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A Prayer of Two Years Ago

Looking through my journal I pull out little things inspiring to me now.  Here is such a simple prayer worth repeating. 🙂


Daddy, You are all around us, mighty to take care of us all.  Your will be accomplished today O Lord – what can be done today to bring You glory – bring Your will, bring Your kingdom here on earth?  You reign in our midst, You alone give us strengths to overcome to walk in Your ways.  I thank you Lord for ALL.  Lead us into Your righteousness, truth and wisdom!  Thank you for supplying our needs – for the family, the church for our world (new church building!).  Forgive us father for our tiredness, our lack of enthusiasm or our lack of kingdom minded.  Help us forgive those who talk about us. (I suppose at this time of prayer there were people chatting rumors about our ministry – I guess this never stops…lol)   You are our King.

my prayer journalI remember Lord when I felt lonely when we first became Christian. I know it didn’t compare to the loneliness You felt.  I am so sorry You had to go thru that kind of rejection and hurt.  I am so thankful that we also endure things that You also went thru.  It is because of You that I can go thru things and still be free!  You overcame so I can be a overcomer!  We walk but are not alone.  I breathe your breath daily knowing you are always with me and that makes me smile!

Thank You Daddy that you have been the King of Kings in all my years, past, before and future.  Stay the King in my life and never let me stray from YOU.  You are King most high and I bless your holy name!  You alone are to be praised most high and forever!  You give me faith, endurance, trust and hope!  You are my strength!


I am thankful for writing things down.  I can reflect back and see what God has done in my life and know even through the past struggles how He brought us through.  This encourages me for future things I must endure.  I encourage you to write, so you too can smile at the end of your day or better yet reflect two years ago how God saw you through it all and how you stayed thankful for the process.  Life is a journey.



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