Abundant life, Love and Life of a Testimony

Rushing Rushing Rushing

Another day and I have managed to over book myself again and feel tense.  I usually start clinching my jaw and feel as though I have had 10 cups of coffee.  Need exercise I suppose, so waiting on Spencer to put together my new treadmill I just bought myself and have six months time limit to pay for.  More photo appointments along with getting ready for my India trip.  I can feel the tone of my mind preparing myself mentally and physically to leave on June 13th.  Spiritually speaking I must also prepare what I usually encounter while there also.  God does a complete makeover when I see those children and such an impoverished nation.  Donations are coming in for those who wish to help and my focus this time is not Barbie Dolls but mattresses for the children to have a place to sleep instead of the concrete floor.  They will feel like it is heaven once they sleep on a mattress for the first time. Once again I feel blessed and I am thankful.

Senior pictures always comes upon me fast this time of the year, so last-minute parents call and I always seem to expect this.  Other seniors who wait to order their wallets call too, putting more of a time crunch on me but it come along with the business.  My calender looks like someone just wrote down a bunch of words and threw it on my paper so I don’t know why I don’t use a pencil.  Caitlin helped me graduate from a calender on my fridge to a planner in my purse so I am getting better, but I can’t say it is neater.  Yes, I am always rushing and always busy which leaves me sometimes feeling resentful to my husband who seems so relaxed with his schedule.  My home demands my attention at times, God is calling me to spend more time with Him, people pull on me from every angle and I so wish to write everyday as I once have.  Seasons.  Rushing. Slow down!

Today, get ready for photo shoots, answer email, plan church things, try to make it to the church outreach, wash clothes and dishes, find time to communicate socially, twitter a relationship tip…. and make this list to cross off.  My tennis elbow still hurts, ice it and take a few Advil.  Nevertheless, I am happy and I don’t always mind rushing cause that is how God made me.  I am hyper, I am administrator, I am creative….I am a daughter of the King!  Just thought I would show you my planner so don’t laugh out loud when you see the mess.  I already know I have discipline issues but that makes me smile and gives me something to work on, always rushing.


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