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To See The Positive

I am not always a positive person but I am learning and it has been a process.  My husband who is rarely down is always positive and upbeat.  I on the other hand am learning to train myself.  For instance I teach either in marriage or individual counseling, that when things look really bad and you are about to explode, what is the one positive you can pull out of the mess.  I then say “Thank You God” for that particular thing.  When a parent comes to me complaining about their teen child not keeping their room clean, I tell them that instead of yelling and screaming to clean up, try positive reinforcement.  This is seeing the “one” thing they did do and praise them for it.  I think we get in a habit and teach our children to look at the negative and be negative when we focus on the negative and teach from the negative point.

I know frustration comes from focusing on what you cannot control or what you cannot understand or know.  Most of the time it is all three bound into one dart from the enemy. Being productive and staying positive leads to achievement which comes from focusing on all the useful and valuable things you CAN do.  Why do we as Christians, who know better, allow Satan to bombard our thoughts into the negative to create chaos, bad moods and stinking thinking?  We must renew our mind daily with God’s word and train ourselves to be positive.  Our focus needs to be Godly, righteous, holy, pure and the things God wants us to think.

Resentment comes from seeing yourself as a victim. Bitterness creeps in because you feel like you have been treated wrongly, but if you are positive, effectiveness comes from stepping up and taking responsibility which isn’t always easy to do when change is involved. I find myself in the pit at times feeling bitter or unhappy in relationships, but now I stop the negative thoughts and reroute my thinking.  This is a learned process and it has taken me years of correction.   Many people say they can change but when it comes down to it, excuses are made therefore it is easier to be the victim to focus on self and the negative.

If we constantly complain that life is unfair (and we all have said that), you’ll blind yourself to the best opportunities.  Why?  It is because of the focus on the negative. We must accept life as a journey of good things and bad and know we cannot control the past or even hold on to it to bring revenge or deserved reward .  We must be balanced!  Being positive means you’ll find a way to make the most of it regardless of how we feel or what emotions are tied to it.

We shouldn’t waste our time arguing and fighting or focusing on the past or with the things in life. Instead, we should invest our time and resources in inspiring and encouraging others and to be the best.  We should all be mentors and be an example of true life Christians.  There is good, positive, fulfilling value to be lived every day, in any situation. Choose to be the person who shines a light on that potential value and who brings that value fully to life.

Learn to let go of the frustration, resentment and despair by letting the positive possibilities be imparted into your thinking.  Learn to let the Spirit of God fill you with the power and His strength.  We cannot rely on our own strength to do this life, for if we do we live in fear and we fail miserably.  I choose to see the positive.

1 thought on “To See The Positive”

  1. I choose to see the positive… I choose to see my situations in the light of Christ i.e. from God’s perspective so that I can respond to them the way He will and wants me to. God bless you Melissa Mon Amie

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