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Dog Swallowed By A Snake

loyalty swallowed up by a lieDo you have dreams?  Read what God showed me about dogs and snakes.

Jeff my husband had a dream a few weeks ago:

He was in a crowd of people in which he really didn’t know them.  A few of them had dogs, small cute dogs.  The Boa Constrictor snake moved in and out of the people.  The snake knew Jeff could see him.  The snake was more interested in the people’s little dogs.  Now the snake normally would wrap around its pray to squeeze it to death but this snake would just open its mouth and with one big swallow gulp right over top the dog.  This surprised Jeff to see such atrocious event.  Jeff had our dog Roxie with him and Roxie was barking at the snake.  The snake moved about his business without paying any attention to our dog Roxie or Jeff.

Now here is my thought interpretation on this dream…

Dogs in this dream meant loyal friends or loyalty.   The snake  especially a large one moving among the people represents a lie, a large deadly lie.  This lie passes through the crowd , although all the dogs was barking noticing the snake and barking at it, exposing it, the people were in awe without even realizing the danger of the lie. They just stood there looking at the snake. In other words, people see the lie, look at it and watch it.  It can spread very quickly through people.  They hear the loyalty warning yet they just stand to see what the lie does.  The lie is deadly.  The lie will gulp down the loyalty, killing it.   Loyalty is swallowed up by a lie.

what do snakes mean in a dreamI look at this dream to pray against lies.  I hate lies.  I hate gossip.  I hate what lies can do.  The lie no matter how big or small will move though people.  It kills what is most treasured.  Dead loyalty is a trust issue.  When a person believes a lie, the trust is broken, the friendship is dead the loyalty is erased.  The warning is heard barking danger but instead of running from the lie and removing  oneself from the crowd, they ponder to look at the lie.  The lie then strikes and the deadly result leaves one standing alone and hurt, lost without his friend.  His loyalty is swallowed up and the trust is no longer there.  Instead of love, only sadness remains.

What can you do when you are confronted by a large snake (lie) that moves through the people?  You will hear the warning.  Your loyalty will make known the danger.  You run from it.  The lie may not stop but don’t let it consume you or your friends.  Find out the truth don’t kill others.

Don’t be caught in the middle of the crowd but run from the lie whose result will be death.

Will you help me pray against the lies that move through the church, through families, through our government?

New Living Translation
Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.


7 thoughts on “Dog Swallowed By A Snake”

  1. Hi Melissa! You seem pretty knowledgeable about dreams. How did you learn about dream interpretation? I find it difficult and have sort of given up trying to figure out all my dreams! I pray a lot about them and ask for answers, but just do not know what most of them mean. I have prayed about this for a few years now and desire to understand them better. Any comments would be appreciated. Really appreciate your ministry.😊

    Blessings in Christ,

  2. Paula, I have a great friend who took a class in it and we both seem to have the gift although the dreamer can have the best idea of what it meant. It has a lot to do with word play and representation too. If you ever have a dream that needs interpretation let me know and we will see what we can do 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. I had a dream about the angry, hungry and aggressive snake, me and my student walking down the street we saw a man trying to feed the snake when we saw the snake is heading towards us, we ran for our lives coz we thought that the snake is chasing us, we stop when we realize that it went the other way, then theres a man who came a brought a dead dog, but then i thought he will swallow it but it just bite the dog until the flesh came out and blood runs through.. We are so frightened, i went home in the house of my boyfriend and i still in fear that the snake of that man will come to kill us

  4. A snake is a lie, and someone was feeding the lie. I would be cautious about a man in your life that may try to hurt a close friend. Do not be in fear but start praying against any lies that may be coming in your direction.

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