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Puke or Post on Facebook

life problems on facebookIt’s very easy to post our frustrations or even our thoughts on Facebook.  Although I have done it time to time to voice my opinion I try not do this to the negative destructive way inserting ill feeling toward someone or my own negative feelings or behavior to where it affects someone or points back to me and being emotionally unstable and unable to handle life’s problems.  Although I think writing your thoughts, feelings and all are great and therapeutic down on paper in journaling, I don’t believe it is always helpful on social media when it becomes an ongoing thing.  Yes, I know we all have freedom of speech but should not we control our fingers since they are our tongue?  Research shows it is helpful to voice our feelings on social media but again I think there should be rules of engagement.

We must remember our kids, our neighbors are more apt to view online comments than we adults. Suggesting or advocating in any way a potentially harmful action is out of line and swear words or threat to someone or self is unacceptable.

Research shows certain online behaviors may be beneficial for some because they provide an emotional outlet, boosting short-term well-being.

Individuals who score low on emotional stability  experience emotions more intensely  and negatively and are less adept at regulating their emotions on their own. Although this leaves them with a heightened need to share their emotions with others, their low affiliation and their tendency to be socially apprehensive might make it difficult for low emotionally stable individuals to share emotions with others offline. The online setting, however, makes sharing less threatening. It is believed that online sharing can have beneficial consequences. It may help emotionally unstable individuals boost well-being after negative emotional experiences by increasing perceived social support. Research suggests that the verbalization of an emotion can encourage healing over time and social sharing of emotion provide immediate benefits other than just journaling to oneself.

By releasing emotions on Facebook or other social media, it will buffer negative feelings that arise from negative emotional experiences, providing immediate relief. In other words, it may immediately boost overall well-being (e.g. by reducing feelings of anxiety or loneliness) and prevent outrages at home or work.

So now I understand the reason why some people just post post post puke all the time = low emotional stability in need of social acceptance and self acceptance.

As a counselor I understand. 🙂

As a minister of the gospel there is help and helping others should also be first in our minds.  Of course when you are sick, you don’t really think about where you are going to puke.  It just comes up and out.  As adults we run to the bathroom for the toilet but as children you puke where ever you are standing.

My question, “Who and what effect does the negative emotion have on yourself or on others when you post”?  Do people really think about the posting?  Why do people want to argue when they see a post voicing an opposing opinion?  It seems as tho some people want people to argue with them.  Does this mean they love confrontation or they really don’t think about the effect it has on others reading their posts?

Many questions, many unanswered questions.

Here are my suggestions when posting:

1.  Do not propose debatable topics unless you want others to argue with you.  Arguments will make tempers rise and you could possibly get hate messages, so if you have low self-esteem or if you have problems with your blood pressure, be aware of topics that could cause debates. Do you want to be known as the person who likes to start debates?  I know some.

2.  Don’t puke out your negative feelings about how bad, crazy, depressed, lonely, unworthy, etc you are because this is direct opposite of who God is and has for you.  This is negative faith = fear.  God lives on each and every one of us, therefore He is stronger than the feelings we are having at that particular moment.   Although you may feel upset, post the opposite so the enemy will leave you alone.  You will be speaking faith and proclaiming your prophecy for your future.  Negative post attract negative people, the enemy and fear of the future, opposite of what your soul really desires.  If you want friends to stick around and like you, then don’t puke.  People want to be friends with positive people.

3.  Don’t be emotional abusive: the golden rule is to do to others what you want them to do to you.  So be careful how you respond to other people’s post.

4.  Don’t air out family or friends life’s problems or gossip.

5.  Don’t call out sin or what you think is sin as well as judgement.  You don’t really know what the other person is thinking or doing unless you talk to them directly or live out in their shoes.  No one is perfect, so let the person without sin cast the first stone.  I know of a particular person who constantly makes post about other people’s problems or issues, yet claims to be a Christian.  How can we win someone to Christ by being judgmental or acting as though we are sinless.

In conclusion, as the body of Christ, we have a very important tool called Social Media.  We are to win the lost, and be an example to others as well as building up the Body of Christ, teaching, expounding the Word, encouraging others, and being the light to draw people out of darkness.

What is your thoughts?  Do you think posting on Facebook is a positive or negative experience?  Comment below your answers!




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