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I’m Trying Something New

I have something in me that seems to be a risk taker.  I love challenges and I work good under stress or deadlines but I don’t know why I put myself in these circumstances to increase stress in my life.  I have heard creative people or sanguine personalities seem have this type of active lifestyle.  But you know what…. I love it!  That makes me, me and I love me.

I want to lose weight so I have started yet another blog site to entertain myself or better yet get supporters or keep me accountable for my actions of eating doughnuts or whatever else sweet in the house on a daily basis.  I also signed up with a company called Plexus.  I know and have been involved with network marketing so I do know how much work and time is involved.  This girl has been around that mountain before!  What made me decide to be a Plexus Ambassador?  There are none in Kentucky…. so the field is wide open to sell this pink drink to lose weight and I also love the Breast Kit. So we will see how this goes…. you can join me if you are a risk taker! haha.

If you would like to know more about all this in what I am doing, just click my links below or comment.  I don’t know what results I will have BUT I do know that I like what I see so far with this company.  Not too many products to sell, cancel at anytime, no pressure in sales, no stock etc.  I will let all you know how it goes, or better yet click this link to follow my “fat” track in lifestyle change, eating habits and weight, along with tips to lose it!

Check out the company I’m working for:

Support me in my blogging and progress in losing weight: OR just click on one of the buttons under Read This to the right of this page.


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