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Ideas From A Reader

I love getting emails from readers who have fresh perspectives, ideas and touching stories.  I received this one this morning which touched my heart and thought I would share.  Letters like these keep us alive and writing, knowing encouragement is continuing to be passed on from generation to generation.  These ideas are not only well worth noting but also doing.  As James 5 tells us:  Do not just be a hearer but a doer of the Word. This = BLESSINGS!

Hello Mrs.Phillips!

The reason I’m emailing is in regards to your blog, Melissa Mon Amie.  I’ve read multiple entries and have found many insightful thoughts there, ones that I’ve applied to my own life in small ways.  As women, I believe we’re constantly searching for ways to add positive things to our lives, and I guess I wanted to offer a couple of suggestions:
1. As a medical school student, oftentimes my means of communications revolves around texting and emailing.  They’re quick, they’re easy, and I feel like I’m holding up my end of the bargain to keep in touch with people.  But during Xmas break, I received the most wonderful surprise in the form of a letter from my grandmother, who lives in Kerala (the southernmost state of India and considered by many to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.)  It smelled like her, talcum powder and old lace, and even before I read it, I ran my fingers across the writing, feeling the indentations of her letters.  She has lovely penmanship with a certain feminine delicacy.  I sat down with a cup of chai tea and delightfully read and re-read it for a half-hour.
It was then that I realized that in this time of fast-paced technology, the art of letter-writing has all but disappeared.  And yet, one of my favorite gifts is a card or letter in the mail.  In light of that, one of my new year’s resolutions has been to write one letter a month to anyone, and honestly, I think it has been one of the best new “activities” I’ve begun.  I’ve also started to carry around blank greeting cards in my bag.  Whenever I’m running errands or waiting in line, I write a small message on one and send it off to a loved one.  In a day or two, they have something waiting in the mail for them, other than bills or catalogs or coupon books.
2. This second idea came from my older sister who is a fiction writer (she published her first book a couple years back, and it’s called Atlas of Unknowns by Tania James.  Check it out on if you’re looking for a new novel to read!).  When I was in high school, she gave me this little blank book to carry around with me.  She told me it was mine to do whatever with it : write my dreams (however big or small), color a page with a dandelion, jot down a quote, etc.  She said it was a way for me to remember those small pockets of times that might otherwise be forgotten as I became busier in life.
I still have that first book, and sometimes I page through it, to remember what I was like as a fifteen-year old girl.  Even now, I carry a small book with me to record my changing aspirations, my moments of sadness, my little victories.  It really helps me to pause and reflect for even just a minute, before I have to return to the hustle and bustle of rotations.
Eek!  I apologize for the lengthiness of this email!  I’m not sure if any of this is useful to you, but I figured I’d share, as you seem like someone who is open to hearing others’ thoughts 🙂  Thank you again for your lovely blog and the work you do abroad.  All of it is truly inspiring 🙂

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