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Wrapped Up Like A Mummy

There have been days where I was just on top of the mountain and then it is like someone creates a mud slide and I start falling down the mountain.  Demands of others take a toll, 15 hours a day work, leaving for India, lack of control, people driving you crazy, love for others, caution, counseling, graduation, baby showers, grant writing, tennis elbow, children going out of control, meeting new people, ordering m29 jewelry,two churches, planning sessions and the list goes on.  I needed a time of rest and relaxation and I need to lose about 25 pounds.  As I get older my mind continues to race but my body demands rest and it refuses to cooperate in shedding those unwanted pounds that seem to be trapped in my body.

Last week I did something new.  I tried OLEASLIM.  Advertising the world’s finest immediate visible slimming and cellulite reduction, I thought I needed not only a relaxing time at the spa but also why not try this wrap to detoxify and yes I would love to lose inches and a dress size.

Once I entered the room, the process is much like a massage.  You lie on your stomach with a small disposable undies.  The therapist comes in and dry brushes your body.  The next step is applying essential oils as well as wrapping you up in a plastic wrap while you are laying on top of a heated blanket.  I once cringed at the thought of having a hot flash although I didn’t was quite surprising to me.  Listening to relaxing music, I felt as though I could finally rest and melt into peaceful thinking.  I was cocooned in warmth and relaxed as the aromas of the oils made me slumber.  I really didn’t think I would take a nap as she explained to lie there for thirty minutes, in fact it seemed like she just closed the door and returned a few minutes later.  Of course my body was sweaty as she unwrapped each part of my body one at a time and applied the second treatment oil over the other.  I was informed to not shower for full detox and drink plenty of water.  What is the difference between a massage and OLEASLIM?  Although I love both, I can say this mummy loves to be wrapped.  I enjoy both treatments and I guess it would determine what you are looking for when you visit a spa.  If it is not to talk and to fully be wrapped like a mummy with the benefits, then you have your answer.

Here are the oils used:  Pine, Lavender, Juniper, Thyme, Peppermint, Sage, Wheat Germ, Wheat Bran and Bisabolol.  These essential oils penetrate deeply to help increase the oxygen content in the tissues, promote the fat breakdown, and regulate fluid balance improving drainage thus ridding those flabby dimpled skin called cellulite.  The warmth helps restore blood flow to eliminate toxins and edema.  The water consumption flushes these impurities from the body and ensure proper hydration. The recommendation is to go at least twice a week for 5 weeks and lose inches.  One girl after her third time reported she had already lost an inch.  I didn’t measure myself before and after but I do know this, I felt refreshed, and my skin looked beautiful.  I will be scheduling another one before and another one definitely after my trip from India.

You can book your appointment at the N Salon located either in Sacramento or in Owensboro. 270-686-8878, 270-736-5563


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