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Today’s Thoughts

I sit here at my kitchen table watching golfers look for their ball.  I am wearing a black t-shirt with my pj bottoms.  Jeff is reading his devotional and sending out his daily twitters and text messages.  He makes a statement of grass on the floor in which Roxie, our dog has brought in from her morning walk.  I have made us an egg and toast and answered my email, checked appointments and updated the Facebook along with sending out my own relationship twitter.  This is my morning routine.  Thoughts……

I am turning 48 in just a few short days, wow getting closer to 50 doesn’t seem so bad.  I smile because I am happy and blessed.  Yes, I get frustrated at times, I whine, I pout, I laugh and I cry.  I am human.  I have my faults, my secrets, my past, my aches and pains yet God has called me into a place where he releases the pressure when I feel at times I am going to pop.  I must learn to let him carry me and all the thoughts that run through my head.  He has made, called and appointed our family to be strong leaders in such a time as this.  I wonder if sometimes my mind can keep up the thoughts of out of the routine.  It is tiring, heavy and giving yet very rewarding when you look through the eyes of Jesus.  I mean there are times when I get upset, frustrated at all the work that keeps piling up or the demands of running two churches.  I love it when I see people see the whole picture, the big picture, the end in mind and work with a team effort but also watch for the acts of service mentality instead of relationship to Jesus focus.  I must know and trust Him for my tomorrow.   I must not worry, fear or be angry for the things in my life that I can’t control.  I must be what God has called me to be and let my thoughts frame my world.

What are you thinking about today?  You are where you are today because of your thoughts you had yesterday and the day before.  I choose to focus on Loving God with all my heart, soul and mind.  Where the mind goes, the body will follow.  I already know what my thoughts will be tomorrow…… good ones, blessed ones and ones that will look to my Heavenly Father for guidance.


3 thoughts on “Today’s Thoughts”

  1. Honestly I am thinking how I am going to get my grey covered today so when the wind blows no one will see the white line!!!!!! That’s honestly!!! Then I think how THANKFUL I am for you and your husband. The endless hours of devotion to God and people that you give. The out pouring of God out of you guys is awesome. You inspire me to do and be more. and through the sermons to know to get the overflow I must sit down with my Jesus and let him fill me up. I love you guys!!!!

  2. It’s Sunday and I panic. Only today and then back to work tomorrow. How to get to church, exercise, youth group, service work, dare I sneak in a pedicure? Thanks for your thoughts.

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