Love and Life of a Testimony

Homeless Again

I sit here again in my kitchen drinking my cup of coffee surrounded by boxes.  Awake at 1:30am thinking its time to get up, dozing off and finally getting up at 5 because I couldn’t sleep.  Too much going on right now, but I know it is a season, another season that to will pass. Today is a special day, happy but sad, emotional yes but ready and looking forward to life’s challenges ahead.  I tell myself, “Focus Melissa on the future, leaders look at the future not on the past or present, it’s only a house.”

We sign the papers on selling our home this afternoon at 2pm.  A young married couple who were going to build decided they wanted to buy our home.  I never thought we would sell because it took me several years to find the plans of this house to what I wanted and I tore the page out and carried the paper around for 8 years until we could build.  My husband insisted on living on a golf course, knowing we don’t have time to play.  This house has been a great one.  As the frame-work went up, our church members came and wrote Scriptures on the inside walls, so we can say this house was framed and is surrounded by the Word of God.  We have lived here 8 years.  Although it doesn’t surprise me we are moving, it is the story of many seasons of our marriage.  This will be moving time 18 in our 28 years of marriage.  However who knew but only God that we would open a second campus 45 minutes away where we would be driving on the road quite a bit.  Our boys both work in Owensboro and we are there almost everyday.  Our driving time and gas bill will be cut in half so I know it is the wise thing to do by living in the county next door.

Next Wednesday we sign the papers to close on our new home.  Excited but challenging since when you walk in the front door it looks like you just stepped back in time to the 1970’s era since it was built-in 1977.  My mom saw the pictures and said, “I wouldn’t change a thing!”  I laughed, smiled and said, “I know mom, cause Jordan said, “It feels like a memaw’s house”.  So after two today, I will be homeless once again or at least till for a week.

The work begins just in time for the holidays.  A few touches of pulling up the mauve carpet and putting in hardwood floors, tearing out a couple of walls to give the open space feeling will be something we are looking forward too.  One great thing about all this is that I have once again organized and also threw out some trash I have collected these last few years.  I am looking forward to meeting new friends and having a neighborhood to share my stories.  God is great and He truly blesses, no worries only thankfulness in this season.


3 thoughts on “Homeless Again”

  1. Melissa, This touched me so much. I am praying that your move is one that will continue your ministry even further. I know that God has something in store for you in this new neighborhood. He puts us places for a reason. I hope the moving fairies are good to you as well. It is a job that I hate to do. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS YOUR NEW HOME!!!!

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