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Dog Swallowed By A Snake

loyalty swallowed up by a lieDo you have dreams?  Read what God showed me about dogs and snakes.

Jeff my husband had a dream a few weeks ago:

He was in a crowd of people in which he really didn’t know them.  A few of them had dogs, small cute dogs.  The Boa Constrictor snake moved in and out of the people.  The snake knew Jeff could see him.  The snake was more interested in the people’s little dogs.  Now the snake normally would wrap around its pray to squeeze it to death but this snake would just open its mouth and with one big swallow gulp right over top the dog.  This surprised Jeff to see such atrocious event.  Jeff had our dog Roxie with him and Roxie was barking at the snake.  The snake moved about his business without paying any attention to our dog Roxie or Jeff.

Now here is my thought interpretation on this dream…

Dogs in this dream meant loyal friends or loyalty.   The snake  especially a large one moving among the people represents a lie, a large deadly lie.  This lie passes through the crowd , although all the dogs was barking noticing the snake and barking at it, exposing it, the people were in awe without even realizing the danger of the lie. They just stood there looking at the snake. In other words, people see the lie, look at it and watch it.  It can spread very quickly through people.  They hear the loyalty warning yet they just stand to see what the lie does.  The lie is deadly.  The lie will gulp down the loyalty, killing it.   Loyalty is swallowed up by a lie.

what do snakes mean in a dreamI look at this dream to pray against lies.  I hate lies.  I hate gossip.  I hate what lies can do.  The lie no matter how big or small will move though people.  It kills what is most treasured.  Dead loyalty is a trust issue.  When a person believes a lie, the trust is broken, the friendship is dead the loyalty is erased.  The warning is heard barking danger but instead of running from the lie and removing  oneself from the crowd, they ponder to look at the lie.  The lie then strikes and the deadly result leaves one standing alone and hurt, lost without his friend.  His loyalty is swallowed up and the trust is no longer there.  Instead of love, only sadness remains.

What can you do when you are confronted by a large snake (lie) that moves through the people?  You will hear the warning.  Your loyalty will make known the danger.  You run from it.  The lie may not stop but don’t let it consume you or your friends.  Find out the truth don’t kill others.

Don’t be caught in the middle of the crowd but run from the lie whose result will be death.

Will you help me pray against the lies that move through the church, through families, through our government?

New Living Translation
Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

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Carp or Grouse?

A large Carp, do you complain?You may be thinking, what does carp and grouse have in common?  Well I am not talking about a fish in the water but a term.  I am not talking about a small bird but a term.  Both of the words have similarities.  Carp means to moan, grumble, find fault, grouse, nag, carry on, complain, Grouse means to gripe, object, protest, grumble or complain. When you look at the fish and the bird, You can be a small Carp or a really big Carp but the fact is you are still a Carp who likes to live in muddy waters and feed off the bottom of the lake.  You determine how big you want to be.  Grouse don’t fly very high, very fast and live most of their life on the ground in a limited area.  I used the carp and the grouse loosely since it was a term I thought befitting to the Scripture, not in any way down grading God’s creations. 🙂

So if we look at it this way upon the terms:  Do not complain, grumble, nag, find fault in others, pass judgement, belittle, laugh at, ridicule, express disapproval because if we do, people will do the same to us. So we shouldn’t be a Carp or a Grouse!

Today I read from Matthew 7 and Romans 8:.  I should not criticize, so I won’t criticize.  Others will treat you as you teat them.  How can we help each other if we criticize?

What does criticize mean?  Express disapproval of somebody or something or give considered opinion on something, and the synonyms are disapprove of, condemn, pass judgment on, complain, find fault in, belittle, laugh at, ridicule, or complain, moan, or grumble.

…because the way that you judge others will be the way that you will be judged, and you will be evaluated by the standard with which you evaluate others.

It is a never-ending circle.  So how do we break this circle?  We stop judging, complaining, finding fault in others, stop ridiculing or expressing our opinion on how we think things should be in that person’s life.  If we don’t, it will continue.  If we continue to talk about others, the judgement of the law says people will continue to talk about us.  You may be thinking, “Well I don’t care what others say about me”.  Although this is true, most of us want a good reputation.

Our lips must be governed by the law of kindness, as well as truth and justice. Christians are brethren…to break God’s commands, is to speak evil of others, and to judge them, as if they laid too great a self-control upon us. We have the law of God, which is a rule to all; let us not presume to set up our own notions and opinions as a rule to others but not ourselves and let us be careful that we be not condemned by our own mouth.

So with this said, Lord there should be only kindness and well as truth and justice come from my mouth.  To do otherwise is a sin and we are condemned by our own mouth.  Unprofessed sin will condemn and the un-renewed will is unable to keep any commandment fully. And the law, requires inward obedience.

By the Spirit the law of love is written upon the heart.

The favor of God, the welfare of the soul, the concerns of eternity, are the things of the Spirit in which believers seek and do.

Grouse Bird or grouse complainingWhich way do our thoughts move with most pleasure?

What are our plans and motives? Do we do things or say things that are wise for our soul or flesh?  Those who do so seek to pleasure themselves and are dead.  However a sanctified soul is living and that life is peace.  If we are living in peace or turmoil should speak for itself if we are truly speaking good or evil.  Love or carp and grouse.

The carnal mind is not only an enemy to God, but hostile itself with aggression or anger.

The carnal man may, by the power of Divine grace, be made subject to the law of God, but the carnal mind never can; that must be broken and driven out.

We may know our real state and character by inquiring whether we have the Spirit of God and Christ, or not.  We should not be in the flesh, but in the Spirit. Having the Spirit of Christ, means having a turn of mind in some degree like the mind that was in Christ Jesus, and is to be shown by a life and conversation suitable to his precepts and example.

So today Lord, I want to declare and teach me to watch what I say about others with the rule in mind, I will not talk about others in a way if they were sitting there with me, that I would do otherwise.  I don’t want to be a Carp or a Grouse!

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New Year New YOU

Reflection of 2012I set here thinking where did time go this last year.  Oh my, so much has transpired I hardly know where to start.  I believe I am just tired at times and need a break from life, the mood swings, the sorrows and the transitions. I need a week on the beach!  The first of the year started with my eating habits and weight loss, which I might add is still working.  I have found myself starting to straggle back again to the colas and put on a few extra pounds back in stress eating.  I think everyone this time of the year starts reflecting on the past year and wished they could have done some things different in actions, thoughts and spiritual walk, however we also must look at the celebrations and victories we have come through.

I still meet with several families in counseling from time to time adding new people and trying to help with their problems while facing situations of my own.  I think most people look at our leadership position and hold us at a higher level although we also struggle with daily thoughts, life’s circumstances and family issues too.  We are normal human beings with thoughts, feelings and situations of life just like anyone else.  I think what holds us up is the faith we put in Jesus Christ on a day-to-day basis.  No it is not easy, no it is not always glory or fun, no it is not always easy being transparent but it is life in Him that gives us peace and hope for the future.  I love helping people find the answers in Jesus.  I can’t fix anyone’s life or marriage but I can point them to the direction in whom they can find answers.  It all boils down to a choice and His word, finding those tools to help and searching for relationship in Him.

I love counseling helping point people toward JesusWhat does this year hold?  It would be dumb to wish for  it not to be better than last year for sure with the least amount of transitions and struggles.  It has not been unbearable with my blood pressure rising, the boys moving out of the house, the relationship break ups we all have endured, but the truth is that through all the suffering of the year, it has made us stronger.  I am thankful for being stronger.  I am thankful that God is making and pruning and refining us into what He wants us to be and to be more like Him.  It takes grace and mercy.  It takes trust and faith.  Most of all it takes His love and leaning on Him daily to find His heart to work for His Kingdom.

What do people think about you...I think the hardest part in this past year is just dealing with people who purposely judge us and want to cause us harm because of their disagreements or opinions.   We have tried our best to continue to show our vision in reaching the lost but there have been those who cannot or refuse to see it.  I don’t blame them or hold grudges against them.  I am sorrowed they want to hurt us for following God’s vision.  We have done nothing to deserve it or done nothing wrong in God’s eyes as far as sin, could we have done something different, maybe. I know God is refining them through their hurt feelings too.  With my temperament, I think the greatest disappointment is knowing people continue to make accusations against us without knowing or wanting to know all the details in our decisions.  It is a religious judgmental attitude that has been since the time of Jesus day and we all must work through it.  Sometimes I just see myself as tired of it all and ready for a change.  God has it all under control.  I am sorry for the hurt or for the misunderstandings people have had to deal with because of our leadership decisions.  I wish the best for all people and want the best for them.  Break ups are always hard to do but it doesn’t mean the friendships should end.planning 3013

What does 2013 hold?  We will never know until we walk through it.  I am sure there will be ups and down as well as successes. God has a plan, a plan to prosper us in all areas of our life.  I stand on the Word of God and His promises.  I pray for my enemies, I bless those who refuse to bless us, I will love those who think they are unloveable and I will continue to give to the Kingdom of God, do His work and produce fruit in showing in whom I belong to.   We may be the only Jesus people see.  I start with 2013 in being thankful for a year in Him who gives me strength in all areas of this life He has blessed me with!

What does the year hold for you?  Are you ready to make changes in your life?

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2012 My Blog In Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 23,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 5 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

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Vision Starts in the Heart

heart of a visionThis past week we were in leadership training with a great friend.  Last night during service I spoke about what I had learned and thought it very interesting to share since the first of the year is fast approaching.

Value = Who you are, it is the “why” factor.

Vision = Where you want to be or become – looking into the future.

Mission = What you do everyday – be willing to change and improve daily.

Strategy = How are you going to do the why, when, where, how (setting goals)

Before we set all these into place, we must start with our heart.  Our heart must have passion about the new goal.  We must be excited about the change or it will never happen.  The Bible states that we must renew our mind daily.

Recently I lost weight, one year ago I decided with a made up mind, a determination in my heart to make a lifestyle change in my eating habits and exercising routine. I wanted to be skinny again. (vision)  First I started watching documentaries about food to train myself what junk I was eating that wasn’t good for me. (Value)  Next I chose a work out video I liked so I would do daily (mission) Then I enforced daily training upon myself to change and lose weight with eating right and exercising. (Strategy)

So whatever goals you want to set for yourself this upcoming year, if you have a plan and stick to it then you are on your way to a better you!  Oh and  one more thing, start with the end and work yourself backwards when setting a goal to see the big picture.  You can do it!


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The Dying Twinkie

The dying TwinkieRecently in the news we have heard that Hostess who creates the Twinkie and other products such as Wonder Bread, Ho-Ho’s or Ding Dongs is filing bankruptcy and will no longer exist.  However lined up is a slew of companies that want the recipes and rights to produce Hostess products we all have grown to love as Americans.   After hearing this news, I decided to do research to find out more.  All I knew about Twinkies was I ate them as a treat throughout my childhood and knew they had no nutritional value as an adult.  Twinkies in fact just like the world around them have changed throughout the years.  There is even an urban legend about Twinkies!  Scary!


Twinkies have a shelf life of 50-100 years and contains a chemical that is found in embalming fluid.  Of course this is not true but I am sure fun to share while eating a Twinkie.


Twinkies have 150 calories.  It takes 8 million pounds of sugar and one million eggs to produce 500 million Twinkies per year.

There are around 37 ingredients in Twinkies, the ingredients are stable enough that they may get stale but they don’t seem to rot. In fact most of the ingredients are mined from the earth!  You can check out all the ingredients here – mined ingredients to produce a twinkiehttp://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/38872091/ns/today-food/t/ingredients-twinkie-eaters-ingest/#.ULi9JLRTtFI

Twinkie filling was once made of banana cream, which actually contained fruit and dairy but was replaced by other products because of shelf life.  Cellulose gum harvested from trees goes into the white filling. Corn dextrin made from maize (same as the glue you lick on the back of envelopes) gives it a sticky coating, and the Polysorbate 60 gives the  gooeyness. Sounds tasty doesn’t it?

Twinkie is a short bread similar to your shortbread you have with strawberries.

President Bill Clinton wanted a Twinkie to go in the time capsule but was refused due to mice may actually be attracted to eat it!

Twinkie no more

Actually on eBay you can purchase your own box of Twinkies for a price, I hear they are selling for $8 – $60 for a box of ten!  I doubt if I will be running to the store and buying my own box to make my fortune, however I will remember the Twinkie years… maybe.  If it does live on with another company, it still is not going to be healthy.

Now how can I relate this to our Spiritual side of life?  Everything changes with time, but it is up to us to decide if we should eat it.  What may be pleasing to the eye or look like sweetness is nothing more than fluffed up promises with negative side effects.  We must learn to be wise and learn what is good for our soul.  Eat that which is good for it produces a fruitful heart and what comes out of a man’s heart is what he has allowed to come in.

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Shadows of Dung, Dry, Death!

He will always lead us thru the dark places, either carries or prods us to move into a non comfort zone.  We should have no fear through transition, even when we have lack understanding of the process and at times question ourselves.

This dark place is where you feel rejected, wounded and hurt while all the while wonder how you will make it thru.  Your trust in man is depleted believing all mankind are liars, mean and cruel with their words of torment rewinding and replaying over and over in your head.  It affects your thoughts, your daily life, your will power.  You are coupled with a sense falling in a black hole desperately looking for God’s perfect will only hoping you are walking in it.  The darkness of all darkness swarm like flies ready to lay and deposit their seeds of maggots with unbelief and disunity.  All the while you trudge through the dung crying in a madness wishing it would all end, what is the use, what is the reason while the voices of horror cry out to give in and give up, that it really doesn’t matter!  Walking or being carried either way you strap on the burdens of others pretending you have it all together, a King who hasn’t really lost direction but the cries of desperation seem to be echoed in the darkness as we are looking for a ray of light at the end of the path.

As you walk through the valley, you however hold on to a tiny spark of hope that through this you will learn something.  You learn to trust more, love more and lean on the Shepherd.   This valley is to the advantage.  This valley is not death to the soul but death to the flesh giving life to the character of Jesus.  It is a way to learn how to love, live and lead.  The other side of the valley is the rainbow… the promise awaits… keep moving!


Psalm 23:4 Matthew Henry Commentary: The valley of the shadow of death may denote the most severe and terrible affliction, or dark dispensation of providence, that the psalmist ever could come under. Between the part of the flock on earth and that which is gone to heaven, death lies like a dark valley that must be passed in going from one to the other. But even in this there are words which lessen the terror. It is but the shadow of death: the shadow of a serpent will not sting, nor the shadow of a sword kill. It is a valley, deep indeed, and dark, and miry; but valleys are often fruitful, and so is death itself fruitful of comforts to God’s people. It is a walk through it: they shall not be lost in this valley, but get safe to the mountain on the other side.

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Watch Out For Wasp and Hornets

Last week I had two dreams about wasp/hornets trying to build a nest on the back of my patio.  In my dream I was unaware of the several five to six nest being built.  I casually brushed them off as one flew near my head.  One of the people in my dream noticed the nest and quickly warned me about them.  I made a mental note to get some spray but still ignored them.  Two days later, I dreamed of a swarm of wasp or hornets, covering a tree.  There was a child I was trying to protect, and noticed the wasp came down and covered the child.  The child stood there motionless but still stood.  I remembered the spray.  It was as though the wasp could read my  mind and they left the child and went back into the tree.  I thought there is no way a child could be standing or even live after that attack but the child, although looked sick was still breathing and living.  I knew the child would be OK.  The swarm then left the tree as if a wind came and blew them away.
I wanted to share that dream with you for two reasons.  First, wasps or hornets in a dream mean “higher demonic power” .  I truly believe God speaks to us in dreams either in a warning, to show us something or to pray against future endeavors.  So I looked up about wasps and hornets and compared them to the natural world.  A tree in a dream means leadership.  A child in a dream is figurative to just that nevertheless I was going to protect it even though I sat back and watched what happened. 
Last week while at the Destiny Leadership Conference, a pastor from Texas who is used in the gift of Wisdom/Knowledge came up to Jeff and told him that he saw bees and wasps around him but God was sending a wind to blow these away.  It would leave Jeff standing, as a gold statue, sweet as honey.  Afterwards, I told the man my dream. We both smiled.   Amazing how God reveals!  
Here is the correlation between my interpretation and the actual wasp or hornet.
  • A swarm is a group of insects moving in large numbers, and many species of insects are known to move in swarms. When wasps swarm, the situation can be dangerous because wasps are stinging insects that become aggressive very quickly. Unlike many bee species, most wasps are capable of stinging numerous times because their stinger is not barbed. A wasp or swarm of wasps that feels threatened will sting continuously until they feel safe again.
  • The enemy of our soul, especially higher demonic power will come in a swarm.  This power is aggressive, comes very quickly with stinging remarks not stinging just once but on a continuous basis with poisonous venom that causes division.  It swarms the body.  Attacks the body and cause the body to seem almost dead.


  • Many wasp species swarm primarily to protect their nest. If wasps sense their nest is in jeopardy, they may swarm the area to fend off the perceived attacker. Wasps are known to swarm people and animals if their nest is disturbed. Although most wasp species, like yellow jackets, build their nests in the eaves of houses and in trees, some wasps build their nests in bushes or plants such as ivy, and so they can be disturbed much more easily and unintentionally, causing a swarm reaction.
  • Higher demonic power will build in false or perceived leadership or in people who desire control.  Once disturbed the power starts to swarm with anger, bitterness and unforgiveness and quickly will get others to do so also.
  • Wasps may also swarm when they are searching out a new nest location. This is not a threatening swarm, as they are simply moving in a group to locate the building site for their nest. If you disrupt a swarm of wasps looking for a nest, they may become aggressive. Many wasp species, such as paper wasps and mud daubers, can be aggressive any time they are away from a safe haven like their nest, and so you should avoid coming in contact with them.
  • Principalities are usually assigned and proceed over a location.  However spirits move looking for whom they can reside and set up camp.  They can become aggressive when they are disturbed by prayer and a move of God.  They will do anything to stop a move of God, the miracles of God and cause hopelessness in a body of believers.


  • Social wasp species, like hornets, have a hierarchy system with a single queen, numerous male suitors and sterile female workers. The queen hornet is responsible for beginning the nest creation before the female workers step in to finish construction. During this process, the males and other female bees are extremely protective of their queen, and may become aggressive and swarm easily.
  • Demonic Powers usually are not alone.  They bring with them other spirits looking for hosts.  Usually there is one who starts and dominates who quickly spreads gossip, rumors and lies, which in turn goes forward adding to and builds the nests.  It is another way to cause division in the body, people are deceived into protecting the one who is causing the division.

Some wasp species can be aggressive without provocation, and may swarm or attack for no perceived reason. Paper wasps, for example, are naturally aggressive wasps that may attack people or animals without any real provocation. Because flying wasps can be difficult to identify in motion, the best course of action is to distance yourself from a wasp as much as possible to avoid giving the insect a reason to sting.

Why does the demonic power come all of a sudden?  It seems for no reason, yet when there is a move of God it attracts all forms of higher power to put a stop to it.  The best action is pray against it in the Spirit.  Distance yourself to the one causing division.  Do not listen to the lies or gossip to avoid getting stung.  Run to God, pray, read and keep yourself in the Father’s arms for safety.

Wasps eat animal food mostly and never store any honey. They make their nests from paper and colonies only last a season.  The basic color for wasps is black and yellow stripes. Some wasps have some red as well. We have about eight kinds of wasps. Americans call them “yellow jackets”. Wasps also have yellow legs.
 Hornets are particularly big wasps. They live in similar paper nests and eat other insects. Though they look and sound fearsome, hornets are not really more dangerous than other wasps and perhaps even a bit less aggressive.
Deuteronomy 7:19-21

Remember the great terrors the LORD your God sent against them. You saw it all with your own eyes! And remember the miraculous signs and wonders, and the strong hand and powerful arm with which he brought you out of Egypt. The LORD your God will use this same power against all the people you fear.

Moreover, the LORD your God will send the hornet among them until even the survivors who hide from you have perished.

Do not be terrified by them, for the LORD your God, who is among you, is a great and awesome God.
Matthew Henry’s Commentary says:

In real kindness to the church, its enemies are subdued by little and little; thus we are kept on our guard, and in continual dependence on God. Corruptions are driven out of the hearts of God’s people, not all at once, but by little and little. The precept with this promise is, that they should not make friendship with idolaters. Those that would keep from bad courses, must keep from bad company. It is dangerous to live in a bad neighbourhood; others’ sins will be our snares. Our greatest danger is from those who would make us sin against God.

We are in danger of having fellowship with the works of darkness if we take pleasure in fellowship with those who do such works. Whatever brings us into a snare, brings us under a curse.
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Battle Tactics Two

When I was in High School, I played basketball.  I wasn’t very good but loved the challenge and the competition especially when it came to playing defense.  Before most games the coach will know a little about the other team players.  He knows the players positions, their weaknesses and also their best ability of talent, in other words, who to watch. The reason behind knowing is to make sure the best guard is on the best shooter.   It is important once you are in the game, you know your opponent and his tactics if you want to win or survive.  That is what I am trying to do in writing yesterday and today.  Know your enemy, know his tactics, know how to overcome in the heat of the battle.  Better yet, know your enemy, submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee.

Yesterday I spoke on how the enemy wants to destroy our faith by attacking us in several different areas of life.  His schemes are simple and very slow in such a way of being in the camp without one even knowing he is in the house.  He first will tempt us to sin by defiling our conscience and getting a foothold in our mind and in our actions.  He will persecute believers by making you feel as though you don’t belong, trip us up by slander in finding any detail that could be twisted into a false accusation, draw us into self-reliance to get things straight with control, get our eyes off Christ and catch us off guard.  In other words, Satan is so sneaky he comes in and sets a plate at the table without you even knowing it.   I explained in detail how he uses different battle tactics to do these things with Battle Tactics One.

Today, I will add to those things his other goals.  How does Satan demoralize us?  The first method is to accuse the saints and intimidate us.  He then will discourage us in any way, form or fashion.  He then turns and redefines the battle.  He wants us to think there is no battle or that he is not in this battle by turning saints away from other believers and the lost.  If he can promote getting our eyes off of the lost world and onto our own selfish nature, he sets back and waits for the sound of each rifle shooting, laughing loudly at the confusement he has set up.  He promotes either isolation or gathering in clicks, tempting other believers to become our opponents.  He makes the battle a fleshly one encouraging us to use our own efforts to achieve spiritual ends.  He has us to battle for power and authority over one another instead of relying on God to take care of the matter or to take action into their own hands.  Prayer becomes obsolete as we let Satan consume our mind, our thoughts, our time and drains one of energy.  Instead of fighting, one is ready to flight because they cannot take the front lines of the battle field any longer.

Once Satan comes into the camp, he sits at the table, he bring division as he dishes out into our plates unresolved anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, envy, pride, selfish ambition, covetousness, murder, arguments, bad judgment, slander, gossip, inflammatory speech, and alienation from leader by sowing seeds of mistrust.  By this time we have eaten and don’t even realize this battle tactic of poison he has given to each family member, spreading like a disease very subtle as it becomes airborne.

As the enemy sits back and waits for the poison to consume our minds and bodies, he continues to spit out the lies, twist the truth and target more of God’s people.  He then follows up with the next step by leading one into error.  He then sits and waits for the consuming of each other as one by one saints continue to get discouraged and drop out of the picture.

The enemy knows the battle far more than we do and he has been doing this for years upon years.  He has false teachers, false teaching and false accusations for shooting down good leaders.  He gains influence over us through occultism, hidden occultism and demonize believers.  His entire goal is to prevent the lost into becoming a Christian by quickly snatching the seeds of the gospel, blind unbelievers, play the game without true conversion or change the church’s agenda.

Satan’s schemes and tactics are complex in his strategic warfare.  We all have fallen prey to his schemes however if one is determined to change his or her behavior and will by turning to Christ in the heat of the battle once they have realized it, then God will consume with love.  Love covers a multitude of sin, casts out all fear and wins every time.

If you have found yourself in the heat of the battle lately, what tactic did the enemy use on you?  Have you recognized it was a plan of the enemy in the first place.  It is not your brother and sister in Christ, it is not the person who doesn’t know God, it is not your husband, wife, children, or any family member.  It is Satan who comes to steal, kill and destroy any way he can and these are his tactics!  Know your enemy so you can stop the plan.  Let love fill you up through finding prayer and intimacy with Christ, in His Word through His messages and through His Spirit.

Isaiah 54:17  No weapon formed against us will prosper or be successful.

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Bit By A Viper – Poisonious Results

Last night when I came home Spencer and Eli was watching clips about snakes.  Eli hates snakes.  As McKenzie and I watched the snake eat baby squirrels, we expressed how disgusting it was.  Animals, reptiles, insects, and humans share more than we realize.


We all try to survive in this world, share this world and learn to live daily.  Life, funny thing isn’t it? The difference between us and the other creations of this world is we have emotions and we can think and reason.  We have this wonderful ability to be so different and unique but yet so quick to turn on our own kind instead of protect and nurture as other species do.  Today, I write about the effects of the Viper.  Whether you realize it or not we all have been bit by poisonous snakes.  What is the remedy or quick action we can take before the poison sets in and leaves a scar for life?

Words and actions from people can be very poisonous and the effects from the venom can be quite disastrous.  When you look at the general symptoms of a snakebite, you will notice several things.  First of all lets compare the physical to the spiritual after being bit by a snake (spiritually speaking = a lie from the enemy of our soul).

The Central Nervous System is affected.  There is dizziness, increased thirst and headache in the physical sense.  From the Spiritual side point being dizzy means having no sense of balance with the potential to fall.  In other words, life will be going in circles without any relief from mind battles with no clear thoughts only nauseated worry.  An increased thirst is from the lack of the Holy Spirit’s guidance and leading, comfort and the ability to receive teaching.   A spiritual headache is comes from refusing guidance of authority with prideful selfish thinking.

In the Systemic, there is fever and severe pain.  Spiritual fever is the result of a wake up call to an infection that is foreign to your soul as a born again believer, resulting in unresolved pain and lack of thankfulness. High temperatures reach potential dangers of damaging the ability to think, act and reason.  A spiritual fever demands hitting the rewind button from the past, dwelling on the past, or living in the past.  Because of lack of prayer and lack of faith the spirit of fear sets in…. resulting in spiritual sickness.

Notice in the picture how vision is affected with blurriness.  When we look into the spiritual there will be no clear vision or direction to go.  Panic with a sense of urgency causes one to run for help usually in the wrong direction as he or she experiences pain, panic and fear.  Many times people run instead of allowing or receiving help from the ones who are capable of helping.

The condition of the heart in the physical or spiritual is not as noticeable to the natural eye.   Rapid pulse, blood pressure and shock usually comes upon the initial bite yet it continues to be experienced after the bite. Most of the time when we get bit spiritually, these things also play out in our body through stress resulting in fatigue, weight gain or loss, no energy, addictions and other sought out pleasures to escape this world.

The Muscular system is affected with convulsions, loss of coordination and weakness.  Spiritual convulsion is throwing your body into a tantrum of anger, bitterness and an unforgiving attitude. It is acting out through actions everyone will see and notice.   The loss of coordination is making wrong decisions during this time and weakness is just that, spiritually weak.

The Gastric and Intestinal system is affected with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  Spiritual sickness results in regurgitation and dispelling waste on everyone around through contact which stinks up the entire area.  Everyone is affected by this not just the bitten. It is seemingly having the right to spout off negativity, gossip, back biting all because of the infection of a viper bite (lies believed).

What do you do when you get bit by a viper?  Education and knowledge will prevent you from doing what you shouldn’t do.  Remember in the movies you would see people cut the wounded bite with a knife and suck out the poison?  Not a good idea.  (Spiritually speaking this would mean we TRY TO PUT THINGS INTO OUR OWN HANDS IN TRUSTING IN SELF INSTEAD OF GOD – doing the opposite of what God wants you to do.)

In the physical they say you should remain calm, wash the bite area, wrap the area to constrict blood flow and  have someone to carry you for treatment.  The less you move is the best.  Spiritually speaking:  the less you move is the best.  Wash the area with the Spirit and Word of God, constrict by not allowing the poison to affect other parts of your soul and allow Jesus to carry you through this difficult time with treatment of Love, forgiveness, mercy and grace. (In other words – wait on God!)

Better yet, do as Paul did.  Shake the snake off into the fire and continue to live, teach, breath, go, preach and walk as Jesus to a world of people who continue to get bit by vipers.  You now have the antidote!  Shake it off and you won’t have to worry about experiencing all these results in the spiritual sense.

As Christians, vipers, poisonous bites from talk or actions from people should have no affect on us.  Words, actions, expectations of others should only cause us to stand in the gap for those who are victims of this biggest trick of the enemy.  Yes I agree it is hard not to fall prey to a viper when they bite in the most unpredictable time and season of your life but I choose to be thankful under this pressure, count it joy while yet passing through this world to get to eternity.  I must remember not to let the venom affect me or those around me.  Lord help us all.

Matthew 12:34 New Living Translation (©2007)
You brood of snakes! How could evil men like you speak what is good and right? For whatever is in your heart determines what you say.

Romans 3:13 New Living Translation (©2007)
“Their talk is foul, like the stench from an open grave. Their tongues are filled with lies.” “Snake venom drips from their lips.”

Mark 16: 15 And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. 16“He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned. 17“These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; 18they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

Acts 28:3-8 3As Paul gathered an armful of sticks and was laying them on the fire, a poisonous snake, driven out by the heat, bit him on the hand. 4The people of the island saw it hanging from his hand and said to each other, “A murderer, no doubt! Though he escaped the sea, justice will not permit him to live.” 5But Paul shook off the snake into the fire and was unharmed. 6The people waited for him to swell up or suddenly drop dead. But when they had waited a long time and saw that he wasn’t harmed, they changed their minds…..