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Life is Interesting Thoughts

Just a random collection of thoughts.  So instead of keeping them to myself, I figured I’d post them here, just for fun. I have things just floating around in my head which sometimes I want to say but don’t ….so here you go.

It’s totally okay to change your mind. Several times. Just hang your clothes back up instead of throwing them on the floor.

Don’t always think something is right because a good point was made, look from another perspective by wearing the shoes of the person you may be talking about.

Forgiveness sometimes is quick and sometimes is a process, however there is nothing to hard to forgive, nothing.

Have an argument with your teens is always hard, but end it with I love you.

Regarding family or close friends, always end a good-bye – with a “love you” whether you are on the phone or in person, it may be your last time to say it.

Kid time you don’t get back.  Treasure each season of life.  Your children become replica’s of you!

Parents need their kids, too.  Feel young again, learn to giggle.

The world will not stop if you get off Twitter or fb for a day or two.

I hate cleaning toilets and despise potty mouths.

Your sin will always find you out, even when you try to justify it or think you are right.  Stop and rethink what you say, do or post online or it may come back to bite you.

Learning the 5 love languages is the best thing you can do for any relationship.

You can find inspiration and motivation in curious places if you’re willing to look for it, and accept it when you find it.

Let go of the truly toxic and negative people in your world, whether they be close in your personal lives.  Life is way too short to let other people take your energy from you.  I call them VDPs – very draining people.

Change can be terrifying, overwhelming, and even sad. And yet, it’s the thing that carries us to whatever amazing thing is next. And there is always a next, amazing thing.  Don’t grieve change, just do it.

I love my gals who I hang out with and how very special it is to find people who you connect with, can laugh with, and who love you no matter the level of crazy. True friends work through any circumstance.

If you have a cold you are not dying so don’t act like it.  Make yourself get up and push excellence.

The appearance of confidence and conviction is not always rooted in same. Often, it can be quite the opposite.

Don’t puke on others, no one wants to hear your opinion or advice unless asked.

Strongholds are consuming thoughts of hitting the replay button over and over again. Learn to let it go and throw the tape player out the window.

Don’t be a handicap pregnant woman, live lively with the fruit in your womb.

An overflowing inbox, not sleeping, and forgetting to eat are not badges of honor. They are signs that you really need to do something differently.

Having an idea is easy. Having the courage to defend, pursue, develop, change, and realize that idea is where you prove whether you’re for real. Step outside your comfort box.

When you fall down, you can get back up only if you want to.

When you answer a phone don’t answer with a tone of voice like you are dead, sick or depressed, I like cheerful greetings.

When you leave a place, leave it better than you found it.  Don’t trash it during or after or you will regret it and you may reap the benefits. My daddy taught me this.

You’ve probably inspired someone lately that you didn’t realize was paying attention, this includes your children.

Almost anything can be solved with a hot bath, a good book, and a prayer, or the best cry to Jesus.

I need to work on giving mercy, my listening skills and my discipline.

I wish I had a dollar for every time my husband said, “You need to exercise”.  I would be wealthy.

You will be known by your fruit – good and bad.

You are not who you think you are, you are not who people think you are but you are who God thinks you are.

The best way to support your pastor is be hungry and want to learn.  Nothing is more heartbreaking than a sheep who doesn’t want to learn or change unless it is sheep that choose to bite and leave the flock.

Don’t bite or you will be bitten back one day.  I have learned to keep my mouth shut..hard lesson.

I like to interpret my dreams.

Everyone has a choice and a free will.  What we do with those choices and free will determines where we will be tomorrow and next year.


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