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A Bright Future

New Day starts today - no more pity parties!I love the promises of God!  If we truly set our vision on His Word and the plans He has for us, then we should never get in the pity party stage.  Pity party stages come and go and they are based on how we are feeling at that particular moment.  However when we look into the Word of God, it says….

Jeremiah 29:11  I know the plans I have for you. Says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.

Your age doesn’t matter.  Your circumstances don’t matter.  Your looks don’t matter.  For every individual, every life, God has a plan for the future. Don’t give up just yet on life and it’s possibilities because the promises of God are to give you a future with hope.  He doesn’t want anything or cause anything to harm you.  When your life is hid and grounded in the promises of His Word, your possibilities are endless.  Your future is bright and with the greatest abundant adventure you can ever imagine.  It is not a bed a roses all the time but when you stand on the Word you endure, you get stronger, your faith grows, you get tough skin, you learn to love deeply and most of all you trust in God.  What is so great in the end is that your destination is certain.  Heaven is our home, waiting for our arrival and there’s only rejoicing, not pity party going on there!

Prayer:  Jesus help me remind myself of this promise when I am under attack, when I feel down, when others pray against me, when things go wrong, when bad days happen…. well you know the things Lord.  I will stand and hold tight to your promises, for it is only YOU who gets me through!  I praise you for the awesome King you are!  Amen

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