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My Friend Theresa

My friend is Theresa Rowe.  She is amazing!

YOU CAN READ MORE ABOUT her at http://www.shapedbyfaith.com 

Theresa Rowe


2 thoughts on “My Friend Theresa”

  1. Wow! You girls are awesome. I love to see how God PERSONALLY encourages each one of us in our daily, sometimes even by the minute, walk. I was deeply touched by the blog today, by Melissa’s words and her friend Theresa. The Lord has also been showing me how our bodies are a picture of our spirits, and if we let Him, He will take us on an amazing journey. Even though there might be some downright scary moments, He PROMISES to lead us through the darkness. My 10 yr old made it through one of those weeks this week. She dealt with extreme anxieties and so extreme to even miss a few days of school. She just was paralyzed by fear. I am a strong Christian, but I had to really rely on God’s leading moment by moment of how to help her through this. I had to encourage myself too, because it looked so hopeless at times. It LOOKED like the fear was just trying to gobble us all up…I say LOOKED like on purpose! This is where we must realize the enemy of our souls is out to distort the truth of who God tells us we are. With my daughter, God led us to II Samuel 22 . In verse 34 it says, “He helps me stand on the steep mountains.” That sounds like a scary place! My daughter saw, that yes it is scary, but God did help her stand and even get through the day at school yesterday. She had to put into action and hard work remembering the things her Heavenly Father was teaching her, and tearing down the lies of the enemy. He will lead us THROUGH the dark, if we don’t give up. Isaiah 63:13 says ….[God] who led them THROUGH the deep! ….sounds like another scary place!! BUT He is faithful to lead us even when we are in the dark place! AMEN! I needed to hear that too! You are in the victory even if you don’t necessarily FEEL it…trust in Him and His faithfulness, do the simple things in life, and He will help you STAND…don’t give up!


    Paula & Anna

  2. Theresa is so refreshing…God bless you as you bring life and peace to those God brings onto your path!

    Blessings in Christ,

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