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Smart or Not

Today I was thinking about life.  How can we make the choices in our lives so that we can fully be happy?    According to Proverbs we can fall into two categories, smart or not.  I have not always been in the smart, however as we get older we hopefully get a little wiser.  Wisdom is not a hidden treasure but is open to all of us only for us to grasp it’s true meaning and it comes in our choices of life.  In Proverbs if you read a chapter a day, we could learn some very simple things.  I love the Living Bible Version of Chapter 10:


Smart or Not - Proverbs 10

Happy  – smart children – brings happiness – hard worker – get rich – the Lord will not let starve to death – works in his youth –  covered with blessings from head to foot – leaves happy memories – receives instructions –  is stable – listens and receives correction which leads to peace – lives  truth – love –  overlooks insults – common sense – admired as counselor – holds his tongue –  earning advance the cause of righteousness –  willing to be corrected and is on the pathway to life – doesn’t talk too much –  controls tongue –  gives good advise – listen to a godly man’s advice – hopes will come true –  has a strong anchor – hope is eternal happiness –  God protects  – shall never lose God’s blessings – speaks helpful things and gives wise advise.


Sad parents of rebellious children- ill gotten gain brings no lasting happiness –  riches won’t last –  wicked – poor and lazy, in youth will sleep away opportunity  – inward curses his luck – memories will stink –  self-sufficient fool falls flat on his face – will slip and fall, is a crook, winks at sin which leads to sorrow – mouth filled with curses –  hatred, stirs up old quarrels –  slave to senseless words – blurt out everything he knows which leads to trouble and sorrow – squander his money on sin – refuses to be corrected – liar and slanders – is a fool, puts foot in mouth – talks to much, senseless words – lack of common sense – works are nothing if not done for the Lord –  is bad, fears will come true, disaster will strike – a pain to his employers while lazy –  hopes are all in vain – will be destroyed by God – will lose everything, is shunned –  speaks rebellion .

I don’t know about you, but I want to be in the SMART section.  How do we do that?  Serve God, continue  on the path of His Word and living right day-to-day.  Retrain our thinking, renew our minds with the Word of God.  Be faithful and consistent in the things God desires.  Work on the relationship I have with Jesus Christ to be more like him.  Now that is smart living!

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