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Dressing Room Drama

This past Friday my husband took me shopping.  Actually I think he took me because he wanted to buy himself a suit for Easter.  I don’t remember the last time he bought himself a suit, so I agreed knowing that I was not in the mood.  You might be laughing at me right now but us gals have got to be in the mood to shop.  You see, I believe there is several types of shopping.  One is when you are a little ticked off and you go just to rumble through the clothes and dream about being skinny enough to fit into those skinny jeans and of course you take the credit card.  Jeans is another issue.  Why do they make those hippy jeans that every time you bend over it shows well you know….my hubby likes them on me but I am sure no one else does! You can laugh cause it is the truth!   Then there is the shopping with the girls but you don’t have any money and wouldn’t you know it, everything is on sale but you can’t buy.  The last kind of shopping is when your husband is willing to sit through all your drama, walk around the store like he is lost, deep sighing or playing on his phone kind of shopping only to hear your complaining about not the right size, color or style you are looking for!  That was the kind of shopping this last Friday.  I know he wanted me to buy something because he gets tired of hearing me say, “I don’t have anything to wear!”.

There is always something about shopping that makes me frustrated.  The first thing is I always seem to gravitate toward the same colors….boring.  I like things that are weird or different and you can’t find those things in TJ Max.  The clothes all look the same to me.  Then there is the fact when you do wander to the mall in Evansville, you find that cutesy little outfit and well it is some famous designer with a $100 price tag and excuse me I am not paying for one shirt that costs that much.  I don’t know why those things grab my attention.  Then the second thing that aggravates me about shopping is the dressing room.  First I don’t like undressing and dressing again because you can only take in a limited amount of clothing.  Then it seems I get really thirsty in a dressing room, so I think they should offer complimentary bottles or glasses of water.  I don’t want to leave out the fact that I seem to always, I mean always have to pee during the time of changing my clothes!  Why they don’t have a bathroom in the changing room I don’t know, but it would be more simple for us gals.  I also would like the fact you get 1% off of each outfit you try on.  I mean, I tried on about 20 tops and 5 pair of pants, that is about a 25% savings IF I had bought them.  It was a nightmare staring at myself, knowing I need to lose 20 pounds, no wonder I don’t like shopping at this time of my life.  Of course I could be like some of my friends, they buy without trying on, take home and then return them.  To much trouble for me.  Needless to say, I did buy a few things.  I am thankful.  By the way, I still haven’t got a clue of what I am going to wear for Easter because wearing the same outfit 3 years in a row has got to look old!

I am looking forward to the new kind of dressing room in the future!

Now after all this, I am thankful.  Thankful I have clothes, thankful I have money to buy me clothes and thankful I have a husband who puts up with me trying to buy clothes. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Dressing Room Drama”

  1. LOVE it !!! so true no money when things are on sale, gotta pee, and need a drink and you forgot how hot it is in dressing rooms lol love ya

  2. OMG!! Im finally not alone!! I always have to pee!!! And I totally think we should get a discount for trying stuff on. Being tall and a weird shape I never can find anything without trying it on. I too gravitate to the things that cost way too much! So we need to invent our own clothing line called Plain Weird and Company that has weird clothes and its affordable.

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