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Practice what you Preach

I read something worth posting on my face book friend’s page so I thought I would share!

DrChristy Demetriades

The Word of God heard from your mouth is more effective if it is also seen in your life. When people heard Jesus teach, they were amazed. They had listened many times to the religious leaders who read the Scriptures and gave explanations that were dry, lifeless and mostly irrelevant. But Jesus’ manner of teaching was different, and so was His content. He explained the Scriptures in a way that made them relevant to life. Jesus spoke with authority because He knew the Scripture. The people could see from the actions of His life that He believed what He taught.

Question: Do you practice what you preach?Is your life more like the lives of the religious leaders or like Jesus? When you talk about spiritual matters, do you make them sound dry and lifeless? Or can you communicate the truth about God in a way that makes it seem appealing to others? More importantly, are your actions congruent with your words? In other words – are you living what you are preaching, or what you are saying? If you are preaching about the love of God and are selfish, demanding, not open to constructive feedback, gossip about those around, or are overly critical – do you really think that people will believe what you profess about Christ? Or, do you have a gentle, open and teachable spirit? Do you accept others for who they are and show compassion, mercy and grace? Do you create an atmosphere of acceptance where people can come and give you their feedback? Or do you bite their heads off at the mildest suggestion?

People will remember what you say, but they will have a greater tendency to remember what you DO. Strive to be a person of your word. Do what you say you will do, and honor your relationship with your creator. In doing so, you will honor your relationships with others.


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