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For The Sake of Smelling

While driving yesterday to an appointment, I thought about smells for some reason.  I have such a high keen of smelling.  I started thinking of my favorite smells and why God created such a joyful thing for us.  I never have liked my nose.  I always thought it was to bony in the front and to big from the side, however I have accepted it for what it is in God created it just for me and have learned to appreciate it.

I had a friend who loved to smell flowers and it seems she always gets into trouble getting caught.  This funny story really happened.  Her husband took her to a really nice hotel and told her to stand and wait in a particular area.  A little ways from her was this beautiful table of fresh-cut flowers that was tempting her.  She had to walk over and smell them.  She then returned to her original spot in where he had told her to stand.  He came back and asked her if she had stayed right there waiting on him and she had replied yes.  He knew different but didn’t tell her how he knew.  They proceeded on up to the room and he told her to look in the mirror.  When she looked, not only did she gasp but they both started laughing.  Her face was yellow with pollen including all around her nose.  Her little white lie had been exposed, she didn’t stay exactly where he had told her to wait.  Ahh the temptation to smell of things!

Here is a list of my favorite and disgusting smells.


My husband’s cologne. Honeysuckles in the spring. Lilacs climbing on a trellis. Chocolate Chip cookies baking.  Smell of chlorine next to a pool. Real leather. Horses, hay and barns.  Fresh brewed coffee.  Gasoline and paint.  Vanilla soaps or lotions.  Tobacco hanging in a barn. Popcorn, fried chicken, fresh donuts or breads, a baby’s breath or newly bathed covered with baby lotion.


I don’t like the sewer smell (I slid down in it when I was young)  I don’t like the smell of chicken manure spread on the fields for farming.  I don’t like the smell that comes from pig or chicken farms. Fish or fish bait. Cooking brussels sprouts or broccoli.  Rotten potatoes. Smoke from cigarettes while lit or on the smell on clothes.  Bad breath.  Body oder including sweaty feet.  Decaying carcases on the road. Skunks. Poo from any animal or human.

God gave us all five senses and the ability to smell was a God creative detail in which He thought was very important to include.  Whether we have our favorites or dislike, we are capable of discerning 10,000 different scents consciously, but then there’s a whole realm of unconscious scents that we’re not even aware that we’re smelling. Did you know when you can’t smell or perceive odors your ability to taste food diminishes greatly?  So the next time you stop to smell the roses, really be thankful!

What is your favorite things to smell?


1 thought on “For The Sake of Smelling”

  1. yes.. i thank God for the little things he gives us to enjoy. i like the smell of really ‘rich’ jollof rice, ice cream, fresh mint, pringles, apples etc. cheers

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