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Going Vegan for the New Year

Yes, it is my new year plan to get more healthy.  Isn’t it everyone’s goal or new years resolution?  Our church started the 40 day fast and Jeff is going 21 days starting Thursday.  I started officially eating Vegan on January 1, 2012!  No meat, dairy products or anything cooked using butter or meat products.  I didn’t think it would be a hard switch because I love veggies.  It’s the cheese, eggs and turkey bacon I will miss.  I am trying this for the next 40 days for sure to see how my body feels and to see if this will be a lifestyle change.  What I really love is that I can eat whole wheat pasta and whole wheat breads.  I love cooking and with my meal plan there is much to do in the kitchen but I also make enough to last me a few meals.  After Lyle suggested for me to watch Netflix documentary Forks over Knives it really made me think.  You can YouTube it for some clips.  Everyone that I have told seems to think (which by the way is not true) being Vegan you won’t get enough protein and vitamins.  I have learned different, however you much learn to watch what you eat, portion size and follow meal plans to get the right nutrients daily.  Jordan and Spencer both are working on improving their lifestyle too.  Bryson is finally gaining weight eating everything in sight so I still have to buy healthy food for him.  It is the coke he brings into the house that we all don’t like to look at.  I guess we forgot to give him the memo one of our family goals for the year is not to drink coke.

In this process of changing my lifestyle in eating habits and exercising I have learned a couple of things.  It is hard to change but exciting to see the results.  I feel better and enjoy having time exercising with friends.  Knowing that you are eating the right food and trying to improve your health is rewarding in itself.  Jeff continues to praise me for my effort.  If we are to do God’s work, I believe He wants us to set an example and be healthy so that we can be all that we are called to do and be.  I want to be healthy, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial.

If you want to follow me in my losing weight journal you can click on this link and sign up in the right hand corner at the top of the page.


As we venture into another year expecting to see more of God’s working miracles and adding to the Kingdom, let us prepare ourselves to this oncoming wave of His movement!


2 thoughts on “Going Vegan for the New Year”

  1. Hi Melissa!..

    Excited for you!!… Check out Spurlina for complete nutrition; acquainting yourself with sea vegetables in general is inspiring! …Also, educating myself on gluten and lectins has removed the pain from my joints and ligaments!?! …just say’n! 😉

    It will never cease to amaze me that, not only did our LORD Give us perfect nutrition, but He Gave us the perfect serving size for each delightful fair! …on we go!

    Bless you and yours, Sista..
    Colleen McLellan Schmidt

  2. I think this is great! My mom and step-dad eat organic and I’ve looked into going raw, I think I have decided to just add more of that in my eating and less of other things! This is inspiring though, praying for you as you continue this journey!

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