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Going TV

One of my good friends Jeannie called me and said, “Hey, want to go on TV with me and have a show”?  I said, “Sure, sounds great”.  That was a couple of months ago.  Jeannie had felt as though God was directing her to television this past year but decided to go on radio first to get her feet wet. If you know Jeannie, she loves to talk but when she is finished, she is finished.  I love to talk too and have had many years of practice, so we make a good pair when we discuss things.

Getting back to my story another opportunity opened up recently where we could have a local cable show on WTSN.  We had our first meeting about it this week. Our vision is to have a program like “The View” where we sit and discuss several issues.  We also went and looked at the sets that were available here in town where taping of local shows take place.   As we walked in this warehouse room setting,  we saw a set with a zebra chair, just like the one she saw in her mind as she was pondering the thought of  television.  (Of course we will have to come up with our own furniture and such.)   Meeting the producer and the technician that takes care of running the show and editing told us we didn’t have a problem with talking, (which made me laugh.)  He then told us how several people love the thought of having a show but tend to freeze once the lights and camera are in your face.

I would love to know from my readers what topics do you think would be interesting in discussing.

What is the name of the show?  Stay tuned for the revealing name, but our tag line will be something like “Real life, real issues, real people”.  Christy Anglin will be joining us on set who is a 12 year veteran on radio. Our program will air on Saturday mornings at 11 and also on Sunday mornings.  Our topics will include an array of what most people deal with in life.  From marriage, parenting and self-help we will discuss and have sound advice not only of our opinions of life issues but also Biblical advice.  We are stepping out in faith when it comes to funding.  Hopefully we will be getting help financially from sponsors, friends, family, business owners.  I am asking for prayers also, cause when we tape, I have the tendency to say dumb things some times but yet when we can laugh at ourselves that is “real life”.


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