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Crying Over Spilled Milk

Hey everyone it has been way to long since I have sat down long enough to write on my blog site.  Its not that I don’t sit down at my computer it is the fact that I socialize with FB, Twitter and my other computer editing photo shoots, knowing I must pick up the habit of writing once again for my sanctity.  So here it goes…..

I was pondering the other day about when the boys were little how upset and might I add, how ridiculous it was to get upset when the boys made a mess.  I mean, its just a mess, they are only little once.  Toys could be everywhere or out of their ‘spot’ of somewhat of an organization, something could have been spilled, or anything that just seemed to get me to explode on them.  I am being honest.  I had much patience but when my patience was wearing thin over a constantly, “stop that” , “be nice to your brother”, “don’t do that”, “please don’t hit your brother it makes him cry and hurts him” “If you don’t want to share then don’t ask him to share with you later” and the list goes on.  My how time flies…. I don’t have to say those things any longer for that season passed.  There should have been no crying over spilled milk but as a mother we are emotional at times.  Today, it is a new season and I cry over the dumbest little things.  I wrote out a list of things I get teary eyed over now.  I don’t know if my hormones continue to go wacko or that I am being sentimental.  I went to a see my friend Carmel the other day and I started getting teary eyed and blamed it on her that she was trying to make me cry.  She works at the tourist site in Central City and she showed me the 1950’s jukebox and played an old record by Dave Rich  for me.  She had already showed my mother and my mother had told her that she remembered how she had danced to that song when she was young.  What did I do? Almost cried and had to stop myself!  She then went on to show me a picture of the town Paradise.  If anyone knows the song, “Daddy won’t you take me back to Muhlenberg County, down by the river where Paradise lay”…. The picture was of this cute little town that was dozed over for the coal mines.  This made me get teary eyed. Of course I did tell her that history, even the Star Spangled Banner when sung makes me get teary eyed.  Don’t laugh its true.  Here are some other things I have got teary eyed over and still do….

Seeing the mother look at her newborn for the first time.

When you drop off your child for the first year of school.

When the Bride and Groom are gazing into each others eyes and repeating their vows.

When someone comes up for prayer because they have cancer.

When your children learn lessons the hard way, knowing they will walk from it scarred.

When I feel like I can’t be perfect enough for everyone around me.

When you see a children that has been rescued from slavery and prostitution.

When you see the poor begging, and earn an income of less that $500 a year.

Seeing a person repent of their sins or get baptized, knowing their life will change.

When someone hurts my feelings.

When someone tells me how appreciated they are because I matter to them and the Kingdom of God.

When someone tells me how I was instrumental in helping their marriage get back on track.

When someone tells me they subscribed to my blog.

When someone calls or texts me for prayer.

When people don’t support our leadership, our vision to see more souls won to the Kingdom….it makes me sad that trust or faith is an issue of our character.

When I think about my children getting married and having grandchildren one day.

When I see someone else cry.

A gift from my husband, a kind word or a romantic surprise.

Reminiscing over past memories.

A good movie.

A good blog or stories that stir your emotions.

A good photo.

What is it that you get teary eyed over?  Spilled milk?  Feel free to share with all my readers by writing your own…..


1 thought on “Crying Over Spilled Milk”

  1. I do the same thing! Yesterday my brother got baptized and I was taking pictures(really I was hiding behind the camera so everyone wouldn’t see the tears). You know I remember a very dry season in my life where I couldn’t cry. So now I am grateful! When people make fun or laugh at me for starting to cry,I tell them to hush my eyes are just leaking that’s all !!! I do enjoy your post,thanks for sharing!

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