Love and Life of a Testimony

Been A While

Ok, it has been awhile since I have written, well not really.  I have wrote several Bible lesson plans for events and such and I have disciplined myself to twitter everyday.  Out of day 34, I have only managed to miss one day.  I have also developed tennis elbow due to sitting at my kitchen table, which by the way is just a tad high therefore putting strain on my hand.  I know, it’s a dumb thing and my husband has the same antidote for everything…. exercise.  Although I did move the exercise bike in front of the tv in the game room and did get up for two days in a row and turn on Joyce Myers and ride for 20 min.  I don’t know about you but riding on the little seat is a pain in the rear, not so much fun for trying to “exercise”.  I want a treadmill but then would I exercise?

I am really glad the weather is breaking into spring and I love the blooms popping up everywhere.  Life is good but not always great.  It seems when you think everything is going well then something in life just sideswiped you and knocks you back down to pray even the more.  From family situations, to church situations to everyone demanding attention to me trying to figure out who I can spend time with and me most effective.  Fridays is going to be our day off at least that is what we continue to say.  My husband, addicted to his phone continues to love and caress it everyday with multiple text, twitters and chatting to our members.  He loves it but however I do think he needs to take the one day off just like I need to exercise.

This Friday I have a planned day to take him to Evansville.  We will see how that plays out.  As for now I am on my third cup of coffee and have different projects going on in my head to get finished.  Whatever holds for the rest of the week, I know that I am blessed and hopefully make time to write on my blog again…. until then feel free to read some of my old ones by searching for a topic.


2 thoughts on “Been A While”

  1. I love your blogs, Charlie and I are always commenting about something you said. I just passed by to encourage and let you know we treasure your family and love to hear about you guys.
    Have a wonderful and restful week,
    Caren Lujan

  2. Thanks Caren! We love you guys too and thanks for reading and commenting. It made my day! 🙂

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