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On the Right Track

On the right trackI wanted this new year to start blogging my thoughts with more encouragement.  I also have been reading more about teamwork and looking at our entire life’s relationships as a team since we are on all God’s team.

What sets us apart from everyone else is our ability to recognize that we are nothing without everyone else…this is the quote I chose for today, and let us remember, we must have each other.  God made us for relationships. He stated that it is not good for man to be alone.  We need each other!  We also need to realize there is an enemy of our soul who wants to divide our relationships causing suffering, division and hatred. He will try to isolate us as individuals with the trick of lies telling us that we don’t need anyone.

We must look into the Word of the examples of leadership styles.

Reading in Romans chapter one today:  I have learned what Paul calls his relationships with the church in Rome:score more with team players

  1. He saw them as dear friends
  2. He knew what he was called to do and that he was chosen, so he knew his identity
  3. He believed in Christ and in his mission
  4. He wished for the best for them
  5. Prayed for opportunities for fellowship
  6. Wished to impart into other believers as well as learn and be encouraged by them
  7. Wanted the church to grow strong
  8. Wanted to share faith
  9. Expected to see good results even though obstacles came along

10. Appreciated other believers

11. Trusted God

12. Showed no favoritism

13. Willing to proclaim expose sin

As we reflect our own personal relationships, let us keep these in mind.  I am thankful that God gives us the wisdom to pull from His word.  It keeps us on the right track!


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