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New Seasons

I have to admit I am looking forward to the new season of Christmas and the Holidays.  It seems like it is a time to reflect on family time and the year and spend time with them.  It has been a weird year for everyone and 2011 marked the year of transition.  Yes, transition and going through much this last year with many changes.  It is hard sometimes to focus on the changes with a positive outlook verses not looking at the negative.  There have been a series of suicides in our area these last couple of months.  Although I know it is spiritual warfare, people seem to be agitated or focusing on the negative if they are not really focusing on God and living an abundant life in prayer and church involvement.  The enemy of our soul seems to want to isolate us and focus on ourselves to get us depressed.  It’s a mental thing and a thought process that isn’t always easy to control.  When I find myself extremely moody, I realize I haven’t spent time like I should with Jesus.  When I see that I am short, my feelings get hurt over minor things, or in need of a break from people, or hate myself, my wardrobe or get down on myself then I recognize it’s the enemy and not just my hormones.

As the new year approaches many people will make new year’s resolution and by the time March rolls around the list is usually still hanging on the fridge with only a few things worked on.  We must understand it all starts with a made up mind.  It starts with a renewing of the mind that comes only from Jesus and allowing His Spirit take control.  When we are trying to control things it only makes matters worse.  So with that said, I again am looking forward to getting this year behind us, but for now I am not going to get to stressed out and stay focused on the reason for the season with renewing my mind daily.  Let us not forget and be thankful.


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