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New Year New YOU

Reflection of 2012I set here thinking where did time go this last year.  Oh my, so much has transpired I hardly know where to start.  I believe I am just tired at times and need a break from life, the mood swings, the sorrows and the transitions. I need a week on the beach!  The first of the year started with my eating habits and weight loss, which I might add is still working.  I have found myself starting to straggle back again to the colas and put on a few extra pounds back in stress eating.  I think everyone this time of the year starts reflecting on the past year and wished they could have done some things different in actions, thoughts and spiritual walk, however we also must look at the celebrations and victories we have come through.

I still meet with several families in counseling from time to time adding new people and trying to help with their problems while facing situations of my own.  I think most people look at our leadership position and hold us at a higher level although we also struggle with daily thoughts, life’s circumstances and family issues too.  We are normal human beings with thoughts, feelings and situations of life just like anyone else.  I think what holds us up is the faith we put in Jesus Christ on a day-to-day basis.  No it is not easy, no it is not always glory or fun, no it is not always easy being transparent but it is life in Him that gives us peace and hope for the future.  I love helping people find the answers in Jesus.  I can’t fix anyone’s life or marriage but I can point them to the direction in whom they can find answers.  It all boils down to a choice and His word, finding those tools to help and searching for relationship in Him.

I love counseling helping point people toward JesusWhat does this year hold?  It would be dumb to wish for  it not to be better than last year for sure with the least amount of transitions and struggles.  It has not been unbearable with my blood pressure rising, the boys moving out of the house, the relationship break ups we all have endured, but the truth is that through all the suffering of the year, it has made us stronger.  I am thankful for being stronger.  I am thankful that God is making and pruning and refining us into what He wants us to be and to be more like Him.  It takes grace and mercy.  It takes trust and faith.  Most of all it takes His love and leaning on Him daily to find His heart to work for His Kingdom.

What do people think about you...I think the hardest part in this past year is just dealing with people who purposely judge us and want to cause us harm because of their disagreements or opinions.   We have tried our best to continue to show our vision in reaching the lost but there have been those who cannot or refuse to see it.  I don’t blame them or hold grudges against them.  I am sorrowed they want to hurt us for following God’s vision.  We have done nothing to deserve it or done nothing wrong in God’s eyes as far as sin, could we have done something different, maybe. I know God is refining them through their hurt feelings too.  With my temperament, I think the greatest disappointment is knowing people continue to make accusations against us without knowing or wanting to know all the details in our decisions.  It is a religious judgmental attitude that has been since the time of Jesus day and we all must work through it.  Sometimes I just see myself as tired of it all and ready for a change.  God has it all under control.  I am sorry for the hurt or for the misunderstandings people have had to deal with because of our leadership decisions.  I wish the best for all people and want the best for them.  Break ups are always hard to do but it doesn’t mean the friendships should end.planning 3013

What does 2013 hold?  We will never know until we walk through it.  I am sure there will be ups and down as well as successes. God has a plan, a plan to prosper us in all areas of our life.  I stand on the Word of God and His promises.  I pray for my enemies, I bless those who refuse to bless us, I will love those who think they are unloveable and I will continue to give to the Kingdom of God, do His work and produce fruit in showing in whom I belong to.   We may be the only Jesus people see.  I start with 2013 in being thankful for a year in Him who gives me strength in all areas of this life He has blessed me with!

What does the year hold for you?  Are you ready to make changes in your life?

2 thoughts on “New Year New YOU”

  1. Melissa I am a life that has been changed in just the few months that I have known you! You always point to Him and are there for me no matter what. I gained a spiritual mom and that is priceless! You and Pastor Jeff are amazing, anointed and the real deal. I know God had great things in store for you this next year and I can’t wait to see it. We stand with you all and your vision!

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