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Revelation Comes Through Relationship

Revelation comes through relationship, not just by intense study.  Some how we have got this backwards over the years.  We can study and study, have knowledge where we know something inside and out, but the revealing of truth comes through relationship.  Ever heard of the “light bulb came on”?  This is when you finally “get it”, and not keep going over and over in your head about something.  Sometimes we think we got the answers from knowing the facts and although the facts are important they are not the key.  The key is spending time in the relationship, this is where you really get to know what you are searching for or longing for satisfaction.  I love study and I am a teacher.  When I am in study and looking at the facets of a particular subject, I break down every part searching for a revelation.  I feel as though I get all hyper inside, bubbling with excitement to find the next clue or have something revealed to me. Hours can pass by and I feel justified inside for neglecting something else because I was feeding my mind.

Think of it this way, I can find out everything about my husband, his likes, dislikes, his personality, his style, and even do tests on voice, dna, why he does certain things the way he does…. well you understand my point.  However if I don’t spend time with him, I will never be “with” him.  I will know the facts and know all about him but IF I don’t take time to spend time with him, nothing will be revealed to me. There will be only facts but no revelation, no intimacy, no change in my spirit, soul or body.  Facts will bring faith but only when you allow it.

When we live for Jesus, we may know all the Bible stories, know the facts of who He is, what He done, what He came to do, the clothes He wore, the miracles He did, how He is no longer in the grave and that one day is returning back for us.  This is all in recorded facts.  The revelation is found through relationship and that is spending time with Him, quiet time.  Everyone is busy these days and sorry to say, I have to get up earlier just to make sure I have that time.  It is though He is sitting here with me sharing a cup of coffee.  I am thankful.

What has Jesus reveled to you lately?  Are you spending time with Him?  Do you know Him in fact, theory or divine experience?    Once revelation is reveled then experience takes a step and we move forward.  God is always on the move, never sitting still.  Take time each day to move with Him for He has many revelations for not only you to know but to experience.  Do not be fearful but walk in faith through relationship.


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