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Killing Furry Visitors

Back in November, mice had found a way into my house.  Although I love little furry creatures with puppy dog eyes, I don’t want them in my house.  Sorry mother nature but I rule this house and no mice please.  They had been coming in around my dishwasher this time and over into the dish towel drawer making a poo poo mess.  These mice should have known better because then they traveled on to the next drawer and chewed the erasers off the pencils.  I assumed they were hungry and needed a fork because they traveled on over to the silverware drawer.  Everything had to be taken out, washed and bleached.  Then at night I took it all back out again so I wouldn’t face the same thing again.  Carefully placing sticky traps in the drawer the first night I caught two little helpless fur balls.  So they wouldn’t be tortured after throwing them in the trash, I carefully put them into a large bag and banged them on the floor.  Now don’t think I am mean or a crazy animal torturer but they had to go.  I thought my problem was solved.  This happened two more times and each time afterward, I always had to clean up their mess.  I had enough!  My husband brought home the mouse traps.

My dad hated mice.  He would jump up on his chair when I was little and scream like a girl as I watched my mom try to catch the little thing.  I guess I grew up thinking mice was really bad or terrifying creatures, nevertheless they wasn’t coming into my home either. My trauma with mice is women rule the house.

The traps, I hate trying to set these things.  I became more determined to set these things but it wasn’t a rewarding experience as it left me with a blood blister on my finger. I handled each trap with care as it was dynamite getting ready to blow but I was also  imagining this was going to be the chopping block for their little heads.  These mice would just walk around the traps.  I baited them with peanut butter just as my mom suggested.  These mice must have had a party and danced all around the traps.  After two days I exchanged the bait with crackers including peanut butter and finally caught four more.  Now that is just gross!

This brings me to another story when the boys were little years ago.  I walked into our home at the time and noticed a couple of big furry creatures in my living room roaming around chewing on the carpet.  I had set out poison several nights before hoping to catch these varmints.  It not a good thing to publicize you think you have rats.  As I walked in, they turned and gazed at me and went back to eating my carpet.  (This is where the boys set each morning eating their cereal watching tv) and by the way it was before we remodeled and changed the carpet.  I was determined these rats would not stay in my home.  Without thinking and knowing the rats were dazed, I carefully walked over and threw a towel over it and picked it up.  What was I thinking?  I wasn’t!  Awwww, little kitty is going to be thrown out the door and slammed on the sidewalk!  Just as I did this, the boys got off the bus and run in to see all the commotion of me running through the house with the towel.  The second rat was not so stupid and slow.  The boys squealing with glee helped me chase it.  Jeff come in and grabbed the broom.  A broom?  What was he going to do with a broom?  Hammer it until the guts was squished all over the place?  The rat finally jumped into a pot on the fireplace and I covered it with the towel and took it outside.  Then the real treat of macho was on.  I laughed as Jeff and the boys chased it around the yard with a hoe and golf clubs and then beat the poor thing to death.  The boys, well you know they are just boys and love the chase and all the gory stuff.

As I was going through this ordeal with the mice it made me think how so many times there are things that creep into our lives, like attitudes, little sins such as uncontrolled anger, envy or jealously and before you know it they have not only come in but pooped on everything but continue to come in.  If we don’t kill these little sins, they continue to grow and with them bring in more of their friends.  As you know, we have heard that one lie leads to another lie until it becomes one big mess.  As a child of God, if our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, it is God’s house and I don’t want any little or big creatures coming into my house.  If there is anything in your life that seems to be leaving messes behind, maybe its time to set out some traps or grab a towel!

I Corinthians 6:19 New Living Translation (©2007)
Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself…..


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