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I Worship Idols

Yes, I have been guilty of setting of idols in my life.  It’s easy and it is deceiving.  When do I do this horrific thing?  Idolatry is a pejorative term for the worship of an idol, a physical object such as a cult image, as a god,or practices believed to verge on worship, such as giving undue honour and regard to created forms other than God

I was reading the first chapter of Galatians and as I was reading I felt the Spirit of God really move upon my heart in keeping my focus and staying on track.  As Paul was writing to a group of people who had somewhat strayed away from either doctrinal teaching or living a holy lifestyle.  So many times we set up idols in our lives without even realizing it.  Of course we don’t actually make graven images and set them up in our house and bow down and worship them but what we do is put things of life before God.  We stay conscience of God yet many times we spend more time in front of a computer, television, our job, addictions or other things that consume our time. I’ve have been guilty!  It’s a way the enemy can make us lose focus in a subtle way.  Then when we are feeling the effects of bad mood, children acting up, marriage falling apart or any other chaotic whirlwind we tend to blame other people for our crazy world.  Many times people then seem to wake up and run back into His arms and dive in giving God 110% or they run in the other direction in a downward spiral.  Running never solves the problem.  Although there may be a temporary fix of feelings when there is a change maybe in churches, living quarters or jobs the behavior patterns often surface again because of heart issues.  Out heart needs to be focused on loving God in a way where He comes first in our lives, in our marriage and in our family.  I have seen a many of families that put such an emphasis on sports in their children’s lives it becomes a second God in their household.  Now before you judge me with that statement let me tell you of our experience.

All our boys played sports and there is nothing wrong with that.  However what I believe was wrong is that we made such an issue with using sports as such importance in life when it wasn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, sports teaches children many aspects of life, keeping them healthy, promotes self-esteem, goal setting, teamwork and how to deal with adversity, however it shouldn’t be such as an emphasis that it requires more time or takes time away from God.  More and more I see where teams are requiring church service times as either a practice or game time. This included traveling on Sundays.We refused to follow this and kindly told the coach that we couldn’t abide by this schedule.  Usually the coach was very understanding. Could this be a distraction in our family values of importance? Some say it is only for a season and it won’t hurt missing a few Sundays but when you miss it is much easier to miss again and again without motivation to return to the regular routine of family Sunday worship.  We justified all this by stating we were having family time and yes we spent thousands of dollars in uniforms, fees, games and traveling.  Of the entire school years we spent more money on sports than what the average Christian gives yearly in tithes. My point is most people are willing to give to the now satisfaction for their children rather than investing into the Kingdom where eternity is the factor for all generations.  Lyle later told us he felt stressed out, much pressure from the games and felt as though he had to please his dad instead of enjoying the games.  We were clueless.  All the money, all the time spent was not good enough to prevent Lyle developing habits of a lifestyle of running from God in his teens.  Basketball was his God.  This idol was what he had a relationship with, not God.  He had the knowledge of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit but he didn’t have a tangible relationship with them.  Basketball was practiced almost seven days a week, God only twice.  I hope you get my point.

Children may not always learn what the parent teaches but what the parent allows to be practiced!

Jeff and I were talking about how many people want God to come in and fix their problems and make their pain go away yet they are unwilling to have a heart or behavior pattern change.  Blame games comes into full force in this.  Who do we blame?  We tend to blame those we are close to, or to those we rarely see that may have hurt are feelings or haven’t shown us much attention in which we demanded of them.  It is easy to point fingers instead of change our family values, our heart or give God the 110%.  This is where idols surface.

If you find yourself giving more time to other things than thinking or thanking God, then look for idols in your life.  If you are getting negative and more negative with life, then idols are present.  If you are living from chaos to chaos and your household is crazy without any peace, there are idols.  Don’t be fooled by the enemy and don’t fool yourself.  Ask God to take blinders off your eyes and expose the enemies tactics.  Start giving God your all and watch the idols crumble.


1 thought on “I Worship Idols”

  1. Wow, was this ever a punch in the gut! Thank you for writing this. I struggle in my parenting and the sports vs. church dilemma weighs heavily on me but I haven’t been able to “get to the right place.”

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