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Booster or Stalker

It was a beautiful day and I should have been outside taking a walk at least for a few minutes but instead I have worked on the computer all day, photos and events.  I came across something very interesting on fb that I guess I just didn’t realize was even there.  On the home page in the left hand column has the message tab but under it says, “other”messages.   I guess I never paid attention to it before.  I had over 30 messages I guess were “junk” or “spam” from not friends who sent messages.  Why didn’t I ever know about this… ummm dunno… I had to laugh out loud talking to a friend as I read over them.  Where in the heck does these people come from!?  I thought for a moment depressed women at home on a computer all day could easily fall for entrapments or an all out conversation with a stranger as the message were a self esteem booster.  Not this gal.  I thought they were funny.  Before I deleted them all, I wanted to share these “pick up lines” men use to either get women talking.  Can these be serious?

Here is what some of them said:

  1. Reading your profile has sparked my interest. and it makes my heart stop beating, that’s because Your smile has a beauty that i find in no other profile .
  2. Hi Pretty,  How are you doing? i visited your profile, It was quite great… wow sweetie i must tell you look sweet and adorable! i will like to know you more better because your picture and profile caught my heart that i could not let it go without telling you how deep i appreciate you looking for a honest woman here for a long term relationship.Am a man of dignity, sincere,honest,dedicated, responsible, patience,passionate, affectionate, loving, caring and adventurous.I dont care about distance, provided you are for real, and know why you are here and ready for a long term relationship, honest, sincere, loving and caring, am ready to settle down and be with you sooner than you can ever imagine.perhaps we could set up conversation to know each other more better,I look forward to hearing from you, Till then. Have a loving day best love always
  3. I am sorry for sending you such a letter this time, but i want you to know that i was touched by your charming and lovely look, because i never thought there are still women with such gentle look and smile.
  4. Good Day My Dear. i have a son from my late wife. but i am here in search of a friend i have lost contact with for a long time that was when i came across your profile. But, i would never mine if i can know more about you no matter the distance that seperate us both i am ready to also travel miles just to unite with the woman that is honest in heart and willing to open her feelings to build strong contact that meant lead to something better in future. Moreover, I wouldn’t mine to spend my life time with a woman searching for a man after her own heart to love and spend the rest of her life time with together. Please you can write me back if you are interested to build a long lasting relationship with me based on love and trust with understanding, to my personal email address: I can send more photos of me to you when you reply.Thanks so much dear for your understanding. you look good on your picture. i wish to hear from you again in good health.
  5. How are you doing?just want you to know that i came across your profile and your picture and you are just too beautiful and your profile is very nice and i will like to know you more.hope to hear from you soon.
  6. I checked your profile and i liked… Actually, I got your words and it really impressed me so much, well, I just wanted to let you know the kind of person I am and the kind of woman I am looking for ,should attractive and as being comfortable with who she is.she should enjoy helping me in the kitchen as well as enjoying the outdoors. To quote another,“My Lover, Playmate, Best friend, Partner in crime and more” If these things appeal to you please let me know and maybe we can both enjoy this fascinating in life,I need real love..i don’t play games and i aint ready to be played….i got yahoo IM…we can get to chat there live
  7. Hi i’m  from NY, i view your profile and decide to write to you cuz you look very pretty and gentle, i want us to be friends hope you will give me a chance for us to know more.
  8. ..i just came across your profile, i wish to know you more, you have got a nice profile picture, i don’t message people i barely know like this, but i have a strong attraction for you and want to get to know you more..i am really sorry for intruding, i hope you are not angry? please reply back and i would keep in touch,warmest regards,cheers….and have a great day
  9. Hello it me, saw your profile an you really look cute would love to know much more of you if you don,t mind.Hope to read from you soon.
  10. Good morning Melissa and how are you doing?I just want to tell you that you are an epitome of beauty.I came across ur profile and decided to contact you,pls can i know you better?
  11. Hello….I was attract by what i saw and read on profile and if u are intrested in getting to know more about each other i write me back with your email address .
  12. How are doing my friend? You have such a lovely and tender smiles on your face and i will love to have a nice a suitable conversation with you if that’s nice by you, what name will you like me to call you.? Will you allow me be your friend so that we can build this friendship getting to communicate with each other spending that outrageous time getting to know more about ourselves because i do believe that communication is the key to any relationship and i will love to start somewhere by getting to know ourselves a little better.. Do you have a private email address so that we can write ourselves there and probably create some time where we can chat.?  ..I will be looking forward reading from you and do have a nice day and God bless you

With all that said, I know several married couple who have met online.  It is a great place to start talking and establish relationships however one must be careful on all the sweet words that entices you in the first place for they may not last… only bait.


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