What has prompted me to write this? Several things, so keep reading. WATCH THIS Do you believe in survivalist in what they do when it comes to end time prophecy? Do you believe the end is near? Of course we have signs of the times and many predictions have come and gone, nevertheless it seemsContinue reading “Are We Facing Apocalypse – Survive The End Days”

Teens Crashing Local Area

 My great friends of Central City started a movement that has really taken off with the fact of so much it’s packed the building more than once. If you love loud music, glow paint, getting in a pool with chocolate syrup and having a wrestling match is just part of its success and good plainContinue reading “Teens Crashing Local Area”

Contagious Smiling

Last week I got to experience the film Compelled By Love starring Roland and Heidi Baker’s story.  I was proud to say that my son, Lyle was featured in the film.  The emotions I felt, the awe of being totally sold out to Jesus is truly phenomenal.  At the beginning of the film is anContinue reading “Contagious Smiling”

PooPoo Pie

I had the best advice one time from a gal who may have not known how much wisdom she was spilling out to me.  I was struggling with lots of stress at the time because of the circumstances of transition and it all started with FaceBook.  Now keep in mind, I sometimes wear my feelingsContinue reading “PooPoo Pie”

How to Read Your Dog Just by Watching Her Tail

Roxie is so cute and she just turned 10 years old Christmas Eve.  She drives me crazy sometime when she barks for no reason.  I thought this article was worth sharing and now I am going to start paying attention to her tail.  lol…. By Dr. Becker New research suggests dogs send messages to eachContinue reading “How to Read Your Dog Just by Watching Her Tail”

My Name Is Melissa

Have you ever looked up your name before? I highly suggest before you name your baby please look it up.  I know not too many people take that time to find out more but I do think it is important because it seems that my family has all lived out their name. My name MelissaContinue reading “My Name Is Melissa”

Dog Swallowed By A Snake

Do you have dreams?  Read what God showed me about dogs and snakes. Jeff my husband had a dream a few weeks ago: He was in a crowd of people in which he really didn’t know them.  A few of them had dogs, small cute dogs.  The Boa Constrictor snake moved in and out ofContinue reading “Dog Swallowed By A Snake”

Life is Like Corn

This is really a wonderful example in how we all need each other to product fruit!  Just watch and please add a comment below to tell me what you think!  Be blessed and encouraged with my 2 min devotional.

The Dying Twinkie

Recently in the news we have heard that Hostess who creates the Twinkie and other products such as Wonder Bread, Ho-Ho’s or Ding Dongs is filing bankruptcy and will no longer exist.  However lined up is a slew of companies that want the recipes and rights to produce Hostess products we all have grown toContinue reading “The Dying Twinkie”

The Kill of a Coyote

Last month my niece lost her little dog.  This is what she posted: This had have been one of the most spoilt rotten dogs I have ever had. But I loved her with every fiber of my being. She was my baby girl and I loved her so much. I would brag about her allContinue reading “The Kill of a Coyote”