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Vision Starts in the Heart

heart of a visionThis past week we were in leadership training with a great friend.  Last night during service I spoke about what I had learned and thought it very interesting to share since the first of the year is fast approaching.

Value = Who you are, it is the “why” factor.

Vision = Where you want to be or become – looking into the future.

Mission = What you do everyday – be willing to change and improve daily.

Strategy = How are you going to do the why, when, where, how (setting goals)

Before we set all these into place, we must start with our heart.  Our heart must have passion about the new goal.  We must be excited about the change or it will never happen.  The Bible states that we must renew our mind daily.

Recently I lost weight, one year ago I decided with a made up mind, a determination in my heart to make a lifestyle change in my eating habits and exercising routine. I wanted to be skinny again. (vision)  First I started watching documentaries about food to train myself what junk I was eating that wasn’t good for me. (Value)  Next I chose a work out video I liked so I would do daily (mission) Then I enforced daily training upon myself to change and lose weight with eating right and exercising. (Strategy)

So whatever goals you want to set for yourself this upcoming year, if you have a plan and stick to it then you are on your way to a better you!  Oh and  one more thing, start with the end and work yourself backwards when setting a goal to see the big picture.  You can do it!


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