Watch Out For Wasp and Hornets

Last week I had two dreams about wasp/hornets trying to build a nest on the back of my patio.  In my dream I was unaware of the several five to six nest being built.  I casually brushed them off as one flew near my head.  One of the people in my dream noticed the nest and quickly warned me about them.  I made a mental note to get some spray but still ignored them.  Two days later, I dreamed of a swarm of wasp or hornets, covering a tree.  There was a child I was trying to protect, and noticed the wasp came down and covered the child.  The child stood there motionless but still stood.  I remembered the spray.  It was as though the wasp could read my  mind and they left the child and went back into the tree.  I thought there is no way a child could be standing or even live after that attack but the child, although looked sick was still breathing and living.  I knew the child would be OK.  The swarm then left the tree as if a wind came and blew them away.
I wanted to share that dream with you for two reasons.  First, wasps or hornets in a dream mean “higher demonic power” .  I truly believe God speaks to us in dreams either in a warning, to show us something or to pray against future endeavors.  So I looked up about wasps and hornets and compared them to the natural world.  A tree in a dream means leadership.  A child in a dream is figurative to just that nevertheless I was going to protect it even though I sat back and watched what happened. 
Last week while at the Destiny Leadership Conference, a pastor from Texas who is used in the gift of Wisdom/Knowledge came up to Jeff and told him that he saw bees and wasps around him but God was sending a wind to blow these away.  It would leave Jeff standing, as a gold statue, sweet as honey.  Afterwards, I told the man my dream. We both smiled.   Amazing how God reveals!  
Here is the correlation between my interpretation and the actual wasp or hornet.
  • A swarm is a group of insects moving in large numbers, and many species of insects are known to move in swarms. When wasps swarm, the situation can be dangerous because wasps are stinging insects that become aggressive very quickly. Unlike many bee species, most wasps are capable of stinging numerous times because their stinger is not barbed. A wasp or swarm of wasps that feels threatened will sting continuously until they feel safe again.
  • The enemy of our soul, especially higher demonic power will come in a swarm.  This power is aggressive, comes very quickly with stinging remarks not stinging just once but on a continuous basis with poisonous venom that causes division.  It swarms the body.  Attacks the body and cause the body to seem almost dead.


  • Many wasp species swarm primarily to protect their nest. If wasps sense their nest is in jeopardy, they may swarm the area to fend off the perceived attacker. Wasps are known to swarm people and animals if their nest is disturbed. Although most wasp species, like yellow jackets, build their nests in the eaves of houses and in trees, some wasps build their nests in bushes or plants such as ivy, and so they can be disturbed much more easily and unintentionally, causing a swarm reaction.
  • Higher demonic power will build in false or perceived leadership or in people who desire control.  Once disturbed the power starts to swarm with anger, bitterness and unforgiveness and quickly will get others to do so also.
  • Wasps may also swarm when they are searching out a new nest location. This is not a threatening swarm, as they are simply moving in a group to locate the building site for their nest. If you disrupt a swarm of wasps looking for a nest, they may become aggressive. Many wasp species, such as paper wasps and mud daubers, can be aggressive any time they are away from a safe haven like their nest, and so you should avoid coming in contact with them.
  • Principalities are usually assigned and proceed over a location.  However spirits move looking for whom they can reside and set up camp.  They can become aggressive when they are disturbed by prayer and a move of God.  They will do anything to stop a move of God, the miracles of God and cause hopelessness in a body of believers.


  • Social wasp species, like hornets, have a hierarchy system with a single queen, numerous male suitors and sterile female workers. The queen hornet is responsible for beginning the nest creation before the female workers step in to finish construction. During this process, the males and other female bees are extremely protective of their queen, and may become aggressive and swarm easily.
  • Demonic Powers usually are not alone.  They bring with them other spirits looking for hosts.  Usually there is one who starts and dominates who quickly spreads gossip, rumors and lies, which in turn goes forward adding to and builds the nests.  It is another way to cause division in the body, people are deceived into protecting the one who is causing the division.

Some wasp species can be aggressive without provocation, and may swarm or attack for no perceived reason. Paper wasps, for example, are naturally aggressive wasps that may attack people or animals without any real provocation. Because flying wasps can be difficult to identify in motion, the best course of action is to distance yourself from a wasp as much as possible to avoid giving the insect a reason to sting.

Why does the demonic power come all of a sudden?  It seems for no reason, yet when there is a move of God it attracts all forms of higher power to put a stop to it.  The best action is pray against it in the Spirit.  Distance yourself to the one causing division.  Do not listen to the lies or gossip to avoid getting stung.  Run to God, pray, read and keep yourself in the Father’s arms for safety.

Wasps eat animal food mostly and never store any honey. They make their nests from paper and colonies only last a season.  The basic color for wasps is black and yellow stripes. Some wasps have some red as well. We have about eight kinds of wasps. Americans call them “yellow jackets”. Wasps also have yellow legs.
 Hornets are particularly big wasps. They live in similar paper nests and eat other insects. Though they look and sound fearsome, hornets are not really more dangerous than other wasps and perhaps even a bit less aggressive.
Deuteronomy 7:19-21

Remember the great terrors the LORD your God sent against them. You saw it all with your own eyes! And remember the miraculous signs and wonders, and the strong hand and powerful arm with which he brought you out of Egypt. The LORD your God will use this same power against all the people you fear.

Moreover, the LORD your God will send the hornet among them until even the survivors who hide from you have perished.

Do not be terrified by them, for the LORD your God, who is among you, is a great and awesome God.
Matthew Henry’s Commentary says:

In real kindness to the church, its enemies are subdued by little and little; thus we are kept on our guard, and in continual dependence on God. Corruptions are driven out of the hearts of God’s people, not all at once, but by little and little. The precept with this promise is, that they should not make friendship with idolaters. Those that would keep from bad courses, must keep from bad company. It is dangerous to live in a bad neighbourhood; others’ sins will be our snares. Our greatest danger is from those who would make us sin against God.

We are in danger of having fellowship with the works of darkness if we take pleasure in fellowship with those who do such works. Whatever brings us into a snare, brings us under a curse.

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  1. God Bless you Melissa and your Husband, I wanted to send a confirming and encouraging word to you with regard to this post. Your vision was spot on and from the Holy Spirit. Just today, after sending a brief description of a vision Jesus gave me on August 10th, I decided to search the internet for similar accounts and found your page. Take a look and be encouraged that Jesus has been given all power and authority over the power of the enemy. Not only that but His full time ministry is intercession for those of us He’s ordained to be in the earth at this time. I’m 100% percent sure that it is time for the Kingdom of God to be established across the globe, which is why the enemy is intensifying his attacks.

    My Blog –
    Facebook –

    Original email I sent to two prophetic leaders in the church I attend.
    I want to share something Jesus shared with me Saturday morning around 3 AM.

    I was awoken, as the Lord normally does, a few hours after going to sleep. As usual, I headed down to my place of prayer and began to pray. However, in the middle of me praying the Holy Spirit instructed me to go up to my living room and kneel on one of my couches. Really not understanding, I obeyed knelt and just listened for what the Lord wanted to say to me. As I knelt there, I began to hear what sounded like a hornets nest. In order to make sure I was hearing correctly, I got up a walked around the living room. The moment I left the spot where the Holy Spirit told me to kneel, I no longer heard the sound. But when I knelt again, immediately I could hear the sound again. It was clear that what I was hearing was not in the natural realm but in the spirit realm. It was also clear that the position of the sound was above my head, which let me know that these spirits were sent to attack the mind/thought life/imaginations, etc…

    Then the Holy Spirit quickened the scriptures where the religious leaders tried to say Jesus was casting out demons by Beelzebub (Aramaic New Testament) or Baalzebub (Hebrew Old Testament). The enemy was using words and/or thoughts to tempt the people into not believing what they were witnessing with their own eyes. So in my mind I was preparing to bind the arrows that fly by day. However, before I could utter one word, the Holy Spirit said you do not have authority to bind them. Now you can imagine my shock at this statement, but it’s what I heard.

    Then, as I was driving home from an errand today, the Holy Spirit brought this experience back to me and revealed that the hornets I heard were spirits, under the authority of the God of Ekron, assigned to eradicate all that was imparted to the people of God this weekend to empower us to build. Their assignment is to eradicate the strength to build by stinging or injecting the people of God with thoughts that are contrary to what God did this weekend.

    I know we see and prophecy in part, so in light of the following passage below, for me it’s a clear directive to pray for the strength of God’s people to police, monitor, capture and cast down any thoughts that oppose all that we heard this weekend.

    We use our powerful God-tools for smashing warped philosophies, tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God, fitting every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ. 6 Our tools are ready at hand for clearing the ground of every obstruction and building lives of obedience into maturity. 7 You stare and stare at the obvious, but you can’t see the forest for the trees. If you’re looking for a clear example of someone on Christ’s side, why do you so quickly cut me out? Believe me, I am quite sure of my standing with Christ. 8 You may think I overstate the authority he gave me, but I’m not backing off. Every bit of my commitment is for the purpose of building you up, after all, not tearing you down.
    2 Corinthians 10:5-8 (MSG)

  2. I have been Praying for wisdom and knowledge since I can remember and I am not a dreamer, well used to never dream would be more appropriate. In the last month I have been dreaming very visual and to my understanding I feel the dreams are from the Lord as I cannot make sense of some of them. I know last night my dream was from the Lordas well. I remembered mowing the grass, and stayed very focused on the green fresh cut blades of grass, I remember it being a bunch. Then my brother hollered at me to come in and see my cousin who was inside the house. So I stopped mowing and was fixing to go thru the sliding glass door when I seen this big spider web (no spider) but in the web hung 3 dead wasps. I was in my dream thinking eww I will go to the other side of the sliding glass (2nd door) and go in over there and what do you know another nest on the other side with a different set of 3 dead wasp hung this web wasn’t as big big so I just ducked under it and went in. I did see my cousin sitting in a recliner, but it gets fuzzy after that. Still trying to figure this one out. =)

  3. I believe God speaks to us through dreams. Spiders and webs are usually represent witchcraft. Doors are symbolic as just that door. Be careful on walking through doors that may have promises of contacts. Hope that helps.

  4. Hi Melissa, since this is your blog, I hope these words of encouragement are okay. If not, I won’t post content like this again.

    Hi Tamara, not attempting to interpret the dream, however, here’s a verse of scripture that may help in understanding what the Lord wants you to know. It is so vital in these times that we hear the Lord clearly and that we allow the Holy Spirit to give us understanding so that we can obey the commands of our Commander and Chief (couldn’t resist, it’s election season).

    Basically this passage of scripture discuss those who do not put their trust in God, but in everything but God. Much like the things the world has to offer, the spider web seems very capable since it seemingly takes hold of a strong wasp, however, the moment a baby leans on it, it snaps with minimal effort. The things the world has to offer in place of our loneliness, hurt, pain, disappointment, etc… are very much like the spider web. At first glance, they seem so capable of meeting our needs, but on closer inspection, we susally find out to late that they were no able to deliver on their grand promises. God is the only one that can fill the empty places in our souls and give us joy unspeakable!

    Can papyrus grow tall where there is no marsh? Can reeds thrive without water? While still growing and uncut, they wither more quickly than grass. Such is the destiny of all who forget God; so perishes the hope of the godless. What he trusts in is fragile ; what he relies on is a spider’s web. He leans on his web, but it gives way; he clings to it, but it does not hold. He is like a well-watered plant in the sunshine, spreading its shoots over the garden; it entwines its roots around a pile of rocks
    and looks for a place among the stones. But when it is torn from its spot, that place disowns it and says, ‘I never saw you.’ Surely its life withers away, and from the soil other plants grow. “Surely God does not reject a blameless man or strengthen the hands of evildoers. He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. Your enemies will be clothed in shame, and the tents of the wicked will be no more.”
    Job 8:11-22 (NIV)

  5. Thank you a lot has happened since that dream and Gods poured wonderful blessings to me, I’m not worthy of them but I love my Yeshua so much! While at the time I did not understand little did at that time I would be given the most wonderful gift from him. He knows my heart and blessed me with a trip to Israel. I have yearned since I was a child to go. I leave October 31,st. I believe this trip is from God as it was suppose to take place earlier this year in April. I’m very excited but will you guys please pray for me, as you know it’s high time for things to take place and I know he wants me there so i will go. Thanks and many blessings to you and yours!

  6. That is so wonderful Tamara! You will love it and the Bible stories will come alive when you walk where Jesus walked… I know I loved my trip there. Please keep in touch and let us know how you loved it!

    God Bless!

  7. Hi,

    thank you so much for this. I think it is just important that I had seen a wasp in waking life while having a conversation with someone else – symbols from nature like so have always proved helpful. I connect with the idea that it is a bad sign. I’ve been getting them all along with a certain someone.

  8. Hello! Thank you for this post! I recently have become very involved in meditation and energy healing. I have always been religious but I now also believe in all religion and have a deeper understanding of pure souls. In any case, this led me to start gardening. I recently noticed a dead wasp in one of my flower pots. I know this is a symbol of something and I do not know what. I also have recently had dreams about bees, but oddly I know they were more so a good dream. While meditating outside, I also had a bee fly on the top of my head and then just calmly flew away, so I know they aren’t anything negative. Now, with the dead wasp on my planter, I feel as though I need to decode the message in it. It just looks like its pleasantly sleeping on the bottom. Do you have any insight on this? Thank you so much again for your time! I look forward to your Reply!

  9. I don’t think it has anything spiritually connected, but however if it does then here is my interpretation: Since the wasp was dead, you have overcome an area in your life (garden) thus some things that was planning to harm you now is dead. 🙂 Hope that helps.

  10. I to had a dream of wasp. in my back porch, my daughter and I saw the nest after a few flew around us. I began to kill them with hornet spray. There where two large hornets in my porch in the past few days and yes i killed them with spray also. Plus I had a dream of a black bear in my back yard that was scary. In that dream I had so many animals in my house that made me feel safe. But the big black bear was trying to get in and all the animals where protecting me and my family.

  11. Since you killed the wasp, you know how and when to take action protecting those you love. Black bear can also represent dark forces since you were fearful. The animals in your home were your friends and family. Although a situation may be occurring in your life right now making you feel threatened or fearful, do not be afraid because you are protected and loved by those you surround yourself with. 🙂

  12. This is so interesting!!! My husband just destroyed a wasp nest hidden in the front of our house. They actually stung us both before he got rid of it. Then yesterday we saw more wasps beginning to build another nest on our house and there was a big spider and web in the same general area. I had been learning more about our authority on Jesus and how we have the power in our tongues to bless and curse – just like Jesus cursed the fig tree. Anyway, we both took authority and cursed the wasps and commanded them to die and be gone. 24 hours later they are gone and the spider is gone also!!!! Praise Jesus!!!

  13. I had a hornet dream just last night, 3 of ’em, but mine were alive and I was trying to smack ’em with a clipboard as they came at me. These were around 2″ long and vividly striped in yellow and brown. I think the dream was brought on by something I wrote to my sister in New Jersey in the wee hours of this past Saturday, 24 August 2013. I was describing, to the best of my ability, that sometimes when I doze off in the middle of the night in my work vehicle, I awaken to see what looks like a swarm of blackest-black silently roiling wasps or hornets. I know by my revulsion that this entity or entities is/are powerfully negative. The last time it was not wasps, though, but a strange geometric pattern similar to the ones you see on an Arab’s head gear. I am not afraid…should I be? I trust in Jesus to keep me safe. Thanks, Gary Logan

  14. I don’t think you should be scared because you do have the power of Jesus to protect. However it is spiritual warfare and it is good that you are aware. Just pray against any attacks and cancel out any plan the enemy has for your life. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Gary.

  15. I had a dream about wasp swarming me & I ran from them an in return got stung! I have been going through a spiritual awakening, and lately feel as if, I’m losing my mind. I’m constantly having negative thoughts. It scares me but I try an cancel them out and having praying to God to heal my mind. I woke up sweating I was so scared! Hope u can give me a better insight on my dream

  16. Brittney, since you are going through a spiritual awakening, many times spiritual warfare takes place. The enemy of our soul loves to have the battle in our mind, so it is important we turn our thoughts over to God and not let strongholds gather there where it prevents us from pursuing the future or dwell on the past. As the Word of God says, Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee. You stand and do not run or you will get stung in the process. Hold your ground because you are stronger with God on your side. 🙂

  17. I had a dream last night about wasp as well and reading your post has shed some light.
    Well in my dream I was at my childhood home and in front yard there was a tree stump of a tree that had been cut down long ago. I approached the stump with some knowledge that there was something under it but I was assuming ants. So I took a staff that I had in my hand and I stuck the surface of the stump with the bottom of the staff. Immediately a heard a loud buzzing sound coming from under the stump and I knew at that moment that I had stirred up a wasp nest. So I started to run before anything came out. I ran around to the side of my house and then stopped and peeked around the corner to see what was happening. There was a black cloud of wasp pouring out of the stump and I could see that the wasps where very big… bigger than normal ones. Then they saw me and started to pursue me. After this I ran to seek shelter inside the house so I ran around to back of the house and found that back deck door was unlocked and I was able to get inside before the wasps could get to me. Looking back outside through the window in the door I saw that the wasps had gotten about 4 times bigger. They went from about 6″ long to about 2ft long and the sound of their wings grew louder and louder. They couldn’t enter the house but seemed to just wait at all the doors and windows just looking in. I could see them very clearly since they were hovering outside the windows and they had long stingers coming out of their mouths. They continued to grow in size getting to about 6ft long and they just stared at me. However, they could not get in the house. The dream shifts and I’m now on the other side of the house in the garage (the garage has no door so I’m basically outside). I see a group of people but the only one I recognize or remember for certain is my mother. I then watch her as she swats one of the 6″ wasp out of the air with her bare hand sending it to the ground and then she tells me to look at it. I remember looking at it squirming on the ground with its yellow and black markings and being disgusted by it. Then the dream ends.
    I’m praying for some deeper understanding of the dream but any insights you have are appreciated. Thx

  18. Your childhood home could represent your past or your foundation in your spiritual walk you have now. A tree usually represent some type of leadership or influencer of your life and since you thought it had ants represents strong work ethic. However, since it had been cut down, it has no longer influence or leadership in your life, however you remember it. Having a staff in your hand represents a help of some kind to keep you balanced in life which could be a person or lifestyle position or wisdom. The wasp are out to harm you since you have “stirred” them up or “found them out”. Pray for discernment on future leadership skills/wisdom in making leadership decisions and watch out for people who are jealous of you and your stability. Since you were hiding or protecting yourself, which is good… the home could represent ministry/safety. Since the wasp had stingers coming out of their mouths = person being influenced by spiritual forces and using their mouths/talking with the intention to kill/hurt you seems bigger than life. The garage represents a place of joining to safety / a place where you start or keep your ministry stored… Mother represents Holy Spirit is there to “kill” the forces that may have looked large to you were only very small. You feel a little overwhelmed by the entire event, but remember that God is with you, the Holy Spirit is there to fight against those who wish to talk about you. Hope that helps and remember when you face a trial or situation, don’t run but stand and let the Holy Spirit do its work! 🙂

  19. Thank you Melissa for sharing your blog, dream interpretation, and responses with others. I am sure God works in individuals lives in various ways and I would like to share a story about David in reference to a wasp and spider. My purpose is that we do not demonize the wasp too much whereby some believers may fall into the trap of thinking a wasp is just plain bad. They are actually very helpful iin nature whereby they assist with capturing my so called pests and they might actually be helpful in a given situation for is in life or in dreams. Additionally, there is a verse in the Bible that utilizes hornets to assist God people (Exodus 23:28) New American Standard Bible
    “I will send hornets ahead of you so that they will drive out the Hivites, the Canaanites, and the Hittites before you.”

    STORY (Hebrew): David, the wasp and the spider
    David, before he was a king, was sitting in his garden and he saw the wasp eating the spider. He asked The Lord: why did you create those two creatures? The wasp is taking the honey all the time and she isn’t helping to create it; the spider is dealing with his cobwebs all the year, but there are no clothes that are created from him. Isn’t your creation is in vain?

    The Lord answered to David: do you despise to my creations? One day will come and you will be saved by them. No for nothing I have made them….

    And the days passed and David ran away from Saul the king and he hides himself in the cave. God appointed for him a spider that closed the cave with his cobwebs. Saul passed there and thought to himself: maybe David is here, let’s take a look there. His servants said to him: can’t you see that this cave is closed? If someone came to this cave there wouldn’t be cobwebs there that are complete; this cave is empty!
    David was saved and when he went out from the cave he blessed The Lord who created the spider and also blessed the spider as well.

    After a while David went and saw King Saul and his servants sleeping in the desert he went under the legs of Avner the best warrior of Saul and he stole the spear of Saul. When he came back the legs of Avner were closed and David couldn’t go out; only after the wasp bite Avner’s leg he could go out and he was saved one more time…
    Then he realized that no creature is for nothing from God’s acts!

    I shared the verse and story respectfully in reference to God’s creations in the hopes it would only add another perspective constructively. Keep up the good work!

  20. Melissa, I thank God for leading me to your site, as I was not understanding a dream I had. I have not interpreted it completely, though.

    I often have dreams when things are taking place that I am not aware of. This particular dream was of my fiance and I sitting on the bed with my son. My son has his mouth literally wide open and two wasps fly in. I immediately feel anxious and want to get the out for fear of the child being stung.

    I put my thumb and pointer in his mouth to grab them. Just as I close my nails around them, the dream shows his father looking in his sons mouth and then I wake up.

    Thank you Melissa for your ministry and be blessed!

  21. I have recently started a study on the python spirit which I had never heard about until my sister told me about it, anytime someone tells me things like this I never believe until I see it for myself in the word of God, call me crazy I call it safety. Unto my surprise the things I read where alarming to me, so as I was reading I started remembering things in my past even at a very young age that I now see has allowed such a spirit to enter, as the Holy Spirit was showing me things to repent of and pray against I started to feel free and closer to God. I know I have more to repent of and pray about as the Holy Spirit shows me but last night I had a dream of being stung in the back several times by wasps, first it was only one then it was several I could actually see my back arching at every sting as I was running away and I’m not sure why, I know God gives us dreams for a reason but not sure what this was about.

  22. I have had several dreams lately. One dream was I was in house with wasps aggressively building nests in the walls & I could hear them.then I saw a light fixture knocked out of a wall by a angry swarm. I woke up and found a dirt dauber in my attic room. I live in a partially unfinished attic room in my sons home since loss of a job almost a year ago. The 2nd dream was I was in labor & birth is imminent. Last night I dreamed my fan was blowing black thread like tentacles that were reaching out to me. Seems to me like I getting ready to give birth to ministry & the enemy is mad. Does that sound right to you? I have also dreamed that I confronted a racist leader & told him he was wrong and not obeying the Lord even though doing so costs me a room to stay in & I was looking for a place to stay ,& wandering from room to room looking. Thank you for your help

  23. My interpretation: Your first dream, you were in a house where wasps were building. House could represent someone you know – household or the church. The wasps (spirits/demons) have activity within the walls trying to take out the light (anything good or the gospel )
    In the 2nd dream you have a dream of a seed growing within you and new things are coming your way even though it may be somewhat painful in the process, hold tight to your dream and your promise will be fulfilled.
    In the 3rd dream, the Holy Spirit is bringing you refreshment (wind) but the enemy is trying to make you fearful of what God has for you.
    In the 4th dream, pray for wisdom and pray for peace and understanding. When you notice someone not obeying the Lord, just pray for them and cover them with grace or you may find yourself wandering where you are or how you got there. Leave judgment up to God. Going room to room is transition and growing trying to find your purpose. Hope that helps! God bless!

  24. Hi Melissa, I’m grateful to finally find a blog on dreams that speaks about and believes in the power of Jesus. I had a dream that wasps made a nest in the top corner of window in my bedroom near where I usually kneel to pray. I asleep in the dream and woke up to see them coming in through the crack in the structure of the building at the corner of the window. I did this twice (waking up to see wasps coming in in the dream). The first time I walked out of the room trying to find my cellphone to call my husband and tell him about it. The second time I knew where my husband, but I was looking for my cellphone. I thought the phone was in my bed, so I had to go back in the room and pull the covers back and around to find it and there was wasps on my bed. I didn’t find the phone, so I went into the room of my son’s where my husband was and told him about the wasps but he just say there barely acknowledging me.I turned looking out in the hall and seen wasps flying so I closed the door but the knob was gone and it was just show laces in place of the knob and a small gap at the door jam. Then I woke up.

  25. Thank you for sharing your dream. The window is a place of opening/the bedroom and prayer is intimacy The bed is also intimacy. The unbelief of your husband states that whatever you are going thru he may not seem interested, the hall is in transition. So prepare yourself for the enemy to try and distract you from your prayer time, or your communication time with your husband. Close doors to the pass and don’t let them stay open. Pray for wisdom on how to respond when you feel pressured.

  26. Hi Melissa, I’ve had 3 very emotional & spiritual dreams over the last 2 weeks. The first dream there was a man singing to me a song I had never heard before. I found you. Like he had finally found me & had been looking for me his whole life and it was the most happy feeling. The next day I googled and found the Christian song I found you by Anthony Evans. I immediately had the best feeling come over me and cried and prayed! The very next night I dreamed of what I thought was the end of the world. It was so real & the entire time I was praying and talking to God to help me save my family while there were floods and great explosions of light & by the end of the dream my family and I were floating on top of what it seemed to be a camper but eventually the sun came out and we were passing grassy green Hills with the most calming peaceful feeling like we survived. Then last night I dreamed of 4 huge hornets yellow and brown or black stripes knowing the
    significance but you could hear the sound of the buzzing so loud were were trying to stay away from them and were so scared and they stung my 6 yr old son who we are in the process of adopting on the Thumb and left almost like a long cut. I don’t really know the interpretation but have read a few bible verses pertaining to hornets. Just looking for some spiritual advise. I am a Christian I have a very strong feeling there is a message for me. All I have done Ali’s continued to pray and ask God for for more guidance so I may understand his message and follow his plan for my life. Thank you and God Bless

  27. I always think everyone should pray for revelation. The thumb is connected to emotions. So since you are adopting, I would pray over any past generational hurt that the enemy would try to create on your son that would leave a scar. It also could be the enemy trying to create fear in you over the process of you adopting, but since you know the one who fights the battles for you, allow God to have control over the situation and be not afraid. The enemy wants to make you fearful and creates lots of noise, however we know with God all things are possible and God fights the battles for us. 🙂

  28. Hello Mellisa, i had a dream the early hours of this morning, can only vividly recall some parts.
    In the dream, i was standing and my elder sister called me to go under a tree asthough looking for something, when we got there, I saw bees inside their coon building and around those bees were wasp outside a few of them, it was a small nest though.them suddenly my elder sister said went forward to use her hand and pull down the nest (not sure why) I knew they would react and want to sting, so all of a sudden, it’s like I saw my self hiding under a blanket to protect me from the stings, i could feel them moving around the blanket, not sure I got stung though. But I woke up this morning with a swelling by the side of my nose, not sure if it’s just pimple growing there though. But that’s the dream… am praying about it, but I’ll love to get more insights from what I’ve read up here. Thank you

  29. The dreamer always has more insight than the interrupter. However, this is what I would pray about. Your sister is getting ready to make a decision that may be not so good to move toward. I would share the dream with her and ask her if she is getting to make some form of decision in leadership or place herself under a form of leadership. Tree is leadership. Inside that tree is activity she doesn’t want to mess with. If she is already under someone’s leadership, she may notice some activity that is not right and want to remove it (trying to take down nest) Using your blanket (covering) you were protected somewhat and since you thought you may have got stung (nose) meant keep your nose out the business she may try to get you in – so I think this is a warning sign not to get involved and that she shouldn’t be going into an area that could possible be harmful to both you and her. Hope that helps!

  30. Thank you so much, yes the interpretation is in line with what I thought,though I have prayed about it.I believe God would take absolute Control of things. God bless you. Xx

  31. Melissa, I need your help. I have had two different dreams of wasp and hornets and my husband has had one of me being swarmed by bees. please contact me at my email

  32. Hi Melissa,
    Ever since I was a child , I’ve had dreams of people in my future , people that I was going to meet, things that were coming. It was always something I kept to myself because I thought it was a weird “thing ” to have. About 3 years ago I went thru a tremendous traumatic and heartbreaking experience. I no longer had those dreams, as a matter of fact I stopped dreaming all together. Up until about 3 mos ago I’ve started having dreams again, and I’ve been trying to pay attention more to them. I had a dream last night again about a wasp nest. My sister was pointing it out to me and saying ” you’re right’ it’s right there”, I turn to look and it is a nest but the wasps seem unbothered. The first dream was about a month ago but it consisted of only a single wasp flying.
    I’m not sure how to interpret or make of these dreams
    If u can offwe any thoughts I would be very appreciative


  33. Thank you for commenting! …. God speaks to us in dreams and the dreamer of course is the best interpreter. Sometimes the reason we stop dreaming is because you are repressing feelings of hurt or a bad experience, therefore your sub conscience hides the dreams to protect from more hurt. It happens much to others too.

    A wasp nest is of course a spiritual enemy that has made itself known to you but have been hidden from others before including your sister in the past, however this time around, your sister also see its. Since it is not swarming but just there, you can pray against the adversary before it attacks (swarms). I believe God is trying to show you something and I would have a heart to heart talk with your sister to see if there is something bothering her and that you can help her pray about. With the two of you coming together, you see something that needs to be prayed against before the swarm or attack takes place. Remember God is on your side and He always protects, always provides and aways is with you through everything.

    Hope that helps!

  34. Hi,

    I had some weird things happen throughout the night. And had read in my Bible 1 John 4:4 “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”
    ‭‭Thar being said, I was only asleep fora out /0 minutes and had this dream. After I had awoke from it, I had seen some weird lights coming from outside strobe light and then a quick red and green light. This is my dream:
    I was going through all these different houses that needed cleaning and there was a birds nest living in the house. I had left and saw a rotting tree break open and bees and wasps flying out. I somehow picked up a branch from the tree and was carrying it. My husband said that I should shake the rest of the stick to make sure we didn’t mess anything. I was wearing a trench coat and the bees and wasps from the wood swamped in the trench coat, so I started to zip off the coat. I flung off coat and got stung as I tried to shew off the bees, they were getting caught on the fabric (cotton). My husband told me not to forget the last one, which was crawling in my pants (so I studied it, and it came through my pants without breaking open a spot) I picked it up with a metal instrument with a hook and looked at it. It kissed the hook, then looked super digitalized like it wasn’t real, hologram. It had huge black eyes and just stared back at me and I woke up.

    Thank you for having this blog!

  35. Thanks for your comment. Since you were reading the Word of God about being an overcomer, that is exactly what happened in your dream. You overcame the enemy because you realized who and what you were against. Cleaning houses… a sign of how you will help others “clean” their house whether it will be teaching them the Word of God or helping them spiritually. You will have the ability to see the enemy attacking even leaders (tree)or what once was a leader – maybe help set them free from past mistakes/guilt etc…. To see a bird denotes freedom/goals which means the houses you were helping with, there is potential in each home to find that freedom. A coat is a sign of protection. the hook is a way to catch something so you have the ability and realize what you need. Bees could also represent being busy. To get stung would mean you were wronged or hurt by a stinging remark from someone. since it wasn’t real such as a hologram, the enemy wants you to think he is stronger than what you are facing but NOW you know the truth he is just like the Hologram and he has recognized (see) you have the ability to call him away from others and when he tries to attack you have the bait that will expose him.. I would say you have the ability to intercede and pray for others to help them find freedom in christ. So girl…. start making a list of people and start praying for them! Tell the enemy to set them free and that he has no place in their home. 🙂 Fantastic Dream! Be Blessed!

  36. Thank you for posting this dream! I found it while, searching the meaning of wasps in dreams.
    Last night, I dreamed I was in my backyard and wasps were everywhere. Most were sluggish and couldn’t fly well or at all. Only occasionally, one would zoom by. As I trimmed a bush, one flew out and went straight in my left ear like a dive bomber. I could feel that thing buried in my ear and it was the most horrific feeling. It didn’t sting me. I knew I had to pull it out or it was going to go deeper. I knew I could get stung, but I pulled its tail and got it out. That infuriated me, so I sprayed them with a wide and heavy stream of poison and watched them die. I sprayed all the bushes and hedges where they were crawling and I remember hoping that the poison didn’t hurt the plants. I also remember seeing a huge nest, but only a few wasps were on it and I didn’t destroy the nest.

  37. Thank you for commenting. your backyard could represent those around you that you are familiar with such as family. Since it went into your ear, be careful of listening or what you hear because it may be something that is going to make you angry and try to hurt you. Remember it is not from the person but from the enemy. The enemy of our soul wants to poison our soul and our thinking plus divide our family, so God always prepares our heart and reminds us to listen to him. Don’t take the words you hear personally but know it is an attack. Since you didn’t get stung, no harm was done but only to your feelings. I believe you have the ability to know and see the enemy’s plan.

  38. Thank you, Melissa. I believe your right on. I’ll be alert and prayerful. Thank you so much!

  39. This was really interesting to me.

    Recently, I have had a lot of anger and so I went up for prayer at church to ask the Lord to help me with it because it’s been deepening, and getting so bad that I have felt my chest constricting on me, almost crushing me, daily, night or day. So tonight, I knew what I had to do. I knelt down in front of my closet and made the list of people I needed to forgive; even the Lord himself. So, I did this, sincerely, but then I felt tired which I naturally do when praying sometimes because it’s a peaceful activity. But I didn’t feel the peace or joy that I knew I should, so I told the Lord that.

    Since I was tired, I took a nap on my bed beside me, and in doing so, I had a small, short dream. I dreamt that in my apartment, wasps were coming in through the window. I thought I had shut it all the way, but some wasps were still able to get in I could see. One flew in, and my Dad killed it, but then I saw another one ready to fly in. I started panicking like mad, since I really am afraid of wasps.

    When I woke up, I immediately wondered if the dream meant what I thought it did, so I looked up the meaning of wasps. Indeed, wasps can mean anger; so the Lord showed me that I had still not closed the window. Wasps were still able to get in somehow. But I don’t understand why , or how, or who I could still be mad at. I have to ask the Lord to show me this.

  40. Thanks for your comment, it sounds like a window is still open…. let me explain. Your dad killed one of the wasp, this shows it could be a spiritual battle that he faced but killed it. You see, if we don’t stop the demons that haunt us, they affect our children. It is not a generational curse but a territorial spirit. It could be possible window of your father and not of yourself. I would continue to pray about it and ask the Lord to show you. I would renounce any activity of sin that maybe was in your past (window) or that of your dad, and ask the Lord to close that window (sin or activity that is unpleasing to God – not just anger but any sin)

    The other interpretation could be that God is saying He will “kill” out anything that comes through the window because our Heavenly Father is protecting you. Continue to pray and ask forgiveness of anything that comes to mind. Remember sometimes it is a process of sanctification, although when you ask it is done immediately (forgiveness) as long as you repent (turn from that sin – live new direction and not repeat sin) instead of just saying “I am sorry for that sin” (close the window – action, not just words) God will show you. 🙂 …… Hope that helps! God loves you and He will always protect His children even when there is a “crack” in the window!

  41. Hallo.
    I dreamt that we were in a room like in a meeting and suddently a very big giagantic wasp was hovering above me and one man was trying to chase it away from me but it would not budge. there were two samll bees too near me. What does this mean? I have been earnstly praying and seeking Gid regarding my future and to have a close walk with God.

  42. The gigantic wasp could symbolize a very big stronghold that is trying to control you or cause you to have fear. Since it was a “meeting” it could be something you work with/being busy with/ or a position that is not meant for you at this time. If you do not have peace about a new job/meeting/position/ then do not move forward. I would watch for “meetings” that may cause fear or try to bring you harm. The person trying to chase it away could be a loyal friend, so listen to your friends who may try to change your decision on something your are thinking about. The two small bees could symbolize something you are busy with, or could mean this ‘meeting’ is someone you shouldn’t associate with because they are busy bodies and are controlled by a higher demonic power. Just pray and God to give you revelation, and be on the look out for meeting someone that God doesn’t want in your life. Hope that helps!

  43. Thank you. You answered my prayer. I had a dream that my husband asked me to clear away some mud wasps nests from the side of an old building. I began by using a sickle, but, my first swipe opened up a nest that was full of wasps. They began to chase me, but I hit in the safety of an old shed. In the shed, I thought of how to remove the wasps from the side of the building and came to the conclusion that the water hose would work. In real life, my husband and I had bought an older place that needed to be cleaned up. Part of his promise when buying the place was his promise to give up alcohol, which worked for a couple of months. Meanwhile, his daughters and I had been reviewing some psychology to try to better understand his angry behavior, especially when drinking, and concluded that he is a sociopath. On further research, we found that some believe that sociopaths have demons, which is why they are so kind and then get so angry. So, again, I did some research on what I can do to protect myself from this anger and got some holy water to protect myself. The dream reflects what I have been doing in real life.

  44. Thank you for your research and insight on this, a friend of mine just had this literally happen to her, not a dream.

    They suddenly had wasp invading the house . . . In mid November when they should be dormant. Her husband kept spraying around the fireplace where they were coming from. But he would kill the ones in the house and more would come. They finally called an exterminator to kill the nest, and there were 400-500 wasps in it, at a time when there should only be Queens hibernating in a nest.

    When I heard the story, I felt like there was more significance to this than a pest problem.

    I’ll have to pray more about it

  45. Melissa

    Thank you for your post it made a lot of sense to me once I read it. Me, my family and my ministry leaders are going through a lot of battles both earthly and spiritual. I was praying last night for wisdom and revelation of what was going on, because to be honest it was wearing us down. We have started a ministry called Safe Space Cafe and a recovery programme called Fresh Start. This deals with issues of mental health abuse and addiction but most importantly how to get freedom from heart issues.

    My dream last night woke me startled to a point where my wife was aware. I was climbing a wall and my feet brushed past ivy which was filled with what looked like hornets. My legs disturbed them and I woke up with the fear of them stinging me.

    Could you give any advice

    God Bless

  46. Climbing a wall…. – you are climbing upward which is good, (your endeavors to move up in the world) Feet is your foundation and your stability. Ivy is an obstacle or a sign of something trying to entangle your foundation. Hornets being spiritual deterrent and trying to sting you… but you woke up with fear…. although in the dream, they didn’t sting you, you were of aware they were there.

    Pray and keep watch as you move up in your ministry, it will feel at times you are up against a wall, maybe something blocking you or preventing you from getting to the other side. Pray that God give you the courage to climb over the wall and as you are climbing over, be aware there will be spiritual demons that will try to shake your foundation (or your ministry that you have started – foundation or support) …. so start praying against the demons now and for a clear way to see what you set out to accomplish. God is with you and He will see you on the other side! Let me know how it goes and continue to do God’s work. God always warns us ahead of time so we don’t have to go through junk. 🙂 This way, you are already prepared and God gives you the wisdom to know what to do when the battle arises. God Bless!

  47. Dear Pastor Melissa:
    Blessings to you from snowy Connecticut! I found your blog early this morning and it was an answer to prayer! Your interpretation of the wasp issue has brought light on a few things I would like to share and bounce off of you. I was especially impressed with your quote that wasps in a dream or in our case, “visions” mean “higher demonic power!” My husband and I are not new Christians, and we both have the gift of being seers, but my husband’s (of 41.5 years) gift is stronger than mine, where as mine tends to lean towards interpretation. But some visions are really heavy on us these days. Our family went through and is still dealing with a crisis this year and we were blindly attacked. Our youngest daughter, a senior in college was involved with a supposedly Christian guy, for 3 years and they were making plans for the future. Suddenly, without any signs, he ended it after this guy changed into a monster, as our daughter calls it back in May. We went to heavy prayer and fasting because we felt something was really wrong, we saw some “strange” issues of darkness and several wasps’ nests! Our first vision was in the spring, where my husband “saw” or perceived this young man in a same stride with a tall, older woman, and she had a “Patriots” symbol on her sweatshirt, which made us believe she was from the Boston area? He was going to school in Boston as well. Immediately following that vision, my husband saw a paper wasp nest, that wasn’t active. Hum? I thought about what an empty nest meant? Was this older woman his mother suffering from an empty nest? Or was it a host just empty enough for the demons to move in? Did the conversation happen in Boston when his mother went to visit her son? His mother is not a Christian and leans more to a Universalist than any follower of Jesus. Later that month, my husband saw a robin, walk away from a nest and another robin to stand on an upper limb on a tree, fly quickly away and return later to the limb above the nest. When we were praying about that, in a completely waking vision, he saw a paper wasp nest all swarming with insects and it was “scary” as he said. He felt like he wanted to run away immediately! The scriptures in Psalm 118:12 and Proverbs 27:8 came to mind as well as the account of the prodigal son.
    What you wrote spoke to me!
    • Higher demonic power will build in false or perceived leadership or in people who desire control. Once disturbed the power starts to swarm with anger, bitterness and unforgiveness and quickly will get others to do so also.

    The summer progressed and more issues came to light. This young man was busy with worship at church, in the fellowship we went to, and our son was associate pastor at. My son saw this young man as broken and fearful, but yet never saw the hurt and turmoil in his sister and parents. This young man’s mother through a friend at the Board of Ed, spoke mistruths about us and that we had taken advantage of her son and my son didn’t defend us. We are long time public school teachers and we guard our reputations since it is part of our testimonies which was shocking and hurtful.
    Just like what you wrote!
    • The enemy of our soul, especially higher demonic power will come in a swarm. This power is aggressive, comes very quickly with stinging remarks not stinging just once but on a continuous basis with poisonous venom that causes division. It swarms the body. Attacks the body and cause the body to seem almost dead.

    Without going into details, when he ended his relationship with our daughter, it was not without lustful seductive words and moves on her, then blamed her for everything, which lead us to believe that he was deceitful all along as he portrayed himself as a devoted, mature Christian to my husband, myself and most importantly our daughter. On the night that the ended things, after driving away from his house, our daughter heard a voice that told her to crash her car into a telephone pole! That was the beginning of nightmares and anxiety that stemmed from that night, and though our daughter has the gift of dreams where God speaks wisdom to her, these were frightening, dark, anxiety producing dreams that she would be crying out in her sleep. She lost confidence and trust in the church authority, her brother, the head pastor and the former youth pastor whom she looked up to as a second father. She felt that someone can lie, cheat and act lustfully, and still lead worship, refuse to answer the texts, letters and email that her parents sent, (she was too fearful and full of anxiety to see him) and she had to leave the church because nobody wanted to hear her cries for help. She has been in counseling for a couple of months. (I say that because I saw in your bio, you are a certified counselor.) Despite multiple attempts to reconcile with this young man, and the church’s wait and see attitude of his repentance, (despite our pleas for help for our daughter), we wound up taking our daughter to another church where she didn’t have to be afraid and she can rebuilt her trust since that was a big issue. (She will be 22 next month and graduating in May. She is an honor student and works two jobs in her field as well as being a full time student.) This anxiety was totally uncharacteristic behavior for her. She felt as if she was a second rate Christian because he claimed that God told him to break up with her, and why didn’t God tell her? She felt that she wasn’t good enough for him or for God to speak to her, too? Despite that we told her that she did everything right, that she had maintained her vow of purity and kept Jesus in the center of their relationship, her hurt and pain allowed the voices to try to plant those seeds. In the natural, a week after the “end” feces started showing up on our doorsteps and deck. The two potted ornamental bushes that flank my front door just died, and so did the one between our garage doors! Each morning there would be multiple piles of stool on our back deck which is 22 steps up from the ground? I videoed bats flying into the side of our house! In the 19 years we have lived in this home, which we built, I never have experienced any of this. There were conflicts with our son, who is 27 and the assistant pastor. It was as if his eyes were blinded to what his sister and his parents were going through spiritually and he denied that God was speaking to us in the way He was. We always, try to dig deep into scripture in regards to our dreams and visions, find what the Lord is saying, and stand on the scripture in prayer for we believe that revelation without application is not God’s way. The more we dug, the more darkness we found.
    My husband also saw a severed raccoon’s tail, and then the raccoon knocked out or dead, and an APE, like creature with a more human face (Planet of the Ape’s style)walking away then turned for a moment and looked at the little creature, then turned and walked away to the left with no compassion or mercy. Then months later, that same APE walked into my husband’s vision, again, on Thanksgiving weekend, when our daughter was panicking since she was afraid to run into him, (we wound up driving down to New Jersey to her friend from college house’s just not to be in CT for the holiday.), as my husband was casting this APE away from our home and family, the creature/monster walked toward the young man’s home as if it was his den or lair. That along with a pot simmering with the lid on, an evil raven acting like a watch dog, a Doberman Pincher that was all black, guarding his phone and home, led us to believe that more is going on than just normal struggles with confusion and fear. We thought definitely of demonic activity, and witchcraft. In March I saw in a vision a photo of him with his band buddies and his throat was sliced on the right hand side so deep I could see the structures in his throat. As a guitarist, he is in a cut throat field, so I prayed for protection never thinking this might be of his own doing as in Romans 3:13 with their throats being open graves, or Proverbs 23:1-2 about putting a knife to your throat if one is given to gluttony. (You know it goes, sex, drugs and rock and roll?) In my mind’s eye, he seemed happy so I was not alarmed.
    That raccoon tail showed up again in a vision as school was starting for him again in Boston. It was an empty table, (Whose table is he going to sit at? Will it be the Lord’s or the demons’?), then the tail being held up as shown off? (Is he a “Tale bearer” and being deceitful? Or is it a curse of being the tail and not the head? Or some other worldly sexual interpretation of what a tail means? ) Then construction materials being delivered to his dorm, driving past the front door, going towards the left, and then around the corner, into the shadow of darkness as tall buildings cast in the city. My husband also saw the wound on his neck foaming. First I thought, the wound is being cleaned out, but then I was led to the Jude: 1:13 “foaming up their shame” as my husband also saw him in a wet suit trying to surf in a hurricane, being tossed all over the place by the waves which bring up the garbage from the bottom, which is addressed in that verse, too. Plus he saw him suspended from a rope obstacle course high up off the ground. We prayed that whatever was conceived in the darkness will be brought into the light and that Jesus will make His truth known to this young man. That was a common thread of prayer as we prayed throughout the past months, even though my husband “saw” a store front with the “open” sign on, and it was completely dark, meaning he wasn’t open to reconciliation or true confession of whatever sin opened the door to the demons. I, also “saw” him in May during finals week, being carried into a fiery furnace, but prayed that he would be dancing around with someone who looks like the “son of man”. I thought his faith was under attack but never did I think that whatever he went through, planning to do in a few days was going to attack us!
    As we are now trying to work things out with the church’s senior pastor as Christmas approaches, to determine whether we are to return or to say “goodbye” completely, ( remember this is our son’s church),the Lord revealed in prayer the INSIDE of a paper wasp nest to my husband. Then he saw a chart of a woman’s reproductive organs, (but nothing in the uterus) and then a single wasp (queen?) on a small portion of the nest and the cells were all empty. We thought about barrenness and fruitlessness. We thought about Jesus cursing the fig tree for lack of fruit in the vineyard. (This was just 2 weeks ago) As I have been seeking the Lord about this, He led me to your blog today. Though I have done multiple internet searches about a swarming wasp nest, today was the day I found hope that the wisdom I am seeking may be answered. FYI: The senior pastor repeatedly says that this young man was stupid and immature and didn’t handle anything right. Was this single wasp a demon or a demonstration that this church is not operating as a community that brings forth new life and love? As an individual who endured years of infertility and understand how sad an empty nest was, this was confusing. God blessed my empty nest with my children later in life, but was that wasp a female? Was it him? His mother (who was always jealous or threatened by our daughter)? Another young woman whom he was pursuing? All I know is that the womb was shown empty but was it ready or capable of “conception in the darkness?” It was this paragraph you wrote that hit home for me!
    • Demonic Powers usually are not alone. They bring with them other spirits looking for hosts. Usually there is one who starts and dominates who quickly spreads gossip, rumors and lies, which in turn goes forward adding to and builds the nests. It is another way to cause division in the body, people are deceived into protecting the one who is causing the division.
    They will do anything to stop a move of God, the miracles of God and cause hopelessness in a body of believers. Both my daughter, my husband and I feel hopeless.
    We know, that he wasn’t the guy for our daughter, though for a long time, we thought he was. Whether he chose to walk into sin, or was seduced into sin by whatever friends, family or demons that presented themselves, I am more interested in our lives. We anointed our doors, walked our property, claimed it for God and covered the house from the roof top to the bottom of the foundation with Jesus’ precious blood. Our daughter is in counseling with a good Christian therapist and we are trying to find a ministry to bring her for intense inner healing prayer. She goes to the Christian campus ministries at her university and Bible study during the week as well as a young woman’s prayer group, too and an 18-35 group on Sunday night. We fasted, we prayed and still 7 months later, we are still praying and seeking understanding from the Lord. I don’t know how my husband and I would have been so stupid as to be that deceived? Why wasn’t it clear? We know that “the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy”, and we “submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from us!”, but yet the attack continued? Was it because our home was divided in the fact our son refused to acknowledge what was going on? Any thoughts would be a blessing.
    Thank you!

  48. Hello Abundant living Gal, I know the Holy Spirit lead me to your blog.I had a dream last night that Wasps had built a nest inside of my house they were flying around the door, my small 9 year old daughter was in the dream with me. I remember trying to leave the house or trying to go in but yet i was in the house! A man came along which i believe i knew who ask why i wasn’t leaving i stated see all the wasp flying around our head he said yes so i took my daughter and kneel down side the couch and covered with a blanket when i came from under the blanket to look the wasps had built a nest along the wall inside some green vines that were growing but inside the vines i started seeing crickets. then that same man came and sprayed the walls with this white spray and when i looked again they were all dead the wasp the vines all gone. let me also say that for the last couple of days I’ve been praying binding spirits and loosing protection over me and my children i’m also in the process of moving to florida and i tell you I’ve had more set backs also my daughter left to go spend the holiday with her father and she wasn’t to comfortable with it..but none the less can you can give me a little insight on what you think.
    Thanks and God Bless

  49. Thank you for sharing your dream. Sounds very spiritual. Your home is your safety place and since the wasp had access to a door, that means they were invited in or had a way in, (close to door). Kneeling and praying with daughter as well as covering her with blanket symbolizes protection – you were and are protecting her from danger. Vines is a sign of feeling trapped and the cricket is just being annoyed by little things (small things that you may make out to be bigger) The man who sprayed white is a sign of Jesus or God, since he sprayed “white” and killed the wasp and vines. Sounds like to me you are doing everything right girl, just keep praying and asking for insight and direction. God is with you in all your decisions! Hope that helps!

  50. Thank you so much for much of your input. We must remember on this journey of life, spirits are territorial and they work thru people. We love people as Jesus loves regardless of their actions or their work they tend to let the enemy do to them. However we don’t have to sit under them or we don’t have to submit to their leadership if there is no fruit. People are known by their fruit. God brings conviction but the enemy brings condemnation and hopelessness. Continue to see God and His love and do not neglect the gift inside you. Prayers for you and your family.

    Don’t judge yourself but practice grace for yourself and for others. Our trials are for a purpose to help others in the future and God allows for His purpose, so be thankful for all things as the Word teaches us… I know it’s not fun and it may seem like we are blindsided but believe me, learn from it and continue to move forward because it will pop up in your future again to help others for His glory!

  51. Hello Melissa , I just had a quick vision and need to better understand what I saw, hope you Will prayerfully assist. I saw what looked like a few wasps, I really don’t like them and I was using a stick to get them away. My stick appeared too short to reach them, so it appears I borrowed someone’s ruler, it was perfect height because I think I was trying to not just shoo them away but also whack and kill them. I saw them go hide behind a light bulb and as I dug behind the bulb the rule/ stickr not only uncovered them, but I discovered the entire nest and the huge swarm began flying out and the vision ended.

  52. God has given you the gift to see things that can cause harm. Prayerfully watch over the next few weeks. Your stick is your own ability and that you needed someone else’s help to rid them because you cannot do this on your own. The trick here is the light – these little spirits are hiding behind someone who projects light and that you wouldn’t even think would harbor such “swarm” of stings…. so here is what I would do. Carefully practice awareness and be prepared to pray with a prayer partner when you start seeing things that just isn’t quite right. Don’t go after that person with words or try and kill the rumor or correct the situation in the person who you think is “light” because in reality, they hide some deep dark swarm of ugliness that has potential to harm you or they do not even realize there is a swarm that could potentially harm them – the key is they are hidden. You wasn’t hurt in the vision and that is good, so pray for wisdom and make sure you have a prayer partner to pray against any evil that is exposed for yourself and those who are around. Since God revealed this to you, you have the ability to cast down and pray against these spirits that are hiding behind someone of light.

  53. Hi Melissa, I came across your post and find it to be very interesting. I would like to know the spiritual meaning of a dream in which I saw a swarm of wasp in my face they were actually all over my face and I was using my hands to kill them I did not know if any died because I was scared out of my dream. Please interpret for me. I have been going through alot of demonic attacks.

  54. Thank you for reaching out. It sounds like you are understanding your demonic attack since your face was in the dream. Face to face. If you were using hands to kill them…. it will be by your works and prayers to kill those enemies. Separate yourself from the environment of those who torment you or bring you down. Hope that helps. If you need to chat you may text and we can arrange a time to talk. 270-339-0386

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