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On My Side

Last night we were in the basement and next to one corner the carpet was wet.  A pit in my stomach with the words ‘too good to be true’ rang in my ears when we bought this house and the owners had said, “no leaks”.  We have a sump pump already, and I know it has rained quiet a bit over the last few days but we don’t need another expense right before Christmas.  Buying a new house was expensive enough along with the over the budget of doing remodeling. Just a few days ago we had a lady in the church to come and start painting for “free”.  After an hour here, she dropped the gallon of adhesive primer on our new Exotic Bamboo Hardwood Floors.  We had just finished scrubbing that up and as she was walking across the kitchen floor, she fell and broke her leg.  Not a good day for her and she is facing surgery this week.  This old house has some issues and we need to bless it!

As I was reading this morning in Psalms 71 I am reminded of how God is for me. I sometimes forget how loving and protective He is over me and our relationship.  When I start to be in lack of spending time with Him, He woos me back and with a sweet voice prompts me to pick up His Word and be thankful.  He reminds me that He is my resource.

He is my refuge and He won’t let me down.  He saves me from my enemies, He rescues me, protects me and hears me when I cry out to Him.  He keeps me safe.  He is with me as I grow older and it is Him who gives me success.  My expectations of Him never go unanswered.  He has faithfully rescued me from all plans of the enemy and from those who want to harm me.  I must tell others about Him and His miracles.   Even when I have problems and start to dwell on them, He comforts me and gives me hope.  I will continue to seek Him, praise Him and honor Him.  Amen!


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