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Thinking Doing Expecting

Some of you may know that I started investing in myself finally in getting serious about getting healthy.  Although most of the world wait till the new year only to fall back into old eating pattern by April.  I figured I would get a jump-start.  I also became an Ambassador or Spokesperson for Plexus Slim and became a candidate for weight loss life change.  So far I have lost and have changed my normal routine.  Since the move to a bigger city it has come easy to change since change was all around us. You can read more about my diary by clicking weight loss on the right of the page along with how you can become a candidate for weight loss or Ambassador.

The other night I got the privilege to sit in on an Inner Healing Session called Sozo.  Sozo means saved, delivered and healed.  When people met Jesus, they got sozo.  During the session I started thinking on how I would respond to some of the questions asked.  I hurt and cried for the person who was being ministered to but also cried inside of looking into my own soul of my past.  Although I tried to control my emotions I knew God was trying to tell me something.  I am a Christian and I know that I am forgiven, but it has taken me years to get to the point that I know who my identity is in Christ.  I now understand through this sozo session why I have struggled so many years with this issue and why at times I feel like I can’t be perfect enough for everyone around me.  It starts with my father.  Our father determines our Identity, provision and protection.  Each person in the Godhead reflects on each issue with your life and what you struggle with.  It all makes sense now.  I now am recommending everyone to go through a session especially if you struggle with a particular area in your life.  I am now scheduling class for others.

Thinking, doing and expecting to see miracles in my life.  I already have.


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